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Get your DSA phone call answered!

Get your DSA phone call answered!

man-screaming-on-phoneHow many times have you tried calling the DSA, gone through their tedious menu system and eventually received a helpful message telling you that all the DSA advisers are busy and that you should call back later? Really frustrating, isn’t it?  Especially when it’s the 5th time you’ve called.

Well, the DSA have now offered these helpful instructions on the best way for ADIs to contact them.

When you call the DSA’s contact centre, make sure you use the fast track and callback assist.  It’s easy and will save you time (and money)!

1. Call 0300 200 1122 and dial one of these options:

  • All theory tests – dial 11.
  • Practical test enquiry and booking (including ADIs) – dial 25.

2. If they don’t answer your call after 60 seconds you will be offered callback assist.  This will save your place in the queue so you can hang up and get on with your day.

3. You will need to confirm the number you want them to call you back on. It can be a landline or mobile, and it doesn’t have to be the number you’re calling from at the time.

4. Speak your name and hang up when you’re told to.

As soon as you reach the front of the queue they will call you back. And don’t worry if you’re on the phone, as they will try three times.

If your number’s been engaged and you haven’t heard back from them within 30 minutes from the moment you hung up, you will need to go back to step one.

  • Dave Hilton

    My problem has been that since I passed my part 3 on the 7th August I still haven’t had my badge!!!

    I have spoke to the DSA to confirm my payment details and they told me everything would be put through and I should recieve my badge soon?!?!?! That was last Friday after nearly 3 weeks, so even with the bank hols it shouldv’e come by now.

    FRUSTRATED all morning dealing with the usual line of “due to the volume of calls blah blah blah!” I decided (after a brief chat with Ged) to take the 25 route and spoke to a human being and didn’t even get to the call back stage!! I explained to them my problem and they put me through to someone in the right department who answered straight away!!!!!

    He explained to me that my applicaton is with the technical department as they are changing to a new system!! He will check with them and push it through and he should be able to send it out straight away (should normally take 10 working days?).

    He was a very helpful lad called David and he was kind enough to give me his direct number!!!! YES a normal number 0115 *** ****.

    If anyone who has recently passed, has been having the same problem with receiving their badge then I would advise following this route. If you would like the direct number he gave me then feel free to contact me direct thru my website.

    3rd September 2009 at 1:45 pm
  • Dave Hilton

    UPDATE: called David back at 4.15pm and he says “its still in the hands of the technical department.” ah well I guess i’ll be calling him again tomorrow!!! Hope its not his day off!??!?!?

    3rd September 2009 at 5:12 pm
  • tom

    thank you so much, i have tried phoning them 20 times on the normal service, it was driving me ******* crazy

    17th September 2009 at 12:25 pm
  • biker

    BOOM! they answered on the 2nd ring! cheeeeerrrss!

    26th January 2012 at 9:38 am
  • samantha beeston

    Booked thoery test about 4 weeks ago have had no reply
    Money has been taken out £49
    Have rang numerous times and got cut off each time
    Please email back or phone 07979143044 asap
    Booking request number 3411556

    29th June 2013 at 3:18 pm
  • adam barrass

    they appear to have binned the fast track system… you now can longer speak to a human being!!!

    8th August 2013 at 8:20 am

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