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Chris Loder

Chris’ attention to detail and perfect explanations delivered in a calm way help even the most nervous driver feel relaxed in his car. He’s also a Grade A instructor (the highest grade!) Your lessons with Chris will be packed full of learning in a relaxed atmosphere, and he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet!

Three words to describe me: Determined, hard-working, polite

Favourite film: Eddie the Eagle

Interesting hobby: Racing driver

One thing I would invent: Free energy

Pet hate: Lack of empathy

Mr Man I’m most like: Mr Tidy

Favourite quote: “That which doesn’t destroy you, serves to make you stronger”.

My car: Kia Pro Ceed GT-Line

Chris gives driving lessons in, Chadderton, Royton, Shaw, Middleton, Alkrington, Blackley, Failsworth, Harpurhey, Hathershaw, Heywood, Hollins, Hollinwood, Limeside, Moston, Newton Heath and Oldham.

Recently passed with Chris Loder

“Chris had so much patience with me!”

“Would just like to say how happy I am on passing my driving test first time with the help from my
instructor Chris Loder. Chris had so much patience with me through my lessons and always had a
really good way of
explaining things without over complicating it, Thank you for all your help!”

Vanessa Ryan

“Chris was patient and very understanding!”

“I would like to thank my Instructor Chris Loder for all his hard work and supporting me throughout my driving lessons.
Chris was:
-Patient and very understanding I made simple errors
-Very helpful and clearly wanted me to pass the test and go on to drove safely.
-Amazing at explaining. He would often take us aside and try and draw diagrams or review the
recorded camera footage to better show what I needed to improve on.
-Chris was very punctual and would always communicate with me about scheduling early and often.
I would like to give Chris a 5/5 (if there is a rating system. All round great instructor and great perso”

Fahimur Rahman

“Chris always guided me”

“Thank you so much for the greetings. Indeed, it was superbly awesome for me to be trained by such a great and hardworking team. With the outstanding services provided to the learner with up to date technology, In – depth analysisand post-mortem of your driving skill during the practice and end of session were the key factors to my success.
Most importantly no doubt the credit goes to Chris Loder (who just so happens to be a racing driver too!) This couldn’t be more fantastic than that isn’t it. Well the best part of Chris that makes him different from other instructor is its attitude, his teaching and understanding skills he is so good in each and every minute detail that you just sort of miss and he is always there to tell you very calmly as a friend didn’t you miss that. With a proper documentation and periodic pro and cons of every lesson made me very clear what the things we need to improve and follow up on the next lesson make it an absolute great experience. Whenever I didn’t perform a proper action Chris always guided me what the correct should have been taken and at what instant this was indeed a great help and secondly the guideline and flow diagram before the activity the pictorial representation and how to perform the complete action using his teaching skills was a great help to have a clear view of
each activity.
On my Behalf I would 100% recommend him to the new and old drivers. They will be lucky to have him beside as was I, to help them attain their target.”

Sardar Ahsan Sarfraz

“Chris has been a wonderful instructor!”

“Chris has been a wonderful instructor. He is patient, listens, never showing it when you make any fault, always ready to correct you and show you the right way. It has been an experience of a rollercoaster but he was always ready to guard me through. He encouraged and gave me all the support I needed to pass my driving test. Thank you so much Chris!!!!”

Kemi Martins

“Chris is very calm and reassuring!”

“Well today I passed my driving test thanks in no small part to my amazing instructor Chris Loder. He was certainly a great fit for me, as a slightly anxious driver initially he worked at my pace always keeping me well informed of the progress I was making throughout to improve my confidence. He is very calm and reassuring and explains things in a clear way. I really enjoyed my experience learning to drive with Latics Driver Training. From booking the first lesson with the customer service team to passing to day the service has been very professional. The additional online resources for the theory
test and the practical test were invaluable. The car was really comfortable and lovely to drive. I would not hesitate to recommend Latics Driver Training and especia
lly Chris Loder to future students!”

