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Oh Crumbs!

Oh Crumbs!

There are many reasons that driving tests get cancelled, but this one really takes the biscuit!

Learner driver, Jack Hyde had his test cancelled when the driving test examiner refused to conduct the test due to his car being too dirty.  The teenager alleges that he had only cleaned the car that same morning having returned from France the night before, and that there were only a few croissant crumbs on the passenger seat and a dog biscuit in the footwell.

Jack, from Wallingford in Oxfordshire, said: ‘As soon as the examiner opened the passenger door he said: ‘I can’t take you out in this’. I couldn’t believe it.

‘He said he came to work in suit trousers and expected to sit on a tidy seat.  He could have at least given us five minutes to clean it, but there was just no negotiation.  It wasn’t even particularly dirty. There were old stains that you get in any car, but they wouldn’t come off on anyone’s clothes.

‘I know I may not have passed, but it has ruined my summer because it’s a big thing to be able to drive.'”

It certainly wasn’t third time lucky for Jack as his previous two tests had also been cancelled due to examiner illness and standing water from heavy rain.

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