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Latics bans hands-free mobile phones

Latics bans hands-free mobile phones

Latics bans hands-free mobiles

Latics bans hands-free

In light of the latest research into the use of hands-free mobile phone equipment whilst driving, Latics’ directors Claire Wilmot & Glyn Crossley have banned their use by Latics instructors in all training vehicles.

Research has consistently found that driving whilst using a mobile phone (whether hand-held or hands-free) is extremely dangerous.  One test by the the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) found that motorists who talk on hands-free phones are more dangerous than drink-drivers, finding that they were 30 per cent slower to react than those slightly over the legal alcohol limit.  The report also found that drivers reflexes remained dulled for up to ten minutes after a conversation.

Claire Wilmot said: “I am glad we have taken this step.  Very few of our instructors use hands-free equipment anyway, and none of our instructors are allowed to answer their phone during lessons.  But we want to ensure that not only are all our instructors safe on the roads, we also set a good example to our pupils and members of the public.  Whilst we appreciate that driving instructors have very little time to run their business effectively between lessons, it is important that we stay safe and set a professional image”.

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