Matthew Nadin

“Chris has so much patience!”

“Passed second time with Chris and he has been the most amazing driving instructor ever! Has so much patience and really helps you to understand and develop your skills, really couldn’t have done it without him and wouldn’t recommend anyone else!”

Leah Thompson

“From the beginning Chris made me feel comfortable!”

“I am truly pleased that I chose Latic’s Driver Training to learn how to drive because they gave me the most phenomenally brilliant Driving Instructor Chris Loder to learn with.  From the beginning he made me feel comfortable and gave me the assurance that I could achieve my dream and ambition to drive, and he instilled in me the desire to drive safely.  His has incredible patience and understanding like the finest of teacher’s who want the best result for their students. And when I made mistakes, suffer knock backs, failure and felt like I would never achieve it, he appreciated that feeling of disappointment and he encouraged me and built my confidence back up, and got me believing in my ability to pass. He is truly an awesome person and instructor who never gave up on me, even though I was a challenge to teach, he was determined to help me pass and I feel he goes the extra mile to teach you to be a good safe driver.  He is an inspiration and I hope to do him and Latics proud by driving the excellent way he taught me.  Thank you Chris!!!”

Mary Jones

“Chris is very professional!”

“I definitely recommend Latics for learning how to drive and many thanks to Chris Loder.
He’s being supportive from the very beginning. Coached me through pregnancy and beyond with great patience.
Very professional and thanks to his perseverance I was able to succeed after few attempts.
Thanks again Chris!”

Lidia Andriancyzk

“Chris’s lessons are outstanding!”

“Chris Loder has been supportive since day one and has always had faith in me passing my driving test. Out of all the driving instructors I have had in the past, he has been the best driving instructor by far! He is organised, patient and enthusiastic in every lesson I had with him. As a secondary school teacher, I would say his lessons are outstanding. I came to him as a terrible driver with little confidence in driving and now I’m very confident. Every lesson I had with him I found myself challenging myself, making immense progress and using resources that Chris had provided to become a better driver. Massive thank you to Chris and Latics.”

Sabia Begum

“Chris is calming and reassuring!”

“I have just passed my practical driving test and I just want to thank Latics driving and particularly my instructor Chris Loder. He was genuinely one of the calmest, reassuring person I’ve met. I was very anxious and nervous, and he was able to calm me even through making mistakes he always explained how it’s all part of the learning process. I’ve learned driving skills and tips from him that will stay with me forever!”

Raymond Carroll

“Chris is so patient and calm!”

“I learned to drive with Chris Loder and he was amazing. So patient and calm which made me feel relaxed and at ease. Passed 1st time thanks to Chris. Thank you again Chris. Was a pleasure being taught by the best.”

Lauren Mcgovern

“Chris Loder was amazing!”

“Chris Loader was amazing! I’d had previous lessons last year while I was away, so I wasn’t new to driving but each lesson I felt I got more out of Chris than my previous instructor and became a better driver for it. Thanks for making it so easy and helping me pass Chris, and for introducing me to movie soundtrack playlists on Spotify.”

Christopher Hurst

“Chris is the best instructor”

“Chris is the best instructor. He is calm, patient and explains everything well. He has motivated and encouraged me to do my best and given me confidence even when I made mistakes. I have enjoyed all my lessons with Chris. I would not hesitate to recommend him. Thank you, Chris”

James Southworth

“Chris is the best driving instructor….”

“He is very patient, calm, friendly and organised. Chris has a lot of great techniques that really help you with your driving, he is really good at his job, always on time and very flexible to suit what’s best for you and he was always motivating and encouraging me. He is a great instructor because he gave me confidence in myself and without Chris I couldn’t have passed 1st time. I would definitely recommend him to everybody, so I want to say thank you to Chris for helping me pass. “

Natasha Doherty

“Chris Loder is an amazing driving instructor”

“I am emailing to say that my driving instructor Chris Loder sent me these handouts and they have really helped me and they have been very useful, I’m happy with my lessons and Chris has helped me feel confident since my first lesson, I’ve learned so much and I’m happy with what I’ve achieved, I have booked my driving test for May, and with Chris’s help I am confident I will be ready thank you, Chris Loder is an amazing driving instructor, he is calm, patient, friendly and he loves his job. Chris has helped me so much and puts a lot of effort in for everyone, I’ve learned so much thanks to Chris and I would recommend him to anyone, he definitely deserves employee of the month.”

