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Brown raises fuel duty to a shocking 71%

Brown raises fuel duty to a shocking 71%

Fuel duty will rise again by roughly 2 pence per litre in 2 weeks time, bringing the total tax paid at the pumps to 71 pence in every pound.  And this is despite Prime Minister Gordon Brown promising not to raise fuel duty back in July 2008.

From 1st April 2009, 66 pence of the average litre of fuel will go straight into a central government tax pot, the funds of which can be spent on anything the government so desires – housing, education, the NHS, pensions or even banking bailouts.

At the height of soaring pump prices in the middle of 2008, Gordon Brown made a promise during Prime Minister’s Questions not to raise fuel duty for a year.  He stated: “In recognition of the problem people face with petrol, we are freezing duty on petrol for the full year.”

Brown first broke his promise in December 2008 when he added 2 pence per litre to fuel duty in order to offset loss caused by the reduction in VAT to 15%.  This angered hauliers throughout the UK who, although able to claim back the fuel VAT, are unable to claim back fuel duty.

And now he is set to break his promise for a second time… oh joy…!

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