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Driving Test changes on the horizon?

The DSA has outlined several possible changes to the way people learn to drive. This is currently under scrutiny following the publication of the DSA's 'Learning to Drive' consultation document, the outcome of which should be released shortly. Possible changes include: Changes to the marking scheme Currently...

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Twitter users a danger on the roads?

twitter2According to esure car insurance, users of the new social networking site Twitter are causing significant danger on the roads.  The Association of British Drivers have hit back at the claims though, making it clear that many of the Tweets were not UK based.

Research by esure car insurance released last week finds that some motorists are putting themselves and others at risk by Tweeting behind the wheel. The insurers say nearly one in ten of motorists questioned are using mobile internet services and social networks whilst driving.

To prove the point, esure released the following list of driving Tweets:

“Driving with my knees and peeling an orange…Probably not the safest thing to be doing.”

“Driving school bus”

“Irresponsible twitter driving woo!”

Men much more likely to speed, says road safety charity

41_05_4_prev2Following the launch of a new government anti-speeding campaign featuring a male driver plagued by memories of the child he killed, research released today by Brake, the road safety charity and Direct Line Car Insurance has found men are more likely to speed compared with women.

The research finds one in 3 male drivers, compared with one in 7 female drivers, admit they drive 35mph or faster in 30mph zones every day or several times a week. At 35mph you are twice as likely to kill a child compared with driving at 30mph or slower.

Plans to cut speed limit on rural roads

50mphThe Government is giving serious consideration to plans to cut speed limits on most rural single-carriageway roads from 60mph to 50mph, it has been revealed.

Ministers believe that the potentially unpopular move may be needed in order to reduce the number of deaths among motorists and pedestrians on rural roads.  Road Safety Minister Jim Fitzpatrick is said to have been struck by figures showing that these parts of the UK’s road network were more prone to crashes.

In 2007, there were 2,946 deaths and 30,000 serious injuries on British roads, with speed being a factor in 29% of them.  Currently the speed limit on almost all single carriageway roads outside of towns is set at 60mph, except for at accident blackspots.  Mr Fitzpatrick is looking at reducing these limits in a bid to improve the UK’s road safety record, which used to rank among the best in the world, but has slipped in recent years.

But AA director Edmund King told the Sunday Telegraph: “Rather than impose a blanket cut, the Government should adopt a targeted approach.”

Two new female instructors join Latics

Joining our excellent team of driving instructors at Latics over the next few weeks are Louise and Jane! Louise joins us in mid-April and will be providing driving tuition in her VW Beetle, covering all areas of Oldham. Jane is based in Saddleworth, and will...

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New website address for DSA services

Many Driving Standards Agency (DSA) internet services have moved from the Transport Office website to Business Link.

Driving instructors, transport operators, motorcycle instructors, driving instructor trainers or lorry, bus or taxi drivers can now access a range of online Department for Transport (DfT) tools and services through Business Link.

DSA increase test fees… again!

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has rather controversially confirmed its new test fee structure for 2009/10 following a public consultation in October last year, raising test fees yet again. This latest round of fee increases comes at a time when recession is hitting the UK hard, and has provoked outrage amongst driving instructors, motoring organisations and even MP’s.

The above-inflation fee increases will apply to theory and practical driving tests booked on or after 30 March 2009. Fees relating to the Approved Driving Instructor scheme will increase from 24 April 2009.

General fee increases include:

Current fee New fee
Car theory test £30.00 £31.00
Car practical test £56.50 £62.00
Motorcycle theory test £30.00 £31.00
Motorcycle practical test * £80.00 £90.50

* (in October 2009)

Brown raises fuel duty to a shocking 71%

Fuel duty will rise again by roughly 2 pence per litre in 2 weeks time, bringing the total tax paid at the pumps to 71 pence in every pound.  And this is despite Prime Minister Gordon Brown promising not to raise fuel duty back in July 2008.

From 1st April 2009, 66 pence of the average litre of fuel will go straight into a central government tax pot, the funds of which can be spent on anything the government so desires – housing, education, the NHS, pensions or even banking bailouts.