Natasha Doherty

Passed with Chris Loder, he was a pleasure to learn from.

darren-reade“He is a very experienced driver who is calm and understanding when it comes to teaching a newbie. I honestly feel like I could not have passed without him! I passed 2nd time with 5 minors and overall feel very confident in my driving ability thanks to him! 5/5 would recommend to anyone looking to learn in the Oldham area!”

Darren Reade

I couldn’t thank Chris enough.

mike-kaffo“Chris has been an incredible instructor from day one and I couldn’t recommend him enough. He made me feel at ease from the first lesson and I was a lot less nervous after our first few lessons and this was down to him. He was both patient and supportive, especially when I was making mistakes and he calmly helped me rectify situations if needed, when driving. He is a model professional, who ensures a high standard of quality, safe driving and because of this I passed first time. He made sure I understood his instructions and tips to improve my driving and carefully worked on my weaknesses in the run up to my driving test. Really genuine guy and I’ll be recommending him to everyone who needs an instructor.”

Mike Kaffo

Chris is very passionate about driving safely and appropriately.

Naim Zin“Chris is very passionate about driving safely and appropriately. He made sure that I was ready for the actual driving test and he did his best to help me pass it the first time. He is also caring and will always try to put you at ease during the lessons. His lessons are catered to your abilities and very much worth the money. I would highly recommend anyone from any driving background to choose Chris as their driving instructor. I am also thinking of doing the Pass Plus scheme in the future and I will definitely contact him if I want to do so.”

Naim Zin

Chris was a perfect instructor!

pete rushworth“Just a small note to thank Chris for all his help in getting me through my test! He was a perfect instructor, a credit to himself, and the Latics driving school!”

Pete Rushworth

Chris is a great instructor!

Toni Sorton “He helped me build in confidence while driving, he was always polite and patient I couldn’t ask for a better teacher who helped me pass first time.”

Toni Sorton

Chris Loder helped me pass my driving test first time.

Tom Chadderton“He’s a top, level-headed guy who’s always down to earth; he’s also really good at his job too! He reassures you when you need it and he also instils the confidence and belief needed for learners to succeed at driving. He could teach anyone to drive!  I’d recommend Chris to anyone I know as I genuinely thought I was pretty lucky to get such a good guy helping me to learn to drive. Thanks a lot mate!!”

Tom Chadderton

Chris Loder was fantastic from day 1.

Rob Pike“Chris was fantastic from day 1. He went out of the way to address any concerns I had and he immediately put me at ease with driving and with the roadways in general. The confidence that Chris instilled in me on the roads was amazing and soon enough I was driving under my own steam! This obviously led to a few hiccups along the way, and Chris dealt with these in his usual calm and re-assuring manner. He is either absolutely unflappable, or he is a fantastic poker player. Either way, it took the sting out of the mistakes I made and reinforced confidence in my abilities. This kind of sums up the experience of learning to drive with Chris, he is an excellent motivator and confidence builder, and now that I’ve passed my driving test and got myself a licence, I can look back and say that I almost certainly would not have achieved that without Chris’ help and guidance. I wasn’t initially planning on doing any more instruction post-passing, but after the time spent learning with Chris, I’m now looking forward to some time learning Motorways! I couldn’t recommend Chris more highly to anyone wanting to learn to drive. He is a fantastic instructor and a credit to Latics.”

Rob Pike

Chris Loder is a great driving instructor!

