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Driving Test changes on the horizon?

Driving Test changes on the horizon?

photo_05The DSA has outlined several possible changes to the way people learn to drive. This is currently under scrutiny following the publication of the DSA’s ‘Learning to Drive’ consultation document, the outcome of which should be released shortly.

Possible changes include:

Changes to the marking scheme
Currently the driving test marking sheet simply records faults committed by the pupil during the test, which seems to be seen by most as a very negative approach. The DSA are therefore considering implementing a more competency-based scheme, whereby the pupil will be marked on a list of key skills, according to how well they deal with particular situations which arise during the driving test.

Changes to the set manoeuvres
In an effort to make the manoeuvres more closely relate to those required in everyday driving situations, the DSA are considering introducing an element of choice to the candidate.  For example, the examiner may pull the pupil over at the side of the road and then ask them to turn the vehicle around using a method of their choice.

Independent driving
This proposed element has been undergoing a test phase at various test centres around the country to see how effective it can be. The idea is that the examiner would ask the pupil to follow the direction signs towards a particular place / landmark until asked to pull over.  Latics would welcome the introduction of such an element – in our experience people struggle to find their way around once they’ve passed their driving tests, since they have only ever been directed where to go by their driving instructor.

It may be some time before the DSA implement these changes (if at all), but all Latics instructors will be encouraged to integrate the above elements into their training courses from May 2009.

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