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Mark Dronsfield

Mark is a brilliant instructor and is a Grade A instructor (the highest grade of instructor)! He has a friendly and relaxed approach while keeping lessons totally focused so you will learn lots and lots on each lesson with Mark!

Mark Dronsfield

Three words to describe me: Punctual, patient and fun!

Favourite joke: How does a train eat? It goes chew, chew…

Dream job (apart from a driving instructor!): Skydiving instructor

Pet hate: Lateness

Famous person I’m most like: Roger Federer

Ideal night out: Pub, pool, darts and curry!

Favourite Quote: “When the seagulls follow the trawler, it’s because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea” – Eric Cantona

My car: Ford Fiesta

Mark gives driving lessons in Chadderton, Derker, Glodwick, Greenacres, Heyside, Milnrow, Moorside, Oldham, Rochdale, Royton, Shaw, Shawside, Sholver, Springhead, Waterhead, Watersheddings and Newhey.

Recently passed with Mark Dronsfield

“Mark was very good at breaking things down”

“I had Mark as my driving instructor as he came highly recommended by friends-They were not wrong! He was very good at breaking things down and making sure I understood. Tailoring each lesson to suit me and what I needed to work on, including theory prep and motorway lessons. Mark’s laid back but assertive approach ensured I was calm during my lessons and throughout my test as I could imagine what he would be saying as I did different manoeuvres. Thank you, Mark, for getting me passed in time so I can drive my family on holiday!”

Amanda Wilson

“Mark was an absolutely fantastic instructor!”

“Mark was an absolutely fantastic instructor. Very friendly, patient and concise with his instruction.Put things in a way I could really understand and kept me calm during difficult lessons of before tests.Would recommend highly!”

Jacob Stone

“I always enjoyed my lessons with Mark!”

“I passed my test first time today after having lessons with Mark Dronsfield. I always enjoyed my lessons with Mark and can’t thank him enough for putting up with me, he’s always so patient and calm, which helped because I always panic. He always put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. I couldn’t recommend Mark enough he’s a brilliant instructor.”

Lauren Smith

“Mark is an excellent instructor!”

“I would like to say thank you very much to Mark Dronsfield for getting me through my test first time.  Mark was an excellent instructor, very patient and thorough, making sure you knew everything to keep you safe when driving out on your own.  I would give Mark 5-star instructor rating!”

Christine Mawdsley

“Mark is a fab driving instructor!”

“From the start of my lessons with Mark I knew I had found a fab driving instructor. Endlessly patient, always on time and very clear in explaining things I struggled to learn. Without Mark’s encouragement, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to pass my driving test – I was massively nervous and he was the person who made sure I kept at it when I thought it was impossible. I will genuinely miss our weekly lessons – thank you for everything Mark!”

Caitlin Ellis

“Mark is a great instructor!”

“Mark is a great instructor, and a cool guy, I highly recommend him, I took 40 hours with him and passed first time with only 2 minors, he has a lot of patience and makes learning to drive fun!”

Dave Taylor

“Mark has a very relaxed and open style!”

“At the grand age of 36, I passed my test at the first time of asking on September 29, having had lessons with Mark Dronsfield for the last few months. He has a very relaxed and open style, first demonstrating and discussing the rules of the road and how to navigate its many trials, then allowing you to come to your own conclusions about how best to adapt, all in your own time. He’s more than happy to go over and over any areas for concern and fully acknowledges that it may take time for you to pick up the necessary skills to begin your driving journey and pass your test. Having passed first time, I’m looking forward to completing the Pass Plus in October. I can highly recommend both Mark and Latics Driving Training.”

Kyle Walker-Booth

“Mark is very easy to get along with!”

“From day 1, I knew I had a terrific instructor in Mark. Never late for any lessons, Mark is very easy to get along with which made me feel comfortable whilst driving and was very good at explaining where I could improve and giving advice. Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor and will miss having driving lessons with him! I would highly recommend him to anyone learning to drive. Cheers Mark!”

Jack Woodhead

“Mark was such a good instructor!”

“After many years of on off learning I gave up for a few years for different reasons but the main one being pregnant twice and bringing up my girls. After my friend passed her test with Mark she recommended him to me and I got her old time slot with him. I have always been a nervy driver and never really felt confident or enjoyed it but now I had my children I needed to get my test passed to make life easier. Mark was such a good instructor! He explained everything really well, would go over things loads for me to get it right and he had the patience of a saint! He didn’t care how many times he had to teach me something he wanted me to get it right so would take his time. After a few failed tests I knew I had to do it the last time and I kept saying to myself “what would mark say now” like he told me to do. I stayed calm and took my time and I passed. Would highly recommend Mark to anybody who is wanting to learn to drive. Don’t leave it till you’re nearly 30 like me! I wished I’d done it sooner. Thank you so much Mark!”