Charlotte Thickett“I came to Chris having already done quite a few lessons previously and straight away, he was so much better than my old instructor. He is a great driving instructor, very patient, he gives you a lot of confidence in yourself when you drive – he is just a great guy in general! I would recommend him to anyone who asks who I passed with and cannot stress enough how good he is at his job! Thanks so much for helping me pass first time!”

Charlotte Thickett

Chris Loder was great from the minute I first met him!

David Whyatt“Chris was great from the minute I first met him, he helped my brother pass, so it was an easy option to pursue with him once I heard my brother’s comments about him. I learnt quickly but that was because he was a great instructor and extremely patient and such a calm guy and was excellent at giving advice, constructively and effectively. I enjoyed lessons with him because he was also great to chat to and very sociable and seemed genuinely interested in his pupils including me and overall I would say Chris is a 10/10 instructor and a top guy who I would extremely recommend and will be doing so.”

David Whyatt

I would definitely recommend Chris to anyone looking to start driving lessons!

Adrian bowden “I switched to Latics after being unhappy with my first driving instructor and was immediately impressed with Chris’ level of approachability and professionalism. Chris is a calm and patient instructor who not only gives great support, but also provided an enjoyable learning experience and gave constructive feedback after every lesson. Chris always develops tailored lesson plans to suit your needs and focus on any area you’d like to practice more. Thanks to Chris I was able to pass first time.”

Adrian Bowden

Chris Loder is a great instructor!

Danny Cooper“Great instructor, great training, very patient highly recommend passed my driving test first time with Chris Loder”

Danny Cooper

Chris Loder is a great instructor.

Janine Jordan“Great instructor: challenged me to improve and drive to a high standard but in a patient and supportive way”

Janine Jordan

Chris is absolutely fantastic!

“I would recommend Chris Loder, he is a great instructor and challenged me to improve and drive to a high standard, but in a patient and supportive way. What can I say, Chris is absolutely fantastic, very very professional and makes you feel completely at ease and gives you the confidence to know you can drive, drive well and safely. Chris Loder is an absolute star and knows exactly how to conduct lessons so you get the absolute best experience out of your time. I cannot thank Latics enough amazing group”

Sean Crean

Chris made my lessons enjoyable.

Gavin Low“I would like to say how much I enjoyed my lessons with Chris Loder he made it enjoyable from start to finish he is very flexible and will always do his best for you I would like to thank him and I would recommend him to anyone.”

Gavin Low

I want to thank Chris Loder for everything he has done for me!

Gabrielle Lennox” I want to thank Chris Loder for everything he has done for me over the past months! He never gave up on me even when I was useless! His patience is amazing and I have finally accomplished my main goal for this year and will now have an amazing birthday next week! I truly didn’t believe I would pass, but with Chris’s help I did and I am honestly grateful for everything. If he can help me pass than anyone can pass!”

Gabrielle Lennox

Chris Loder is a First rate instructor…

“Getting in touch with Latics driver training was easy and simple. When I first met my instructor Chris he was really friendly, honest and knowledgeable. Lessons were easy to book and he was always flexible and understanding. He’s very patient and no matter your mistake, will always stay calm, even at the silliest of mistakes (of which there was quite a few ha!), and will always talk you through any errors you may have made on the roads. It never felt that I was taking more lessons than I needed; which was something I worried about. With Chris keeping you updated on your progress every lesson and emails of how you’re doing. I was able to pass 1st time with confidence even with a strict examiner. Chris Loder is a relaxed instructor, who gets exactly what’s needed from you, I would highly recommend him.”

Saul Fowles

I would recommend any person looking for a driving instructor to use Chris Loder!

Conor Anderton“He was friendly and a very patient instructor, I felt at ease learning to drive with him. His explanation and his teaching method was easy to understand and helped me learn quickly. His preparation leading up to my test was also very helpful and contributed to me passing first time. Again I would highly recommend Chris Loder to anyone looking for and instructor.”

