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Glyn Crossley

Glyn is one of two Managing Directors at Latics Driver Training and he has been a driving instructor since 1999. He spends most of his time out on the road teaching learners. He’s a big Oldham Athletic supporter and goes to as many games as he can. Glyn has the patience of a monk and oozes calmness so you’ll feel totally at ease on your driving lessons!

Glyn Crossley

Three words to describe me: Too easy going!

Favourite film: Depends on my mood! Could be ‘Meet Joe Black’ or any James Bond movie

Dream car: Jaguar E-Type

One thing I would invent: Mind-reading machine

Mr Man that I’m most like: Mr Tall

Pet hate: Weeds in the garden

Favourite quote: It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice

Favourite joke: A meat and potato pie walks into a bar and orders a pint of lager. The barman replies, “Sorry, we don’t serve food in here”

Dream job: England Football Manager (and I’m English!)

My car: Audi A3

Glyn gives driving lessons in Chadderton, Middleton, Royton, Oldham, Shaw, Blackley, Failsworth, Fitton Hill, Hathershaw, Hollins, Hollinwood, Limeside, Moston, Newton Heath, and Sholver.

Recently passed with Glyn Crossley

“Glyn is a great driving instructor!”

“Glyn is a great driving instructor who really pushes you to do your best, passed 1st time and I really recommend him for anyone!”

Caitlyn Leach


“Glyn is always reassuring!”

“I am nominating Glyn for best instructor because, Glyn gave me the time and patience needed to learn how to be a safe and sensible driver, he taught me not only the dos and don’ts but un written rules of the road. He was always reassuring and always explaining how and why certain tasks are done making my learning more well-rounded. He was never flustered or worked up no matter how many mistakes I made. I guess that’s because he’s watched Oldham play too much he’s learnt not to get worked up anymore! Without Glyn I wouldn’t have come close to passing both my theory and practical first time.”

Matthew Hewitt


“Glyn is an excellent instructor!”

“Glyn was an excellent instructor with me and helped me to pass. I am very appreciative of his time and effort to help me pass first time.”

Mitchell Robinson


Yasmin Horgan

“Working with Glyn boosted my confidence”

“Working with Glyn boosted my confidence in my driving and helped me feel more comfortable behind the wheel.His teaching style was very effective and helped me to pass my test.”

Rebecca Davey


Yasmin Horgan

“Glyn made me feel at ease”

“I owe a huge thank you to Glyn Crossley for helping me pass my driving test. When I first got into his car I had never been in the driver’s seat before and I was really nervous, but he made me feel at ease and really comfortable at once. He’s friendly and chats during the lessons, which made me relax a bit more that I usually would have. I was quite a nervous learner but his reassurance helped me realise that I don’t need to be nervous and I have now turned into a more confident driver. He always asked me if I felt there was anything I thought I needed to work on more at the beginning of each lesson, and then we concentrated on the things I felt weakest at. He taught me all the skills I will need on the road and more, so I would definitely recommend Glyn for anyone whether you have had any driving experience or not!”

Amy Johnson

“Glyn is so experienced and calming”

“I chose Glyn as my driving instructor as he had taught a lot of my brother’s friends and they had really good things to say about him, and it turned out he was the best! No matter what situation I ended up in he never got annoyed or short tempered with me, I felt confident on the road with him and he taught me some really useful tips on all different things, I couldn’t off asked for a nicer person to learn with from day one, he’s so experienced and calming, I would recommend him a 1000 times! You will pass that’s for sure :)”

Janien Robinson

Yasmin Horgan

“Glyn is a charming and very friendly man!”

“My grandad’s friend is a driving examiner and she highly recommended Glyn for my driving lessons, and I am really glad she did. Every Wednesday I couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel and have my lessons with Glyn, he was a charming and very friendly man who made me feel comfortable and at ease when driving. If I made a mistake he would calmly ask me to pull over and he would help correct me, there was no raising of voices or awkwardness whatsoever, it was just a calm and professional manner, but at the same time we could have a laugh about situations and friendly conversations. It has been a joy to have been taught by him and I would like to thank him for helping me pass my exams and hope he has many more successful passes with his other students.”

Yasmin Horgan

Abbie Porter

“Glyn always made me feel confident!”

“I would like to thank Glyn Crossley for helping me pass my driving test first time. He always made me feel confident and calm, he was patient and whenever I had any worries or concerns he would reassure me. I will be recommending Latics and Glyn to anyone who asks, he is a brilliant instructor.”

