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Nikki Binns

Nikki is extremely calm and positive, even in the trickiest of situations, ensuring your lessons remain stress-free! She is totally committed to helping you pass your driving test quickly and with confidence.

Three words to describe me: Loyal, silly, committed

Favourite TV programme: Breaking bad

What you can’t live without: Lipstick ? sorry guys!

What you would invent: Remote control mop!

Famous person you’re most like: Sarah Cox

Favourite Joke: Knock knock. Who’s there? Nana, Nana who? Nana your business ???

If I won the lottery I would… travel the world!

My car: Toyota Yaris

Nikki gives driving lessons in Chadderton, Middleton, Royton, Oldham, Failsworth, Hollinwood, Alkrington and Blackley.

Simon Lomas

Recently passed with Nikki Binns

Nikki really helped me to calm my nerves!

“I’m pleased to say I recently passed my driving test first time (with only four minors) and that’s all thanks to the help of Nikki! At first, I was really anxious about the prospect of learning to drive but Nikki really helped me to calm my nerves and ultimately build my confidence in my driving ability. She was supportive and patient with me but could also give me the constructive criticism that I often needed to better my skills. I greatly appreciated having an instructor that was reliable and accommodating to a sometimes-busy schedule on my part. I’ll miss my lessons with her as she was so easy to talk to and always really approachable if I ever had any queries regarding driving.”

Natalie Pitts

I cannot thank Nikki enough!

“Nikki Binns works for Latics Driver Training and was my driving instructor for a few months from 2017 until I passed my practical driving test, on the 7th April 2018.

I cannot thank Nikki enough. She was incredibly detailed and encouraging throughout my entire learning process. Nikki is definitely determined to make sure her pupils pass safely and confidently. I would 100% recommend her to anyone wishing to learn how to drive. If you are thinking about the freedom of being able to drive around in your own car, the answer to that freedom is Nikki. She has the patience of a saint (which is never ending).

Nikki is not afraid to give you honest feedback and will make sure you improve on your weak points. Not only does she teach you how to pass your test but, also how to tackle all different kinds of situations that are required to use in day to day driving. She has absolutely great training techniques and when I did struggle time to time, occasionally wanting to quit, Nikki’s positivity and motivation would keep me going.

Learning to drive safely and responsibly can be quite a daunting exercise but I always felt like I was in safe hands as Nikki made me feel confident behind the wheel. She enabled me to learn at my own pace as well as ensuring that in each session I felt I had accomplished a great deal. I have to admit I was a handful and honestly, if a nervous driver like me can learn how to drive by Nikki’s lessons ANYBODY can. I will be grateful to her forever. I will definitely miss my weekly lessons! However, I will be taking a few motorway lessons with Nikki, which I am super excited about. Even though thank you doesn’t seem sufficient enough with all the hard work you have put in to get me where I am today. THANK YOU, once again Nikki and Latics, you have helped me achieve my goal.”

Sofia Rashid

Nikki is a great instructor!

“Nikki is a great instructor and learnt a lot from her, each lesson she was nice and made sure I understood everything and that I was comfortable driving which has allowed me to pass my test. She’s a great instructor and I thank her for helping me learn how to drive.”

Dean Kelsall

“Nikki is by far the best!”

“Nikki is by far the best instructor I could have wished for. Patient, talkative and very committed to provide the best experience for yourself while you are on each and every lesson. I could not recommend her highly enough. A thank you does not seem sufficient enough for how much she helped me to pass my test as well as my theory. But thank you again Nikki and I will be sure to give you a wave when we pass on the road.”

Simon Lomas

“Nikki is a patient instructor that always made me feel comfortable and safe!”

“Nikki is a patient instructor that always made me feel comfortable and safe in the lessons. She gives clear instructions and is always able to explain things in a different way if you don’t understand it originally. She lets you know regularly how capable she thinks you are behind the wheel but without you losing your confidence. She also teaches you how to drive rather than just pass the test, so that you feel ready to drive with distractions like other people in the car or Satnavs.”

Joshua Cooper

“I would definitely recommend her.”

“After changing driving instructor, I thought I would never have been able to pass my test but thanks to Nichola I finally did it. I would definitely recommend her.”

Lauren Speak

“Thank you Nikki and Latics for making the experience so enjoyable.”

