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Janine Kirk

Janine’s been a Latics instructor since 2008 and her love for the job shows! She has such a great easy going attitude which will help you relax into your driving while making your lessons both enjoyable and fun!

Three words to describe me: Chatty, bubbly, genuine

Hobbies: Manchester United & Mountain Biking

Pet hate: Manchester City!

What I would invent: Teleporter

If I won the lottery, I would… …invest in inventing a teleporting device (so I don’t need to fly!)

Favourite film: Lord of the Rings

Favourite TV programme: Game of Thrones

Dream car: Mustang Shelby (convertible… of course!)

Favourite food: Twiglets

Items I can’t live without: Teapot and tea cosy!

Little Miss I’m most like: Little Miss Chatterbox

Dream job (apart from driving instructor, obviously!): Top Gear presenter

My car: Citroën C3

Janine gives driving lessons in Saddleworth, Delph, Denshaw, Diggle, Dobcross, Grasscroft, Greenfield, , Scouthead, Sholver, Springhead, Uppermill, Waterhead, Watersheddings, Ashton-under-Lyne, Austerlands, Bardsley, Carrbrook, Chadderton, Derker, Droylsden, Dukinfield, Failsworth, Fitton Hill, Greenacres, Hathershaw, Lees, Moorside, Mossley, Oldham and Royton.

Recently passed with Janine Kirk

Jan is a superstar!

My driving instructor Jan was my third driving instructor and save to say third time lucky. Jan is a superstar instructor/teacher she is methodical and effective. Every lesson I understood what I did well and where I needed to improve. She is just fantastic at what she does. I highly recommend her and believe she deserves an award for her patience, resourcefulness and banter. I would not have passed my test so quickly and first time without her! Superstar! Thanks Jan!!”

Chloe Phillips

“Janine was an amazing driving instructor”

“Janine was an amazing driving instructor, always so helpful and supportive. She was always giving me helpful tips for my driving and made sure I knew exactly what to expect on my driving test. Janine is always easy to chat to and made me feel so comfortable when in the car with her. Would have never passed without her! “

Taylor Alderson

“I definitely wouldn’t have done so well if it wasn’t for her!”

“Just want to say a huge thank you to Janine Kirk for me passing my first driving test with no faults! She is by far the most caring, patient, encouraging and friendly instructor you could ask for. Always motivating me to improve and giving me constructive feedback after each lesson. 

I really appreciate how she fitted my lessons in around my work schedule to ensure I wasn’t missing out or going too long in between each drive. 

She brought a happy bubbly attitude to every lesson and made something I first was very nervous about doing, so enjoyable. I genuinely looked forward to each lesson and I’m so thankful for all the guidance and pep talks she gave me to encourage me even at times I would doubt myself. 

I’m definitely going to miss my lessons with Janine but I can’t recommend anyone better to learn to drive with, I definitely wouldn’t have done so well if it wasn’t for her!”

Charmayne Deasy

“I would 100% recommend Janine to anyone.”

1“Would just like to say a massive thank-you to Janine Kirk who helped me pass my test this week! Janine is by far one of the most patient and caring instructors there is. Whenever I felt less motivated or that I was going to fail, she never lost her faith in me and always built up my confidence making me believe I could do it. Always friendly and easy to get along with, and always willing to squeeze me in for additional lessons if I felt I needed it. As I am at university in Leeds my lessons were not constant, but Janine always made sure I caught up to the best of my ability. Thank you so much Janine, I’ll miss you!”

Charlotte Gee

Janine is an absolutely fantastic instructor.

Roxanne Johnson“Having had lessons with someone else the quality of teaching with Janine differed massively. She makes everything very clear and explains not only how to do things, but why it is important to do them. I would recommend her as a driving instructor to anyone. Very down to earth woman and she makes you feel comfortable in the driving seat. A*!”

Roxanne Johnson

I want to start with saying that without Janine, I would never have passed my test.

