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Aidy Brown

Aidy is a fantastic instructor and all round great guy! With his soothing Irish lilt, you’ll find learning with Aidy a breeze. He gets great results with his learners, and that’s without the luck of the Irish!

Three words to describe me: Funny Irish man!

Favourite film: Man on Fire

Pet hate: People who tailgate

Favourite TV programme: The Sopranos

If I won the lottery, I would… …Buy my wife-to-be her own house so I can live on my own (*careful Aidy, she might change her mind about being your future wife!*)

Dream car: Any Ferrari!

My car:  Audi A1 1.4 Sport

Aidy gives driving lessons in Royton, Shaw, Rochdale, Chadderton, Heyside, Oldham, Sholver, Coldhurst, Derker, Moorside, Watersheddings, Thornham, High Crompton, Burnage, Newhey, Kirkholt and Castletown.

Recently passed with Aidy Brown

“Aidy was a fantastic driving instructor!”

“Aidy was a fantastic driving instructor. I had around 30 lessons before going to university with another instructor which I really didn’t enjoy, so I was apprehensive about learning to drive again. Aidy was recommended to me by my brother who was also being taught by him and I’m very glad that I chose to learn to drive with Aidy. I thoroughly enjoyed learning with Aidy as he was always on top form, patient, encouraging and humorous. It often felt like spending an hour driving with a friend rather than an instructor. Aidy is always full of good advice and tips to remember which made certain aspects of driving and manoeuvres much easier. Whenever I made a mistake, we would pull over and have a chat about what I could do better in that situation next time rather than Aidy just looking past it or telling me what to do. As I work 9-5 and often visit friends on weekends Aidy was always able to fit a lesson around my schedule which was amazing. Aidy doesn’t teach you how to drive like a learner but equips you with the skills needed for being on the road post-test and always stresses the importance of safety and awareness. I would strongly recommend Aidy to anyone who is thinking about taking driving lessons!”

Molly Greaves

“I couldn’t recommend anyone better to anyone else other than Aidy!”

“I started and finished my driving lessons with Aidy, when I did my first few lessons I thought it’s not for me and didn’t want to drive, when I explained to Aidy he told me the first 20 hours are always the worst, after the first 20 hours I felt like all I wanted to do was get in a car and drive away.I couldn’t thank him enough for coping with me and ensuring I got all my manoeuvres down to a T.He pushed me to the furtherest extent in all my lessons and made sure I definitely knew how to drive even when I thought I couldn’t. He always reassured me and always calmed my nerves and made sure he made a laugh and joke.I couldn’t recommend anyone better to anyone else other than Aidy!”

Eden Jewes

“Aidy is a brilliant instructor!”

“I had my lessons with Aidy and he is a brilliant instructor.
I struggled at the beginning with anxiety but Aidy got me through it and without him I wouldn’t have passed my test.
I can’t recommend Aidy enough, you can have a laugh with him, and he makes you feel at ease!”

Dean Watson

“Aidy has been extremely helpful!”

“Aidy has been an extremely helpful and knowledgeable instructor with the ability to find the underlying issues within your driving faults. Lessons with Aidy were very enjoyable as he is an amazing character and I’d be sure to recommend him to any of my friends looking for driving lessons.”

Ged Greaves

“Aidy is the best instructor!”

“Aidy is the best instructor could have asked for, always wanted me to improve on the things I struggled with but also got straight to the points in what was needed for me to pass my driving test!!
Very patient and knew what I struggled with and what I was confident with, so he knew on the lessons what I should be working on which allowed me to pass faster without wasting a lot of money on lessons that wasn’t really needed. 10/10 driving instructor!!!”

Deakon Richards

“Aidy was patient and understanding!”

“I would happily recommend Aidy for anyone who wants to learn. He was patient and understanding but pushed me to always improve and do my best while making sure I was always comfortable and aware of mistakes I was making and how to improve them. I can’t thank him enough for helping me.”

Luke Barclay

“Aidy is a really supportive and patient instructor!”

