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Driving test impersonator given jail sentence

Driving test impersonator given jail sentence

Following a lengthy joint investigation by the DSA and Police, Mohamed Ahmed Hameed, 37 of Luton was today sentenced by Luton Crown Court to 15 months imprisonment for carrying out over 40 theory test impersonations over an 18 month period.

He was joined in court by four of the candidates he falsely represented – Sobhi El Husseini 37 of Maida Vale, Mohamed Zaatari 32 of west London, Omar Benlfekir 35 of Croydon and Aziz Hassan 28 of West London.  They were convicted on conspiracy charges and sentenced to two months imprisonment each.

Sentencing the defendants, Judge Burke hopes that the imprisonment of the fraudsters will act as a deterrent to others who conduct driving test impersonations.

The DSA’s Head of Fraud and Integrity Team, Andrew Rice said, “People who impersonate driving tests present a real risk to all road users as they provide an entitlement to drive to those who have not been assessed to show that they are competent to do so.

“In addition to obtaining the qualification to drive, many people seek possession of full U.K driving licence to establish proof of identity.

“Once obtained that licence may also be used as proof of identity in a variety of other circumstances such as obtaining state benefits and accommodation, opening bank accounts and obtaining credit cards and even undertaking domestic air travel.

“The DSA investigates all cases of suspected impersonation and we are working closely with the police and the courts to track down offenders and bring them to justice.”

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