Ben Johnson“Every step of the way Janine made me feel safe, confident and advised me on where I could improve. Janine made driving for me feel like second nature. Every lesson was a joy and I never got bored! I am really going to miss my lessons now that I have passed, but am coming back for round 2 with my pass plus! I would recommend Latics to anyone wanting to learn to drive, and would recommend Janine to everyone without a shadow of a doubt or without hesitation. You guys really are the Best with a capital B!”

Ben Johnson

Janine is the Driving Instructor that everyone should wish to have!

Tiree-Kirk“She is selfless, helpful and the most supportive person in general, never mind as an instructor, I’d know, she is my mum. But that aside, Janine helped me pass my driving test last Thursday, I passed with no minor faults, and it was all down to her guidance and teaching (ok maybe I was pretty good too, but it was mainly her)! Her whole mind-set is to help you in whatever you need. She is incredibly easy to chat to and to get along with. All of my friends and my brother’s friends want her to teach them. Sitting in her lessons were not a chore, even when I didn’t want to drive, or was ready to give up, she pushed me because she knew I could do it. She set a friendly and comfortable environment throughout my entire teaching (Yes it took a while) and was completely professional, even though she’s family. Our lessons were effortless, she made me feel at ease in the car and I never felt pressured into anything I was incapable off. I tend to have the odd tantrum, easily done when your mum is your driving instructor, but she was always professional about it, even though I bet she’d want to strangle me sometimes! Living away from home, it took me a while to get into a regular routine for driving, but even after a long break in my lessons, I still always felt like I knew what I was doing, because she had such faith in me. I know I am slightly bias, but Janine is the best instructor I could have asked for. “

Tiree Kirk

Janine is an absolute gem

“She was so patient with me and always smiling, even when I was getting angry with myself!! She is a fantastic instructor and without her I’d still be getting the bus to work. I really would recommend her to anyone who is looking to start their lessons.”

Iain Sharp

Janine eased me back into my lessons

Katrina Fox“Having had a 5 year gap in driving lessons, Janine eased me back into them brilliantly. She adapted to my ability and allowed me to focus only on the areas that needed improving. Her instructions were clear and her friendly and chatty personality helped me feel at ease. She has brilliant knowledge of the test routes and talked me through everything I needed to know calmly and clearly. Being able to text and call her to arrange lessons and test dates made things simple and quick. I felt super relaxed on my test day and enjoyed the lessons. I enjoyed passing my test even more!! THANKS JANINE… Highly recommended!”

Katrina Fox

Libby Harris

1st time pass!

Ross Kirk

Well done Ross!

Georgie Cormode

Well done Georgie!

Chloe Phillips

Great 1st time pass!

Dan Scott

Great pass Dan 1 fault!

Tom Blewitt

Fantastic Tom 1st time pass!

Abi Griffith

Brilliant 1st time pass!

Charlie Goodyear

Fantastic 1st time pass!

Chloe Roberts

Brilliant 1st time pass!

Annie Simms

Annie Simms

Fab 1st time pass 3 faults!


Charlotte Gee

Brilliant result Charlotte!


Charmayne Deasy

Fantastic 1st time pass Zero faults!

James Howard

James Howard

Well done James!

Annie Simms

Annie Simms

Fab 1st time pass 3 faults!

Emma Williams

Emma Williams

Brilliant result Emma!

sam toone

Sam Toone

Fantastic 1st time pass!

isabel bradbury

Isabel Bradbury

Faultless 1st time pass!

roxanne johnson

Roxanne Johnson

Well done Roxanne!

josh harris

Josh Harris

Great 1st time pass 1 fault!

ben watson

Ben Watson

1st time pass 1 fault!

jordan crossley

Jordan Crossley

Great 1st time pass!

muneera bibi

Muneera Bibi

Well done Muneera!

phi dinh

Phi Dinh

Great result Phi!

Kate Shalliker

Brilliant Kate!

Taylor Alderson

Great pass Taylor!