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Marie Law

Marie Has been with Latics since 2009. They say great things come in small packages and this is certainly true with Marie! How she fits so much energy, enthusiasm and effort into each and every lesson is anyone’s guess, but she does - by the bucket load! Oh, and she’s also a Grade 6 instructor too (6 is the highest)!

Three words to describe me: Small, loud, cheerful!

Favourite film: 50 First Dates

One thing I would invent: A ‘silent’ button for small children

‘Little Miss’ character that I’m most like: Little Miss Perfect! Haha nooooo… Little Miss Chatterbox

Pet hate: Bad manners

Famous person I’m most like: None, they are all rich and I’m not! Some people have said I look a little like Carrie from Sex & The City???

My car: Vauxhall Corsa

Marie gives driving lessons in Royton, Shaw, Chadderton, Springhead, Lees, Milnrow, Newhey, Oldham, Rochdale, Hollins, Hollinwood, Derker, Fitton Hill, Limeside, Hathershaw, Sholver, Waterhead, Castleton and Moorside.

Recently passed with Marie Law

“Marie made me feel comfortable and was friendly!”

“I had started taking lessons with Marie as I wanted to learn to drive for work purposes and for leisure. She immediately made me feel comfortable, was friendly and explained everything thoroughly from beginning till end. She is very patient at every point, even when I had a mind-block or if I didn’t believe in myself. She always encouraged and motivated me therefore; I would recommend her thoroughly especially because of her calming nature if you are a worrier like I was. Cannot thank her enough.”

Courtney Byrne

“Marie from the get go made me feel really at ease!”

“I had my driving lessons with Marie Law and this was my first time getting behind a wheel of a car and I was petrified! I was completely inexperienced and didn’t have a clue about anything to do with cars, and Marie from the get go made me feel really at ease and explained everything perfectly to me from the get go! Marie would even help with the theory side asking me questions and giving me websites and YouTube videos to watch in prep for the next lesson! She takes everything at your pace and has the patience of a saint. It has been 4months now since I passed my driving test on the second try and I’m so glad I had an amazing instructor to get me through it. Thanks Marie.”

Hollie-louise Hughes

“Marie is an amazing and patient driving instructor!”

“Hi my name is Rachel Roper and I passed my driving test a month ago and been living in my car since (lol). I had previously had a driving instructor before Marie who was not right for me and put me off wanting to learn. I heard about Latics and gave them a shot and it was the best choice I made. Marie is a lovely bubbly easy going lady who was more than a teacher to me but a friend who I am going to sadly miss. Marie is the perfect teacher to help people out of their comfort zones especially when she knows they are more than capable, she’s patient easy going and very clear at explaining things. I passed with three minors and I couldn’t not thank Marie enough I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone. Driving has made a massive change in my life and I owe that to Marie’s wonderful teaching I’d highly recommend Latics company to learn to drive.”

Rachel Roper

“Marie is an amazing and patient driving instructor!”

“Marie is an amazing and patient driving instructor! I could of done all this hard work without her, she is so understanding and couldn’t of asked for a better driving instructor! Would highly recommend her if you worry a lot and overthink about things like me. She talks you through every step of the way and helps you understand where you went wrong so I was able to correct myself! Thankyou Marie! X “

Mia White

Latics are amazing!!

“Both from a customer service and instructor aspect.
They worked so hard to fit me in at extremely short notice after another instructor cancelled on me. Glad to say I passed today with the help of both Nikki and Marie.
Would recommend this company and both instructors to anyone!”

Darius Duncan

Marie was a very good teacher.

elise-snowdon“Throughout my lessons and had lots of useful techniques to guide me to where I needed to be. I passed in under 40 lessons which I thought was good and I feel confident enough to drive on my own now!”

Elise Snowden

Marie was very patient and dedicated.

lauren-whirefield“The idea of driving a car never used to appeal to me but having Marie as my driving instructor helped me to get over a lot of my nervousness and showed me that driving is nowhere near as scary as it first seems. She always made me aware of which aspects of driving I was doing well with and helped me to identify those that I tended to struggle with which helped me to focus on improving in these areas to be the safest driver that I can be. I don’t think that there’s another driving instructor out there who has as much patience and dedication as Marie does and I have to thank her for giving me the confidence to pass with only two minors which is something I never could have guessed I was capable of.”