Rhiannon Roache

“Mark is a great instructor!”

“Great instructor, very easy to learn from and I was able to pass first time.”

Rowan Whatmough

“Mark was so patient!”

“I would like to nominate 2 instructors as one of them left and started a new job, I then went to another instructor.

The first instructor was Craig Heselwood, he was an amazing instructor, made you feel at ease and comfortable, he always worked around my schedule as a single mum, he was so patient with me, we had a lot of laughs while learning to drive, he built my confidence up from nothing to everything I know about driving ☺️

The second instructor and the one I passed with was Mark Dronsfield, he was very patient with me as I was a bag of nerves driving with another instructor, he never changed my way of driving the way I had with Craig, he just said ‘what would Craig say’ which made me chuckle as I imagined Craig going on in my ear, change the gear, slow down, etc, Mark was also patient with my mood swings and when I never felt like a good driver he always re assured me that I am good at driving and I have got what it takes to pass, and guess what?? I did 😁 I’d like to say a massive thank you to both Craig and Mark but also to Latics for taking me on, an amazing company, with amazing instructors and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who what’s to learn to drive, feel comfortable doing it, be encouraged about your confidence and have the patience of Saints 😁

Thank you all so much for what you have done for me, I will miss my lessons but I have the freedom to go anywhere when I want to. It is sooooo worth it. Thank you very much Craig, Mark and Latics 😁”

Leonie Pountley

“Mark is a wizard!”

“Well I’m sure it’s not often Mark gets an over the hill 30-year-old to try and get over the line but this wizard of a guy made it happen. Surprisingly relaxed in the passenger seat, his repeated “watch your speed” may never leave me. Very happy to have used Latics Driving School and can 100% recommend them across all price, knowledge and reliability.”

Jamie Wilson

“I would definitely recommend Mark!”

“Mark is a really good driving instructor, he has stayed patient throughout teaching me on my driving. I’d definitely recommend Mark as your instructor.”

Luke Martin

“Mark is everything you would want in a driving instructor!”

“Mark is everything you’d want in a driving instructor. I’m quite a shy person but felt very comfortable and relaxed whenever in the car with him during lessons. He’s patient, understanding, very knowledgeable and always on time to start lessons. Whenever I had a question or wanted to practice something multiple times, I’d never hear a complaint from him and he always tried to encourage me and made sure to point out the things I was doing well, as well as the things I needed to work on. I’d just like to say a big thank you to Mark, you’re a star! Would definitely recommend to anyone else learning to drive!”

Daniel Cheeseman

“I learnt so much in one month with Mark”

“I would just like to say a massive thank you to Mark for helping me pass. My confidence had been really knocked due to failing my test twice previously and Mark really helped me to become a confident driver. I learnt so much in just one-month worth of driving lessons with Mark Vs months of driving lessons with my previous instructor. I cannot thank Mark enough for all his help and I would highly recommend Latics”

Maria Javed

“Learning to drive with Mark was a great experience.”

“Learning to drive with Mark was a great experience, he was patient and encouraging throughout. I would happily recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive quickly and in the right way. Thanks a million Mark!”

Adam Cook

“Mark helped me to gain the confidence I needed.”

“Started my driving lessons a few months ago. I was really nervous and shy at first but Mark helped me to gain the confidence I needed. A genuinely nice guy to speak to plus an excellent driving instructor, over the moon that I passed first time after taking lessons with him! Thanks again Mark! “

Lauran Tierney

“Just want to say a massive thank you to Mark”

“Just want to say a massive thank you to Mark my instructor who has got me through my test! He helped me so much with my nerves and working around them to calm me down. I couldn’t of done it without him.”

Becky Mills

“Would recommend 100%”

“Mark Dronsfield is a hero, going to miss him. Patient, understanding and caring something you need when you’re learning to drive. Would recommend 100%”

Ed Buckley

“Mark was a fab driving instructor.”

“Mark was a fab driving instructor. He was patient and always clear when learning something new. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor!”

Jamie-Leigh Simms


“He also let me do a lesson in my PJs”

“Mark Dronsfield was brilliant, so calm and patient with me, he pushed me without being pushy. He also let me do a lesson in my PJs (it was an evening lesson so it’s forgivable) 😀 I’ve always been nervous in cars, even as a passenger so I needed someone who was calming and Latics provided that.

Thank you!!”

Angela Brown


“Mark was an absolute pleasure to learn from.”

“He was calm and relaxed and made me feel comfortable when driving. I would recommend mark to absolutely anybody, as he made me feel as though I could drive with confidence :)”

Daniel Shaw

kim jarvis

“I cannot thank Mark enough for his support.”