Stefan Anderton

Chris was a fantastic tutor!

Ali Umar“I took lessons with your company and passed my test about a month ago with Chris Loder as my instructor.

Chris was a fantastic tutor. He was patient, easy to talk to, a good teacher and fit me into his schedule even if it meant him working on one of his days off due to the date of my test.

Not only does he help a lot whilst we’re in the car, but out of the car he puts together lesson plans and emails with advice on, and letting me know where I need to improve and how I should go about them.

As well as this he sends information on how to complete the manoeuvres and all the correct procedures.

I will definitely be taking the pass plus course with Chris and when my girlfriend finally starts driving he will be the tutor I recommend.

Would happily give Chris a 10 out 10.”

Rob Glover

Chris restored my confidence!

Ali Umar“I would like to say a massive thank you to Chris Loder for the teaching, motivation and patience he gave me in order for me to pass my driving test and for making learning to drive enjoyable. I would also like to thank Chris for restoring my confidence after setbacks and believing in me from the start of my lessons till the day I passed my test. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone who wants to learn to drive.”

Ali Umar

I would highly recommend Chris Loder to anyone!

David Whyatt“I would just like to say a few words about my driving instructor who I passed with, Chris Loder. He was a brilliant tutor and helped me a lot with his different ways of teaching. His patience was outstanding and really made me look forward to my driving lessons every Sunday. He always went out of his way to re-assure me and instil confidence even if I made any mistakes or errors. I would highly recommend Chris Loder to anyone I know. Thanks again Chris it was a pleasure.”

Luke Whyatt

Vanessa Ryan

1st time!

Fahimur Rahman

Great 1st time pass!

Mike Kaffo

Sardar Ahsan Sarfraz

1st time pass!

Kemi Martins

Well done!

Patryk Oledzki

First time pass!

Josh Hardy

1st Time !

Mike Kaffo

Catherine Thickett

Great 1st time pass!

Matthew Nadin

Brilliant work!

Leah Thompson

Great job!

Mary Jones

Great pass!

Mike Kaffo

Lidia Andrianczyk

Well done Lidia!

Molly McCannon

Fab job Molly!

Casey Monaghan

WOW! Zero Faults!

Jack Thomas

Fab 1st time pass!

Sabia Begum

Great 1st time pass Sabia!

Nathan Challendar

Brill pass Nathan!

Lauren Mcgovern

Fantastic first time pass!

Raymond Carroll

Great 1st time pass!

Josh dale

1st time pass & only 3 faults!

Christopher Glynn

Fab 1st time pass, only 2 faults!

Matthew Terry

Great pass Matthew!

Natasha Doherty

Brilliant 1st time pass!

Jack Gardener

Well done Jack!

Michael Bedford

Great pass Michael!

Emily Landregan

Brilliant 1st time pass!


Darren Reade

Great Result Darren!


David Greenwood

Well done David!

Mike Kaffo

Mike Kaffo

Fantastic 1st time pass!

Naim Zin

Naim Zin

Brilliant 1st time pass!

Conor Elliot

Conor Elliot

Fantastic 1st time pass!

ellen mcloughlin

Ellen McLoughlin

Brilliant 1st time pass!

connor matthews

Connor Matthews

Great pass Connor!

pete rushworth

Pete Rushworth

Fab 1st time pass 2 faults!

toni sorton

Toni Sorton

Fantastic 1st time pass!

millie astley

Millie Astley

Well done Millie!

tom chadderton

Tom Chadderton

Fantastic 1st time pass Tom!

Adrian Bowden

Adrian Bowden

Fantastic 1st time pass!

Agata Romanowksa

Agata Romanowksa

Well done Agata!

Shaun Arnold

Fantastic job Shaun!

Jamie Kamaee

Amazing 1st time pass Jamie!

Michael Dolokto

Great work Michael!

James Southworth

Amazing job!

Christopher Hurst

Well done Christopher!

Jamie Harrison

Well done Jamie!