“Aidy is a really supportive and patient instructor. He gave me lots of helpful tips which made driving so much simpler. He persevered with me and always made sure I had the correct technique in order to eventually become a safe driver. He is very knowledgeable about instructing and I would recommend him to anyone that asked.”

Bethany Buckley

“Aidy is the best instructor I have ever had!”

“Aidy is a very good instructor who’s very knowledgeable about all aspects of driving he is the best instructor I have ever had and highly recommend him.”

Andrew Loynes


“Aidy was really supportive!”

“Aidy was really helpful to me for passing my test. He was really supportive of me and really helped me to adjust my technique and gave me loads of helpful tips that made driving so much easier for me. He really persevered with me and we got on really well. I’d recommend him to anyone who’s wanting lessons.”

Lorna Shaw

“Aidy is a great instructor!”

“Aidy is a great instructor he is extremely patient and is constantly trying to make you the best driver you can be. He explains things very well and he really knows what he’s talking about would recommend him to everyone”

Andy Greenwood

“Aidy is a great instructor he makes you feel really comfortable at the wheel!”

“Aidy is a great instructor he makes you feel really comfortable at the wheel, you can chat to him as well as him giving expert advice. Really knows what he’s talking about, didn’t just teach me how to pass but taught me how to be the perfect driver when I’m on the roads. Highly recommend him to anyone wanting lessons. “

Bradey Cruse

“I would just like to thank Aidy so much.”

“I would just like to thank Aidy so much for helping me pass my test!! He takes great care in his students and tailors his lessons to suit them. He tried every method he could till he found a learning style to suit me. He added the extra lessons in when he could or did longer ones to make sure I felt prepared for my test. He’s such a lovely caring friendly man that makes you feel at ease in the car. He encourages his students to do things out of their comfort zone and pushes them the extra mile to ensure they are safe confident drivers when they pass.”

Demi Richards

“Aidy is a brilliant instructor.”

“Aidy is a brilliant instructor who helped me develop my confidence on the road massively. He’s so chilled out and relaxed and makes sure that you learn from your mistakes when driving. Aidy is very reliable and patient which allowed me to build up my driving skills all the way up until passing my test. I would recommend him to anyone and guarantee that you would enjoy learning to drive with Aidy.”

Liam Burston

“This is my review for Aidy Brown, brilliant instructor.”

“This is my review for Aidy Brown, brilliant instructor knew exactly how to get the best out of me when I needed it and always instilled confidence into me when I was doubting myself. I have recommended him to my peers and will continue to do so.”

Jacob Sharp

“Aidy is an amazing instructor.”

“Aidy is an amazing instructor. He helped me when I felt like giving up with driving. Although I didn’t pass first time he motivated me to keep trying! I feel so confident in driving now and it’s all because of Aidy! I would recommend him to any who wants to learn to drive. I can’t thank him enough for helping me pass my driving test! “

Brittany Heaton

“Aidy was a great driving instructor.”holly-sutcliffe

“My driving instructor was Aidy Brown. He was a great driving instructor who has a friendly and helpful character; he always offered support whenever necessary. My brother recommended Aidy as an instructor and I found him extremely reliable and patient.”

Holly Sutcliffe

“Aidy was a great instructor and helped me get a first time pass.”adam-horton

“He is a very professional teacher but keeps the lessons relaxed and enjoyable. He is very patient if things are taking a little bit longer to set in, he does not rush you to fix them but will work at the problem and find a way to help you fix it. I would definitely recommend Aidy as an instructor to anyone looking to learn.”

Adam Horton

“Aidy was a brilliant teacher and nothing was too much to ask from him.”

paul-blain“Lessons or not he was always available for answering and advising me on whatever doubt’s I had, I could message him at any time and he would always reply with advice which was confident boosting and helpful. Test day should have been more nerve racking than it was but in the weeks leading to it Aidy was brilliant and reassuring and made me feel calm and confident. I really don’t think without his expertise and guidance and professional manner I don’t think I’d of passed. Cheers Aidy and Latics, absolutely brilliant and can’t thank Aidy enough. Legend.”