Lauren Whitehead

Marie made me feel confident!

danielle-elcock“I have been having lessons with her for a while now. She is brilliant at her job. During my lessons she would ask me questions, making sure I knew what I was doing next. She always gave me advise on videos to watch for studying for my test. I finally passed my test and Marie was extremely pleased. I did fail a few tests due to silly mistakes but Marie always said no one deserved to pass more than me. She made me feel confident behind the wheel and I couldn’t be happier with her and the fact she helped me pass!!

I will be passing her details to friends who want to learn because I couldn’t think of anyone better to do it.

Best instructor ever ☺”

Danielle Elcock

Marie was absolutely fantastic!

“I passed my test today on the 3rd attempt with 4 minors and I’m still in shock.

Marie was absolutely fantastic, I wasn’t very confident and a nervous wreck, but she was very patient with me and eventually I started looking forward to the lessons even enjoyed them.

Today I was especially nervous but she gave me a good prep talk and had so much belief in me! I honestly don’t think I could have done this without her, she is a credit to Latics and although I’m over the moon to have passed I’m going to miss my lessons with her.

I hope she gets the recognition she deserves.”

Gemma Cooper

My driving lessons were incredible!

darcie-hunt“Marie was very helpful and I was able to learn a lot. I definitely recommend Latics to anyone who is looking into driving lessons.”

Darcie Hunt

Marie was brilliant!

leanne hutchinson“I have recently passed my driving test thanks to the help of Marie Law. It has been about 2 years since I last had a driving lesson and I had decided it was time to get back into driving. Marie was brilliant as she explained things differently to the other instructors I have had, it made it much easier to understand and actually carry out in the safest way possible. She was always reassuring me of my driving skill, right up to the minutes before my test began. I would highly recommend Marie especially if you get a bit nervous in the run up to your test.”

Leanne Hutchinson

My instructor was Marie and she was brilliant!

“From the moment I got behind the wheel Marie made me feel very comfortable and at ease. She was very patient and allowed the lessons to go at my pace. I am very grateful for all her help and time she gave me, she explained things in a way I was able to understand. After giving up on my lessons once before, Marie gave me the confidence to believe I could pass. Her hard work and dedication really showed when I passed first time with only 3 minors! Thank you so much! I will definitely be recommending Marie and Latics to anyone wanting to learn to drive. :)”

Olivia Saam

Passed on the first time and I really have to thank Marie for that

Louise Day“She is fun and bubbly and can always make you laugh. She is easy to talk to and can make you feel calm under any situation. Any questions you had, Marie is always happy to answer them. It can be nerve racking when you first start but she makes you quickly forget about that by helping you feel more confident in your own abilities. Nothing is ‘spoon fed’ to you as she makes you think about where you went wrong and how you would correct it which really made things easier during my practical test and she makes you feel like you will be able to do it on your own you have your licence. I really lucked out on my driving instructor and I think anyone who has had Marie as their instructor would feel the same.”

Louise Day

She’s Amazing!

“Marie Law – Absolutely amazing tutor I passed my driving test with her my first time, my brother-in-law also passed his driving test with her she deserves a medal 🙂 I will recommend Marie to anyone who wants to gain their licence she’s amazing 🙂 x”

Chelsea Gallaher


Great pass!

Courtney Byrne

Just 3 faults!

Josh Povey

1st time pass with just 3 faults!

Emma Wilson

Fabulous 1st time pass!

Charlotte Wild

Great pass Charlotte!

Gemma Yau

Fantastic 1st time pass Gemma!


Way to go Holly!

Rachel Roper

Great pass Rachel!

Beth Radcliffe

Strong pass Beth!


Well done Karis!

Mia White

Great pass Mia!

luke hadfield

Luke Hadfield

Brilliant 1st time pass!

gemma cooper

Gemma Cooper

Great pass Gemma!

elise snowdon

Elise Snowdon

Well done Elise!

danielle elcock

Danielle Elcock

Great pass Danielle!


Alex Richardson

Excellent 1st time pass Alex!


Lauren Whirefield

Great result Lauren!

darcie hunt

Darcie Hunt

Fab 1st time pass 3 faults!

Katie Hewitt

Katie Hewitt

Fantastic 1st time pass!

Ryan Hunter

Ryan Hunter

Great result Ryan!

leanne hutchinson

Leanne Hutchinson

Brilliant 1st time pass!

geoff pearsons

Geoff Pearsons

Great pass Geoff!

Amber O’Keefe

Amazing 1st time pass Amber!

Christy Barnet

Great pass Christy!