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Examiner withdraws driving test pass

Examiner withdraws driving test pass

Wannabe motorist Cara Griffiths, 28, from Romford, has been driven to despair after passing her driving test, only to be told hours later that she hadn’t because the examiner didn’t conduct her test properly.

According to the Romford & Havering Post, Cara cruised through her driving test first time with only five minor driving faults, observed by two examiners from the Hornchurch Test Centre.

She was presented with her driving test pass certificate and was so pleased that she immediately phoned family and friends to tell them her fantastic news. But Cara’s celebrations were short-lived when examiners contacted her four hours later to tell her that the pass certificate was invalid because the examiner had made a mistake during the test.

“I got home chuffed to bits as I’ve wanted to do this for years, only to be told I had failed,” said Cara, who has spent more than £600 on lessons and tests. “I drove exactly how I was instructed, but the examiner had only done one manoeuvre and forgotten to do a second one. Now I’m being penalised and have failed the test.”

The DSA have told Cara she can re-sit the exam free of charge, but she is still in shock. She said: “I want to know how two examiners could let me walk away for four hours without realising they had messed up.  I could have been out on the road illegally.”

After exhausting all her options, including seeking legal advice, Cara has conceded that she will inevitably have to retake her driving test. “No one expects to have to sit their driving test after passing it.  It was nerve-wracking enough the first time, but doing it again is going to be a nightmare,” she admitted.

A spokesman for the DSA said: “We apologise for what was a genuine mistake.  The examiner missed out one of the manoeuvres, which made the test illegal. We have offered a free re-test and will bring someone in especially for this so the candidate is not waiting weeks. We would like her to get in touch as soon as possible. We are very sorry and understand how disappointed she must be.”

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