Paul Blain

“I would like to give a massive thank-you to my instructor Aidy.”

reece carter“I would like to give a massive thank-you to my instructor Aidy for everything he did to help me pass my test first time. He had a knack of making me feel at ease at the wheel and has a really positive ‘can do’ attitude. He is very easy to have a laugh with and conversation flows very easily with Aidy, making lessons feel relaxed and enjoyable. He likes to get things done as soon as you are ready, and contrary to other instructors I have heard about, does not like to waste time. Overall, Aidy is a brilliant instructor and is very easy to get along with; I would recommend him to anyone.”

Reece Carter

“Aidy Brown is an amazing driving instructor!”

rachel stansfield“I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to drive. He is very laid-back and easy to get on with, which put me at ease from my first lesson. He has the eyes of an eagle and doesn’t let you get away with anything, which is a good thing as it made me into the driver I am today. I was not a confident driver at first and there were a few things it took me a while longer to grasp, however Aidy was always calm and patient with me, even when I was the opposite! He made all the stress and the occasional tears worth it by always believing in me and helping me to pass my test first time. I do not believe I could have passed without Aidy, and I’m very grateful to have had such a wonderful driving instructor. “

Rachel Stansfield

“Aidy is a top instructor who helped me pass my test first time!”

Matty Hall“From my first lesson I had with Aidy he was always a top bloke who was easy to get on with which helped me relax straight away and enjoy my lessons. He also had great patience with me when I was driving which helped my concentration levels a lot which I have had problems with in the past. I would defiantly recommend him to anyone who is looking to get driving, excellent instructor!”

Matthew Hall

“I would like to thank Aidy on helping me pass first time!”

Maisie Deakin“When I first started driving I fell very ill and missed a lot of lessons. Aidy was very understanding and put a lot of time in to work around this issue. Aidy had confidence in me which made me have confidence in myself! I would recommend him to anybody, he was a great teacher and a great person to learn with, Thanks Aidy!”

Maisie Deakin

“Aidy was a great driving instructor”

Matt Farthing“From my first lesson it was clear that Aidy and I got on and had similar interests. He always reassured me of my driving qualities even through times when I was having some difficulties, whilst providing a balance with fair constructive criticism when I was making mistakes and helping me correct them. Aidy really stressed to me that planning during driving is the most vital thing and that is what I will take away from my lessons the most, as I can now see that this is very important, more so than I had anticipated. I am glad I chose to have my driving lessons with Aidy!”

Matthew Farthing

“I would like to say thank you to Aidy Brown who has been the best instructor ever!”

Rachael Birchall“I had previous lessons with another company but I was a really nervous driver. Aidy helped me re-gain my confidence & correct my bad habits! He’s absolutely top and couldn’t thank him enough. I totally recommend Aidy to anyone who is hoping to pass first time. Thanks again Aidy!”

Rachael Birchall

“Aidy was a really professional and thorough instructor.”

Sean Anderson“Aidy was a really professional and thorough instructor, he was really helpful in the weeks leading up to my test and made sure that I was ready for anything on the day.”

Sean Anderson

“Aidy is a really nice guy with a lot of patience.”

Nikki Mayall“He helped me to correct a lot of bad habits and confidence issues I had gained previously learning to drive with a different company. I would recommend learning to drive with Aidy to anybody. He is considerate and adapts his time to the students’ needs which for me made it easier to learn from him. . . He is a true credit to himself and Latics.”

Nicola Mayall


“Aidy and I had a lot in common.”

Josh Berry“Aidy took over as my instructor shortly after my previous instructor had health issues and had to take time out of work, since day one we got on really well. He is a very approachable person and made me feel relaxed in the car. We have a lot in common with us both coming from a rugby background and know a lot of the same people. In regards to his teaching I can’t think of anything bad to say, he is full of praise when I took the initiative and made decisions on my own and harsh enough that when I made mistakes he told me I was wrong, but was never too critical and never demotivated me. During manoeuvres he simplified that and broke it down to steps that made remembering everything a lot easier. Overall he took me on as a rash, unconfident driver and has left me with massive amounts of confidence and very well equipped for any situation I will encounter on the roads.”

Josh Berry

“Aidy is the best driving instructor ever!”

