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Gordon Jennings

Gordon joined the Latics team in 2009 and has helped many happy customers achieve their goal of passing their driving test. You will find him totally committed to helping you achieve your goals with lots of support along the way.

Gordon Jennings

Three words to describe me: Friendly, patient, honest.

Favourite film: Any of the James bond films

Party trick: Scooby doo impression!

Dream car: Ferrari Daytona

Famous person I’m most like:  Brad Pitt (so my wife says)

Dream job (apart from instructing obviously!): RAF pilot

Favourite Joke: Why did the tomato turn red? It saw the salad dressing!

Mr Man I’m most like: Mr tall

Favourite quote: If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.

Gordon gives driving lessons in Middleton, Alkrington, Blackley, Chadderton, Failsworth, Harpurhey, Heywood, Hollins, Hollinwood, Oldham, Limeside, Moston, Newton Heath, Rochdale, Royton and Shaw.

Recently passed with Gordon Jennings

“Gordon put me at ease and my confidence grew!”

“At nearly 40yrs of age, I’ve just passed my driving test for the first time! Go meeee.I’m soooooo happy and can’t thank my instructor Gordon enough. I was so nervous to start my lessons again as it had been nearly 20yrs since I had been in a car from previous lessons. Gordon put me at ease and my confidence grew after each lesson. He’s a great teacher, who has patience and made me believe in myself that I was a good driver and good enough to pass. I would definitely recommend Gordon to anyone who’s thinking of starting their lessons, I’m so proud of myself and can’t wait to get on the road to eventually become an instructor myself. Thanks Gordon!”

Kelly Allen

“Gordon is so patient and a great teacher!”

“Gordon is so patient, and a great teacher and he has made learning to drive enjoyable. When I started I was so nervous and then Gordon was so reassuring and patient. He is the best… will recommend anyone who wants to learn to drive, to do it with Gordon. He is amazing and a big thank you Gordon for the lessons.”

Doreen Jeche

“I would recommend Gordon to anyone”

“Gordon was really good I would recommend him to anyone he knows what he is doing he look and your strengths and weaknesses and turns them into strengths with driving really would be recommend to anyone “

Alex Davies

“Before I started my lessons with Gordon!”

“Before I started my lessons with Gordon, I had very little confidence that I would be able to pass because I had to do an extended test. However, Gordon is very patient and has an excellent way of explaining things. He made me believe in myself and guided me through the whole process.  He is an amazing instructor and I would advise anyone who is about to learn to ask for him. Thank you Latics for providing me with such a great instructor.”

Ian Milston

“Gordon was extremely patient and constantly gave me constructive criticism.”

“Gordon was extremely patient and constantly gave me constructive criticism on what I could improve on. Coming from another instructor that rushed me, we started from the beginning and I soon found my feet. I failed my first test due to being unlucky, but I worked hard and finally passed second time, couldn’t be more happy with the results! Only 1 minor mark and that’s due to the fantastic guidance from my instructor. Thank you!”

Rohan Hadnum

“I passed my test first time with Gordon.”

“Yiipeee, I passed my test first time with Gordon, and I would like to say a big thank you for helping me pass you are a great instructor and deserve to win instructor of the month!!! Thanks you so much in everything that you have learnt me “

Robert Harrison

“Gordon’s patient and friendly approach enhanced my confidence”

“I passed my driving test on the 26th April 2017. Being of an anxious disposition learning to drive was difficult for me, but Gordon was very accommodating and showed empathy to my particular situation. During lessons, Gordon would share his driving knowledge and wisdom to help me better understand certain aspects of driving.
Gordon’s patient and friendly approach enhanced my confidence, and this helped me develop a mentality to deal with any frustration in a positive and constructive manner. Any self-doubt that would creep in, Gordon would provide a calm and rational voice – urging me not to give up.
Additionally, Gordon was also accessible outside of driving lessons. I could communicate any issue or question, either by e-mail or phone, and expect to receive an informative and well thought out response to my queries.
Gordon’s professionalism, understanding and positive support helped me pass my driving test. And more importantly equipped me with the tools to become a safe and competent driver. In my opinion – Gordon is a great driving instructor, but an even greater human being.
Finally, I would recommend Gordon and Latics Driving School to anyone who is seeking to develop their driving skills and looking to gain confidence on the road.”

Andrew Airey

“He had loads of time and patience and give me confidence”

“I would like to say a huge thank you to Gordon Jennings for me passing my driving test being an older person he had loads of time and patience and give me confidence to carry on. He deserves to be Instructor of the month.”

