Danielle Howe | Latics Driving Lessons Oldham

Danielle Howe

Danielle is brimming with enthusiasm and positivity. She’ll help you feel totally at ease on your lessons so that you learn in the most efficient way possible. Along the way, you’ll enjoy your lessons and no doubt have a few laughs too!

Three words to describe me: Patient, Friendly and Reliable!

Favourite tv programe: The Walking Dead

What I would invent: A machine that makes chocolate healthy but still taste so good.

Item I can’t live without: My Car!

Dream car: Audi A7 Sportback

Dream job (apart from instructing obviously!): Chocolate taster

Little Miss I’m most like: Little Miss Giggles

Favourite quote: Always remember: Life is for enjoying

If I won the lottery I would… Travel the world

My Car: Peugeot 208

Danielle gives driving lessons in Oldham, Shaw, Royton, Chadderton, Saddleworth, Lees, Derker and Greenacres.


“Danielle made me feel at ease”

“Now I have stopped smiling after passing my driving test the first time – I would like to thank Danielle for being patient, understanding and made me feel at ease.
Thank you soo much!”

Elisha Gaulter

“Danielle is absolutely fantastic!”

“Danielle is absolutely fantastic, she’s calm friendly and has a lot of patience. I couldn’t have passed my test without her help. She taught me so much in my five lessons. I would highly recommend her. Thank you so much Danielle!”

Phil Lenham

“Danielle is one of the best!”

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Danielle for helping me to pass my driving test first time! Before learning to drive, I was absolutely petrified of being behind the wheel of a car, partly because I’d been involved in 4 previous car accidents, so it was a big obstacle to overcome. Danielle was recommended to me by a friend and from the very first lesson to my very last, she was the best instructor I could ever have asked for! Not only has she helped me to overcome my fear of driving, but she has also given me the confidence to drive independently without relying on her to be my “safety blanket”. The way in which she delivered the lessons pushed me beyond my comfort zones, which in turn has made me the driver that I am today because she had every confidence that I could do it. And she always put up with my chatter. She’s most definitely one in a million and I couldn’t be more grateful for the help she has given me, and any learner driver would be so so lucky to have her. It’s been bittersweet since I passed as I’m now able to drive myself around, but I no longer have Danielle as a passenger, but I’ll be sure to see her soon for Pass Plus! For anyone considering Latics to learn to drive with, I’d most definitely recommend them, and Danielle as she’s one of the best!”

Olivia Jones

“Danielle is a very friendly person!”

“I would like to say many thanks to Danielle Howe my driving instructor, she helped me a lot to pass my driving test, thanks her for patient because it wasn’t so easy with me and my broken English language, she is very friendly person, knows how to explain everything so I could understand it. I would like to recommend her to everyone who needs a driving lessons you won’t be disappointed, thank you one more time and good luck!”

Darius Miko

“Danielle made me feel at ease!”

“I can’t express how happy I am to have passed my driving test. I really enjoyed my lessons with Danielle, I thought I would never be able to drive, but Danielle made me feel at ease every time, and gave me the confidence I lacked. She explained everything to me in simple terms which really helped me grasp where I was going wrong, helping me learn quicker. Thank you, Danielle, I would definitely recommend choosing Danielle if you are taking your lessons, and I am certainly going miss our lessons but I know now I can drive with confidence on the roads, thanks to Danielle”

Kim Murphy

“I can’t thank Danielle enough!”

“I can’t thank Danielle enough for getting me to this stage. Through the many stalls, panics and everything else, we still got through it and…to just get to this point is fantastic.

I will absolutely keep in touch with her and will probably still ask her questions about what I see on the road and the best thing/s to do. I can’t wait to start driving my own car, although I’m sad to say goodbye to Danielle. Feels like a bitter sweet moment, but I know that this is just the start of my driving lifestyle.”
Thank you so much Danielle and you’ll probably still hear from me with my questions.

Michael Gilmour

“Danielle made me feel at ease on my driving lessons every week!”

“Danielle made me feel at ease on my driving lessons every week and made aspects of driving that I had once struggled with, seem so simple. She was extremely friendly, I felt like I could always ask her for help because she wouldn’t judge me, and I always looked forward to my lessons. She continuously praised me when she thought I was doing well and that built my confidence up massively. Thanks Danielle!”

Evie Scholes

“Danielle was patient, bubbly and we always had a laugh!”

“Massive thanks to my instructor Danielle who took me on from another instructor and with being taught different she was patient bubbly and we always had a laugh. Thank you for being patient and helping me correct what I was doing wrong and finding a way that worked for me.”

Alix Withey

Elisha Gaulter

1st time!

Annabelle Smith

Brilliant pass!

Alfie Martin

Great work!

Alec Leedale

1st time pass!

Phil Lanham

First time!

Joshua Roux

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Mehak Shahid

Well done!

Rose Connor

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Connah Mills

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Olivia Jones

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Abigail McLean

Great pass Abbie!

Aaron Lees

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Liberty Wilcox

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Gabriel Brown

Well done Gabriel!

Darius Miko

Brilliant job!

Luke Davies

1st time!

Lindsey Illing

Great pass Lindsey!

Lauren McCarthy

Great pass Lauren!

Ryan Collins

Amazing job Ryan!

Jessica Wood

First time!

Maria Gabrilatsou

Well done Maria!

Matthew Marsh

Just 2 faults!

Daisy Hilton

Great result! Just 2 faults!

Louis Millard

Amazing job!

Daniel Bennett

Great 1st time pass!

Kirsty Shuttleworth

Great job!

Evie Scholes

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Alix Withey

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Carlton Brierley

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Kim Murphy

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Nazish Bibi

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Michael Gilmour

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Tim Pennington

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Benjamin Fawley

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Eleanor Symons

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Laura De Sa

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Matthew Gilbride

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