“My experience with Nikki and Latics Driver Training was amazing, I really couldn’t fault anything at all. I’ve put off driving for years because I wasn’t confident enough to go on the roads but Nikki’s patience and ability to explain things so well helped me pass my test first time after just 5 months of lessons.

I would highly recommend Nikki to anyone, but especially to anyone who is nervous about driving or struggles to pick things up. As well as being a great technical teacher, she’s general lovely to be around and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my weekly lessons with her. “

Michael Mayren

“Nikki was my instructor from day 1, and from day 1 she made me feel relaxed. “

“Nikki was my instructor from day 1, and from day 1 she made me feel relaxed and confident. Each lesson we had I felt I had improved as a safe driver, and in what felt like no time at all, I passed my test with flying colours! I couldn’t recommend her enough, if you want to pass your test with confidence and not the usual rattling nerves, use Latics Driver Training and ESPECIALLY, Nikki. Thank You!!”

Jake Gane

“Nikki was very patient in her role as a driving instructor.”

“I recently had driving lessons with Nikki from Latics driving school. I would like to say Nikki was very patient in her role as a driving instructor with myself and very professional. I am currently waiting to do my theory test but thank you Nikki for all the driving skills you have taught me.”

Tom Horgan

“I will definitely miss our lessons.”

“Nikki made the experience of learning to drive enjoyable, always smiling and having a laugh during lessons which made me look forward to them. She is very patient, ensuring you know how to and feel confident in completing every manoeuvre no matter how long it takes! She was always early to every lesson, and made you feel calm and comfortable when driving which helps a lot with any nerves.
Because of Nikki, I can look back and know I had the best learning experience I could have had and I will definitely miss our lessons. I don’t think I would have done so well without her help, and that’s why I couldn’t recommend anyone better than Nikki 🙂

Sophie Newton

“She encourages your abilities and is a super nice lady.”

“I would like to recommend Nikki Binns as a thoroughly professional and very patient driving instructor. I had my first refresher lesson with Nikki recently after not being behind the wheel of a car for around 10 years due to a lack of confidence, and found her to be extremely helpful and understanding to me throughout my 1 hour lesson. She took time to explain exactly where I was going wrong, how I can improve, and also what I did right! I look forward to my next lesson (s) with her as I know I will get back behind the wheel again with her help. She encourages your abilities and is a super nice lady.”

Emma Mansell

“It was a great experience, because she is very professional.”

“I would like to write a short review about my driving lesson experience with Nikki. It was a great experience, because she is very professional. She explained the things by drawing on the paper to make it most understandable and she explain it on her best way, considering that I am a foreigner. She was very focused, and I felt very good. So I think a good teacher is somebody who can work as well with foreign people, which is harder. And that needs as well a lot of passion and love, which she definitely has 🙂 Thank you Nikki. I will always remember this lovely experience.”

Elisabeth Zoeggeler

“Absolutely A***** service always on time or early”

“Absolutely A***** service always on time or early, very kind and relaxed would recommend to anyone learning 🙂 A+++++ Thank you very much for helping me through my lessons.”

Joshua Lees

Latics are amazing!!

“Both from a customer service and instructor aspect. They worked so hard to fit me in at extremely short notice after another instructor cancelled on me.
Glad to say I passed today with the help of both Nikki and Marie. Would recommend this company and both instructors to anyone!”

Darius Duncan

Natalie Pitts

First time pass!

Kelly Smith

Brilliant pass Kelly!

Nicole Lomas

Fab pass Nicole!

Sofia Rashid

Fab pass Sofia!

Ruby Atherton

Fab 1st time pass!

Connor Stansfield

Great job Connor!

Joshua Cooper

Fantastic 1st time pass!

Lauren Speak

Great job Lauren!

Michael Mayren

Well done Michael!

Jake Gane

Brilliant job Jake!


Joshua Lees

Great job Joshua!

Rosie Bevan

Well done Rosie!

Sophie Newton

Well done Sophie!

Simon Lomas

Brilliant pass Simon!

Michael Taylor

Well done Michael!

Abdul Cheik-Meri

Great job Abdul!

Haziq Majid

Fantastic Haziq 1st time pass!

Dean Kelsall

Brill pass Dean!

Kristopher Randles

Brill 1st time pass!

Melissa Barrett

Great 1st time pass