Lorna Shaw“Aidy was my driving instructor (best driving instructor ever!) and he really helped me to become a safe and correct driver. When he met me I could already drive as my mum had taught me but I had a LOT of bad habits. This meant Aidy had to change my style of driving and the way I approached and dealt with situations. I struggled with controlling my speed and being aware of my surroundings. After doing my lessons with Aidy he continually taught me to make my observations early so I knew what situation I was approaching. Because of my bad habits, this took a long time to develop. Aidy stayed patient with me and pushed me to do better – like he knew I could. If I ever did something incorrect, he would tell me to find a safe place on the left to pull up and talk me through what went wrong and how I could improve. Without him doing this I never could have corrected my mistakes. I am so grateful I had Aidy as my instructor; he’s the nicest guy and the best teacher. I managed to pass my test with no minors! The examiner said it was a ‘flawless drive’. This really reflects on Aidy’s ability to know what kind of teaching approach different students need. He accepted the challenge to work with me and rose to the occasion! Without him I never would have passed my test let alone with no minors! He really is an amazing instructor.”

Lorna Shaw

“I would like to thank Latics for having a fantastic driving instructor, Aidy Brown.”

Joanne McCullen“I passed my test after only having 4/5 lessons with him. I commend his professionalism attitude and great teaching skills. I am thankful and will recommend Aidy Brown and Latics to any new or older drivers.”

Joanne McMullen

“Aidy was patient, considerate and is a very knowledgeable instructor.”

Emma Cook“I would firstly like to say how dramatically my life has changed since passing my test. Passing my test and being able to drive has reduced my daily commute by 2 hours a day. And it’s not just the time I am saving on my daily travel, it’s that I now get home in time to put my babies to bed and have breakfast with them. Before, I went days without seeing them, due to my long commute on the bus. I first learnt to drive 10 years ago, but had such a negative experience with the instructor, who was very inappropriate, that I stopped and did not start again till June this year. I was very apprehensive at first, due to past experience, but within minutes of being in the car with Aidy my nerves were put at ease. Aidy was patient, considerate and is a very knowledgeable instructor. I felt safe and secure learning to drive with him. My previous fears were eradicated and he helped me not only pass my test, but, become confident in my own driving abilities. He tailor-made my lessons to suit my own preferred learning styles and was flexible with lesson times to help fit them around work and childcare. I cannot recommend his services enough; he has help changed my life for the better. Any learners who are nervous or have a fear of driving, Aidy is your man.”

Emma Cook

“Aidy was always confident in my abilities”

Beth Sharp“From my first lesson to my last lesson, Aidy was supportive and confident in my abilities. He was calm when things didn’t always go right, and my lessons were enjoyable as we could chat whilst learning, which made the experience more comfortable. Aidy was professional and fun and I’d highly recommend him to anyone.”

Beth Sharpe

“Aidy Brown has the patience of a saint!”

Amy Mather“I have just recently passed my driving test (first time) with Aidy Brown who I must say has the patience of a Saint and always explained everything thoroughly even though I did ask a lot of questions. Aidy always made me feel safe and at ease in the car and on the day of my test he helped calm me down (which was not easy), so thank you Aidy for all of your help as I could not have done it without you. 🙂 to be sure”

Amy Mather

 I passed with Aidy first time with no prior driving experience.

Jordan Hamilton“From the first to the last time in his car I always felt he had 100% confidence in my driving abilities. His explanations and instructions are always so clear and detailed it makes driving a lot easier to do and even when mistakes are made he is very patient and understanding, pointing out what could have been done better and how to improve the next time. I really can’t recommend him enough to anyone thinking of starting to drive, by far the best driving instructor there is!”

Jordan Hamilton

“Aidy was a fantastic instructor!”

Jordan Seddon“He made me believe I could pass my test first time round. He was extremely patient and made sure he could answer all the questions I had for him. I’m grateful for all his help and look forward to completing the pass plus course with him.”

Jordan Seddon

“Aidy’s style of teaching help me pass 1st time!”

