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Andy Binns

Andy is one of our automatic driving instructors. He's a down-to-earth and relaxed person, so you'll enjoy lessons in a calm environment. Andy will guiding you to improve each lesson so that you can pass your driving test with confidence!

Three words to describe me: Cheeky, Chilled & Charming!

Pet hate: Noisy eating

What I would invent: Equality

Favourite film: The Three Amigos

Favourite joke: What’s orange and sounds like a parrot? A carrot

Dream car: A free one

Favourite quote: “There are three kinds of people: those that can count and those that can’t”

Items I can’t live without: Dog lead and dog poo bags

Dream job (apart from driving instructor, obviously!): Donald Trump’s Assassin Quirk: I can find humour in most things, so don’t tell me any sad news!

My car: Ford Fiesta (Automatic)

Andy gives driving lessons in Chadderton, Middleton, Royton, Oldham, Failsworth, Hollinwood, Alkrington and Blackley.

Recently passed with Andy Binns

“I would recommend Andy to anyone!”

“I was rather anxious heading into my first lesson with Andy and was wondering if I was doing the right thing as I’d taken a break from driving lessons for a year. Turns out it was the right thing, Andy was very calm and patient – all my nerves vanished within the first 15 mins of the lesson. I found his teaching style very effective – for example using pictures and drawings to clarify a teaching moment. Bottom line – Andy is awesome and I would recommend him to anyone.”

Ruthann Davidson


“I would highly recommend Andy to any new learner!”

“I passed on my 2nd time with 4 minors. This was all due to Andy’s calm and instructive manor. His ability to turn around one of my many mistakes and calm my nerves by telling a funny story was extremely helpful because believe me there was many mistakes, luckily, he has many stories to help with that. His patience is also above most, not many could keep calm when you crash into a curb and rip the tyre apart, but he managed to keep his cool. I would highly recommend Andy to any new learner.”

Jack McClelland


“Andy helped me gain confidence!”

“At the beginning of my lessons I was all over the place and had no confidence but Andy has helped be gain more confidence and helped me achieve my goal of passing in just under 6 months for that I am very grateful, I couldn’t have asked for a better person to help and guide me on this journey he’s definitely the best. He always tries to make you feel comfortable and at ease which is really uplifting – thank you for everything Andy!”

Rachel Boreland


“Andy is incredibly patient!”

“I’d like to send a huge thanks to Andy Binns for getting me too and through my driving test, it was the third attempt (though that has no reflection on Andy’s teaching), the first 2 fails were stupid mistakes on my part, Andy is incredibly patient and went out of his way on more than a few occasions to accommodate me, thanks again Andy, you know how much the pass meant to me and my family and I can’t thank you enough!”

Sean Cullen


“Andy has a great positive attitude!”

“I would like to put forward Andy Binns for this as he has worked hard to get me to passing my test.
Andy showed a lot patience with me and taught me the initial parts before moving to be a manual instructor.”

Matthew Garner


“Andy made me feel at ease and comfortable!”

“I had my lessons with Andy who was amazing, he always made me feel at ease and comfortable, I passed first time and I couldn’t have done it without him, I would definitely recommend Andy, best driving instructor EVER!”

Kirstie Prince


I couldn’t rate Andy any higher!

“I had my driving lessons from Andy Binns and I couldn’t have been happier.

From the first moment I felt at ease and his instructions and knowledge was 2nd to none!

I really couldn’t rate him higher as an instructor and a person, as he helped me pass theory and practical first time.  Cheers pal!”

Matthew Gaucas

Andy is very patient!

“Excellent instruction, very patient and went miles out of his way to accommodate me due to my strange working hours.


Louis Naum


Ruthann Davidson

1st time!

Brandon Mason

1st time!

Jack McClelland

Well done Jack!

Cole Carrington

Brill 1st time pass Cole!

Rachel Boreland

Well done Rachel 1st time!

Sean Cullen

Great pass Sean!

Ethan Kelly

1st time pass!

Aysha Ahmed

Pass In A Week – 1st time pass

Maryanne Fillon-Payoux

First time pass!

Celestina Fadora

Fab first time pass!

Kirstie Prince

Just 1 fault!

Jack Hadfield

Great 1st time pass Jack!

Lauren Carroll

Great result! Just 2 faults!

Louis Naum

Brill job!

Matthew Gaucas

Brill 1st time pass!

Andy Clayton

Great job Andy!

Prasanna Geekiyanage

1st time pass!

Zak Ahmed – Woodward

 Brilliant pass Zak!