Abbie Porter

Carla Shepherd

“Glyn was the perfect instructor for me”

“As I started with very little driving experience and extremely bad nerves, Glyn was the perfect instructor for me. After a bad experience with another driving company I was very edgy about starting again. From lesson one Glyn showed nothing but patience and skill when teaching me to drive. He had a great sense of humour and was very easy to get along with which made each lesson feel comfortable. When it came to my test I felt safe and confident. Glyn was very reassuring and helped me to control my nerves. I passed first time with only three minors. I have been driving for a week now and I can honestly say its life changing. I couldn’t have done it without the best instructor ever. Thank you Latics! Truly great teacher.”

Carla Shepherd

Hannah Butterworth

“Glyn is extremely patient and easy going!”

“I passed my test a couple of months ago with Glyn and I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Glyn is extremely patient and easy going and helped me to build up my confidence whilst driving as I was quite nervous when I started to learn to drive. Glyn has a unique teaching style and he allowed me to build up my confidence on a variety of roads and routes and he has a genuine interest in teaching people to be good drivers rather than just getting them through their test which was very important to me. He went over things at the end of lessons that I’d struggled with to ensure that I understood it which was incredibly helpful to me. I thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to all of my lessons and I now love driving and will definitely recommend Glyn and Latics to all of my friends who want to learn the drive! :)”

Hannah Butterworth

Ashley Byrne

“I would just like to say a MASSIVE thank you to LATICS but most of all Glyn for being the best!”

“He is selfless, patient and understanding as an instructor. I passed today first time, and would not have been able to do it without Glyn. I had an instructor before Glyn who ruined my confidence and Glyn was outstanding at bringing it back. Thank you so much Glyn.”

Ashley James Byrne

Jessica Stott

“Glyn has a great teaching style!”

“I had been taking driving lessons for over a year with various other instructors and didn’t feel like they pushed me or prepared me to pass my test. After taking a few lessons with Glyn before my test I felt a lot more confident that I would pass and fully prepared. He has a great teaching style, he is very calm, but also gives constructive feedback at the end of the lesson. This is exactly what I needed.”

Jessica Stott

“I passed first time after just 12 driving lessons with Glyn”

“I passed first time with Glyn after having just 12 driving lessons. Glyn is very calm and friendly and teaches in a way that is second to none. I highly recommend Latics Driver Training as it is a well-established driving school with competitive prices and in particular, Glyn – who kept me at ease throughout and gave me the skills and knowledge to pass both my theory and practical tests first time. Thanks a million!”

Rachel Kenyon

Jonathan Window

1 fault!

Megan Belston

Great pass!

Sadie Belston

Great job!

Charley Leech

1st time!

Caitlyn Leach

1st time!

Rebecca Hawkins

1st time pass!

Ewan McFarlane

1st time!

Lewis Clarke

Well done!

Matthew Dixon

First time & 2 faults!

Henry Hoskins

2 faults!

Matthew Hewitt

Brill first time pass!

Alfie Howard

Well done Alfie!

Barry Hall

Just 3 faults!

Festus Arthur

Great 1st time pass!

Patrick Laycock

Just 1 fault!

Harry Robinson

Fantastic 1st time pass!

Mitchell Robinson

Amazing first time pass!

Natasha Morrell

Well done Natasha!

Rebecca Davey

Brilliant pass Rebecca!

Adam Farley

Amazing 1st time pass!

Francois Antoine

Great job Francois!

Mia Douglas-Mayall

Well done 1st time pass!

Amy Johnson

Well done Amy!

Jordan Radcliffe

Great pass Jordan!

Andrew Stoey

Well done Andrew!

Amelia Dixon

Great job Amelia!

Emily Johnson

Fab 1st time pass Emily!

Wendy Young

Well done Wendy!

sadie giron

Sadie Giron

Fab 1st time pass!

jafck kinniburgh-dickie

Jack Kinniburgh-Dickie

Great 1st time pass!


Conor Montgomery

Fab result Conor!


Abigail Stone

Well done Abigail!


Michael Bacon

Brilliant 1st time pass!


Jake Dickinson

Fantastic 1st time pass!


Abbey Robinson

Great 1st time pass!

Amy Ratcliffe

Amy Ratcliffe

Fab 1st time pass 2 faults!

taylor langley

Taylor Langley

Fantastic 1st time pass!

della smethurst

Della Smethurst

Brilliant 1st time pass!

hannah armstead

Hannah Armstead

Great 1st time pass!

tyler bolton

Tyler Bolton

Fantastic 1st time pass!

sam mottley

Sam Mottley

Brilliant 1st time pass!

jake parker

Jake Parker

Way to go Jake!

Abbie Porter

Abbie Porter

Brilliant 1st time pass!

Sam Welsby

Just 3 faults!

Liam Mills

Brilliant 1st time pass!

Benjamin Atkinson-Smith

0 faults wow!

Chloe Finnagan

Great 1st time pass!