Michelle Kershaw“After 2 fails with a different driving school, I then chose Aidy through a recommendation. Straight away he could tell what needed to be worked on and what my strengths were. He makes you aware of everything and is very thorough with every element of his teaching. He gives you the confidence that you need and always makes you feel at ease. His style of teaching led me to pass my test (1st time under his instruction) with only 2 faults. I have and will continue to HIGHLY recommend him to anyone and everyone that is in need of an instructor.”

“Aidy made me feel very confident during every lesson”

Carl Caffrey“I passed with Aidy first time with only 5 minor faults. The quality and knowledge was evident from the very first introductory lesson. He made me feel very confident during every lesson. Thanks. 100% recommend.”

Carl Caffrey

“Aidy is incredibly patient”

Agnieszka Swierczek“I learnt to drive with Aidy Brown. Aidy explained everything… even a thousand times if necessary 🙂 He is incredibly patient, friendly and always very helpful. He has magical ability to change driving into simple and enjoyable fun. Thanks a lot for my pass Aidy … I couldn’t have done that without you.”

Agnieszka Swierczek

“Aidy Brown is the best instructor I’ve ever had!”

Gareth Brindley“He explains everything so easy and is very understanding. He goes through all the manoeuvres and shows you how to do them right. He is so understanding and patient and I’ll recommend him to everyone. Thank you very much Mr Brown for getting me my pass.”

Gareth Brindley

“Aidy was born to be a driving instructor…friendly & patient”

Jodi Cheetham“I had a bad experience with a previous driving instructor and my confidence in a car was zero every time I said I couldn’t do something Aidy told me I could and was really patient with me, he let me do things at my own pace and slowly built my confidence up. Brilliant instructor!”

Jodi Gregory Cheetham

“Aidy made me feel relaxed”

Tammy Devine“I started my lessons 2011. I put all my trust time and money in an instructor that was only out for my MONEY;( the penny didn’t drop for over a year). It was family and friends that questioned my lack of ability to drive that made me think about my choices I’d made with an instructor that only wanted one thing. My brother said for me to contact Aidy brown, so I did. Aidy made me feel relaxed. He made driving and instructions easy to understand which made me feel comfortable and gave me confidence on the road. After only 2 Lessons with him I knew I could trust him 100% because I was actually learning to drive. I would recommend Mr Brown to everybody that is wanting lessons. He is an amazing instructor and a very nice person.”

Tammy Devine

Dale Boothroyd

Just 2 faults!

Eden Jewes

Brill 1st time pass!

Molly Greaves

Great pass!

Dean Watson

Well done Dean!

Ged Greaves

Nice one Ged!

Sarah Carter

Well done Sarah!

Deakon Richards

Just 2 faults!

Dane Summerset

Well done Dane!

Luke Barclay

Great pass Luke!

Bradey Cruse

Great 1st time pass!

Ryan Whittle

Nice pass, only 2 faults!

Blake Sinclair

Great job only 2 faults!

Jacob Sharp

Great pass Jacob!

Liam Burston

Only 1 fault Well done!

Brittany Heaton

Well done Brittany!

Jack Hamlett

Strong pass Jack well done!

Holly Sutcliffe

Holly Sutcliffe

Great pass only 3 faults!


Paul Blain

Fab 1st time pass 2 faults!


Adam Horton

Great 1st time pass!

Dom Igoe

Dom Igoe

Well done Dom!

reece carter

Reece Carter

Great 1st time pass 3 faults!

rachel stansfield

Rachel Stansfield

Great 1st time pass!

Lee Taylor

Lee Taylor

Well done Lee!

Sarah Travis

Sarah Travis

Great pass Sarah!

Agnieszka Swierczek

Agnieszka Swierczek

Way to go Agnieszka!

Amy Mather

Amy Mather

Fantastic 1st time pass Amy!

Ashley Derbyshire

Ashley Derbyshire

Greta result Ashley!

Beth Sharp

Beth Sharp

Well done Beth1

Demi Richards

Great pass only 2 faults!

Andy Greenwood

Great Pass Andy!

Bethany Buckley

Fab first time pass!

Andy Loynes

Just 2 faults!

Dana Shaw

Well done Dana!