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Oldham drink-drive detective reinstated

Oldham drink-drive detective reinstated

oldham_policeNatalie Brennan, an Oldham CID Detective Constable was convicted of drink driving in March after being caught driving three times over the legal drink drive limit last October. As well as receiving a fine of £120 and a driving ban of 9 months, she was forced to resign from the Police force following a disciplinary hearing.

However, a week later she was reinstated after Greater Manchester Chief Constable Peter Fahy reviewed the case. ‘Exceptional personal circumstances’ has been given as the reason for her reinstatement.

The decision has caused outrage amongst road safety campaigners.  A spokesperson from Roadpeace accused the Chief Constable of “sending out the wrong message”, whist a spokeswoman from Brake commented: “The police have got some explaining to do if one day a driving offence is deemed dangerous enough for a person to resign and the next day it is not.”

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