Brenda Etchells

Gordon is a very good instructor.

“He starts you off with the basics and teaches you the best way, I always felt safe and confident. When I went in for my test he had given me all the tools I needed to pass. He is a very accomplished instructor, Thank you to Gordon and the Latics team.”

Michael Jamieson

I couldn’t have passed without Gordon!

“Hi I passed my test on October 1st and would like to thank Gordan my instructor he is fantastic. I would recommend him to anyone, I couldn’t of passed without him he was brilliant patient understanding and very very very good at his job Thanks again”

Zac Marlor

The lessons that I got from Latics were brilliant!

“I learnt a lot of things from Gordon my instructor I would use Latics again if I had to thank you very much ..5 stars…”


I just wanted to thank Gordon Jennings on being an awesome driving instructor!

Leoni Kelly“When I first met Gordon I was petrified of driving, he was a lovely calming influence on me. He listened to all my worries and melt downs while filling me with the confidence to become a good driver. There were times I was suffering with ill health and Gordon was understanding and never pushed me further than I was comfortable. Learning to drive with Gordon has changed my life! I am confident, self-aware and able to safely drive myself and my family round. I never thought I’d get past my first lesson and to pass within 6 months with only one minor is a combination of amazing patience, gentle tuition and hard work. Anyone looking to start driving or recap on lesson should definitely call Latics! Thank you Gordon! “

Leoni-anne Kelly

I would like to say a massive thanks to Gordon Jennings.

“I would like to say a massive thanks to Gordon Jennings for helping me pass my driving test first time! He showed me everything I needed to know from getting in the car not having a clue what I was doing to helping me pass first time. I was nervous at first but then actually enjoyed having lessons with Gordon as he helped me pick up things really fast and had a laugh at the same time. We started on some quiet roads around Oldham to help me get used to getting the car moving then we eventually made it onto larger roads with other cars. I didn’t feel confident driving on main roads but Gordon helped me overcome this by putting me in busy situations to see how I would cope with this and to trust myself and it worked. Whenever I was unsure about something then Gordon would help me re-do routes and demonstrate things I was struggling with. I’ve had a great experience and even though he still hasn’t got his picture on the Latics site and refuses to believe I’ve met Lady Gaga! I would highly recommend Gordon to anyone who is looking to learn to drive and enjoy themselves whilst doing so.”

Tom Walsh

Gordon Jennings was an awesome instructor for me!

Scott Davenport“I had previously had a bad experience when I first learned to drive in 2004 with an incompetent instructor so I was a little dubious about learning again in 2014. Gordon is friendly, funny and knows his stuff. He put up with my daft questions and saw me through to passing my test in January 2015. Each two hour lesson was structured and even had a chance to just ‘drive about’ when I wasn’t feeling up to a full on lesson! I shall be booking pass-plus soon to put the finishing touches on my skills! Booking with Latics was quick and simple via PayPal so I didn’t have to worry about having cash in the house.”

Scott Davenport

Kelly Allen

First time!

Leah Mcdonagh

Great 1st time pass!

Esther Jagger

Well done 1st time!

Kirsty McCarten

Fantastic first time pass Kirsty!

Alex Davies

Amazing pass Alex!

Ian Milston

Great result Ian!


Charlotte Scanlon

Great pass Charlotte!


Shwan Ali

Well done Shwan!

olivia dooley

Olivia Dooley

Fantastic 1st time pass Olivia!

leanne wood

Leanne Wood

Fantastic 1st time pass Leanne!

joe watson

Joe Watson

Brilliant 1st time pass Joe!

Adam Cunningham

Adam Cunningham

Great 1st time pass 2 faults!

Chip Namate


Fantastic 1st time pass!

Issmaeel Ansari

Issmaeel Ansari

1st time pass 2 faults!

Kinglsey Ufot

Kinglsey Ufot

Brilliant Kinglsey! 

Leoni Kelly

Leoni Kelly

Great 1st time pass 1 faults!

Michael Pyper

Michael Pyper

Well done Michael!

Peter Lax

Peter Lax

Way to go Peter!

Rachel Marsh

Rachel Marsh

Fantastic 1st time pass!

Samuel Billington

Samuel Billington

Well done Samuel!

Scott Dvaenport

Scott Davenport

Great result Scott!

Holly Howard

Brilliant first time pass!

Mary Longwe

1st time pass!