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David Priestley

David is a really helpful guy. He connects really easily with his learners and he makes learning to drive fun and enjoyable. You’ll get lots of encouragement and with a relaxed learning environment, you’ll be ready for your driving test before you know it!

David Priestley

Three words to describe me: Pleasant, helpful and honest

Interesting hobby: Competing in nationwide motorcycle treks/orienteering

Pet hate: Rudeness and ignorant people

Favourite TV programme: Celebrity Juice

Party trick: Getting an after eight mint from my forehead to my mouth!

Item I can’t live without: My motorbike

Dream car: Aston Martin Vantage

Dream job: Helicopter Pilot

Mr Man I’m most like: Mr Happy

Favourite quote: If you see someone without a smile give them one of yours

My car: Ford Fiesta

David gives driving lessons in Shaw, Rochdale, High Crompton, Chadderton, Castleton, Clarksfield, Derker, Hathershaw, Heyside, Heywood, Littleborough, Milnrow, Moorside, Newhey, Oldham, Royton, shawside, Sholver, Waterhead and Watersheddings.

Recently passed with David Priestley

“Couldn’t fault David on anything!”

“David Priestley did a great job at instructing me, he gives good clear advice and makes you feel comfortable at the wheel. Couldn’t fault him on anything.”

Brandon Fitton

“I had the best experience with David!”

“Had the best experience learning with David, he taught me everything I need to know which helped me pass my test, was so calm in difficult situations which helped, always on time and good chats as well. Highly recommend!”

Corey Goodey

“David gave me confidence!”

“I have just recently passed my test with David Priestley, he gave me confidence and skills I needed to pass. I struggled a lot with my nerves it really effected my confidence on the road. He is calm, friendly and a fabulous instructor.”

Sadaf Umer

“I really enjoyed every lesson”

“I really enjoyed every lesson that I had with my instructor David. He was always really welcoming and a pleasure to be around. He had loads of patience and helped me over come test day nerves. I would highly recommend David to anyone who wants to learn. Nothing was ever too much for him.”

Jack Reed

“David was more like a best friend!”

“I would like to firstly say massive thank you to David Priestley for making my pass happen. He was more like a best friend then a driving instructor which makes the whole experience so much better and enjoyable made you feel so at ease and never put pressure on you when I made a mistake so thank you so much Latics and David!”

Ryan Marsden

“David is a friendly approachable guy”

“David Priestley was my driving instructor and he deserves an 11/10.

It was clear from the very first lesson that David’s goals were to help me become a confident and safe driver, he is a very friendly and approachable guy which defiantly helped me as I began as a very nervous driver.

Whether you’re struggling to perform a manoeuvre or simply not clear about who has right of way, David is very experienced and will know the best way to explain and practice anything that you are unsure of.

I could not have asked for a better driving instructor.”

Michael Ashworth

“Would love to say a massive thank you to David Priestley”

“Would love to say a massive thank you to Dave Priestley my driving instructor. He is an amazing instructor he is very supportive and really built my confidence when driving. He taught me so much and not only that he is really down to earth and funny. I passed on my third test and David never gave up on me even when I nearly knocked the lollipop lady down on my second test through nerves haha! He had faith in me and was really patient and I really couldn’t have done it without him. When I first started my lessons, I didn’t even know how to start the engine so he probably knew he had a challenge on his hands but he stuck by me and made me feel really relaxed and I would highly recommend him. I’m actually going to miss doing my lessons because I enjoyed them a lot even though I’m bad with directions and always took us the wrong way haha! So thank you David I appreciate everything you have done. Any other instructor would have probably given up on me but not you, you’re a star =)”

Emma Hill

Lee Allen

“I just wanted to write a few lines to express my up most gratitude to my amazing driving instructor, David Priestley.”

“When I first started my lessons I was the biggest bag of nerves ever, right away he put me at ease and immediately I could feel my confidence grow. He has challenged me, pushed me and encouraged me to my full potential. When he said I was ready to do my test, he was not wrong at all as I passed on my first try with only two driving faults.”

Lee Allen

Brandon Fitton

Great pass!

Charlie White

First time pass!

Ollie Lowe

Great pass Ollie!

Wesley Spencer

Great job!

Mohammed Imtiaz Miah

Well done!

Corey Goodey

Brilliant pass!

Claire Illing

Great job Claire!

Luke Smith

Great job Luke!

Sadaf Mohammed

Brilliant pass Sadaf!

Matthew Smith

1st time pass!

Jack Reed

Great work Jack!

Jo Mikietyn

1st time!

Ryan Marsden

Brilliant 1st time pass Ryan!

Sam Keating

Great 1st time pass Sam!

Rebecca Meek

Great pass Rebecca!

Michael Ashworth

Brilliant pass Michael!

Josh Bridges

Fantastic 1st time pass!

Cameron Fitton

Well done Cameron!

Sophie McHugh

Great job Sophie!

Anais Morris

Fab 1st time pass, only 1 fault!

Emily Seville

Great pass Emily!

Katie Bolton

Well done Katie!

Michael ORourke

Fantastic 1st time pass!

Ben Kinder

Fantastic 1st time pass!

Craig Leigh

Great pass Craig!

Lara Kelly

Fantastic 1st time pass!

Gavin Gledhill

Well done Gavin!

Josh DeCamps

Great pass Josh only 1 fault!

Matthew Saville

Fab 1st time pass Matthew!


George Priestley

Well done George!


Lauren Duxbury

Great job Lauren!

zara wolfden

Zara Wolfden

Great result Zara!


Claire Nesbitt

Well done Claire!


Matthew Carline

Fantastic job Matthew!


Sikwa Kashif

Well done Sikwa!

Jude Onorihewe

Jude Onorihewe

Great result 3 faults!

Katie Harrison

Great pass Katie!

Georgia Kelly

Great work Georgia!

Elliot Howley

Brilliant pass Elliot!

Hayley Pickering

Amazing 1st time!

Beth Hartley

Fab pass Beth!