“After having a previous instructor, whose teaching methods I struggled to understand and agree with, I cannot thank Mark enough for his support on the way towards my test. The ”pass in a week course” was strenuous on both of us but he turned up every single day raring to go. While teaching me he took his time and put me right at ease, always quick to reassure me of my driving when things didn’t quite go to plan. He really cared about me passing my test as much as I did and believe that really shows his passion in instructing. I’d highly recommend Mark as a driving instructor, particularly if you’ve had a bad experience with a previous instructor and want brilliant training.”

Kimberley Jarvis

Dominic Oakes

“I would like to give a massive thanks to Mark Dronsfield.”

“I would like to give a massive thanks to Mark for all the hours he helped me with my driving and gave me the confidence to pass my test first time! He has a lot of patience and helps you to radiate confidence while driving, I don’t think I would have gotten this far and passed first time if it wasn’t for him. I would really recommend him to any friends, family or strangers who are looking to learn to drive! Thank you again!”

Dominic Oakes

Steph Goulden

“I passed my test first time with Mark Dronsfield!”

“I feel he was a very good driving instructor who was easy to get along with and made driving fun and simplified things, so I was fully able to understand and as he was a friendly person I feel this made my driving lessons much easier. Mark was a very fair driving instructor and told me if I was doing anything wrong and what I was doing right, I feel this really pushed me to achieve! I would definitely recommend Mark as he made learning to drive enjoyable and helped me to pass first time something that I never expected!”

Steph Goulden

“Mark is fantastic!”

“Mark was fantastic and covered all the bases. He also taught me tips and tricks which were very useful in passing. First time of course! 🙂 Very happy. Everything you want in an instructor. Thanks Mark!”

“Mark should be knighted!”

“My instructor Mark Helped me pass my driving test…he can help you too!! He should be knighted getting me to pass, never mind instructor of the month haha. In all seriousness though Mark Dronsfield was fantastic, I instantly felt at ease upon meeting Mark and I was very nervous, I had drove before but about 13/14 years ago and I never believed I would pass but Mark changed that. Top guy…Top instructor. Nice one Mark and Thank you.”

Adam Johnson

Daniel Palfrey

“Mark Dronsfield created a relaxing environment.”

“I would like to thank Mark on his professional service and taking me from never sitting in a driver’s seat to passing first time in less than 2 months. He created a relaxing environment that allowed for a more enjoyable learning experience, which in turn led to a quicker uptake in my driving skills. He also let you set your own goals, both before and throughout your lesson, and review your progress at every opportunity. In my opinion he also offered a service above and beyond others, even adjusting his routine to work outside his usual hours to accommodate my requirements. I would happily recommend Mark to anyone else considering learning with Latics and wish him every success.”

Daniel Palfrey

Amanda Wilson

First time pass!

Steven Trennery

Great pass!

Jacob Stone

Great pass!

Cameron Rawley


Chris Sharples

Well done Chris!

Femi Adeyemo

Great job!

Lauren Smith

Brill 1st time pass!

Chloe Pollitt

Brilliant Job Chloe!

Josh McCracken

Well done Josh!

Demi O’Leary

Amazing 1st time pass!

Christine Mawdsley

Huge well done!

Caitlin Ellis

Well done!

Dave Taylor

Just 2 faults & 1st time!

Kyle Walker-Booth

Brill 1st time pass!

Hannah Astley-Marr

Brilliant pass Hannah!

Callum Porteous

1st time pass!

Brad Nuttall

Great job Brad!

Jack Woodhead

Just 2 faults!

Adam Rostron

Brilliant 1st time pass Adam!

Francesca Patra

1st time with just 2 faults!

Rowan Whatmough

Brill 1st time pass!

Adam Hilton

Amazing first time pass!

Daniel Hare

Great 1st time pass!

Laura Milner

Just 3 faults!

Leonie Pountley

Well done Leonie!

Rhiannon Roach

Amazing 1st time pass!

Ellis Kenny

Well done Ellis!

Jamie Wilson

Brill 1st time pass!

Josh Batey

Great first time pass!

Rob Abdur

Great job Sam!

Liam King

Just 3 faults!

Nicholas Thornton

Great 1st time pass!

Daniel Cheeseman

Brilliant 1st time pass Daniel!

Jack Dugdale

Fantastic result Jack!

Maria Javed

Amazing 1st time pass!

James Ashton

Well done James!


Adam Cook

Great pass Adam!

Rachel Fenton

Fantastic 1st time pass!

Matt Burns

Fab 1st time pass!

Robin Ballantyne

Great pass only 2 faults!

Lauren Tierney

Great 1st time pass Lauren!

Sam Lawton

Excellent 1st time pass!

Megan Heslington

Good pass Megan!

Zoe Wells

Great result Zoe!

Matt Woods

Great job Matt!

Andy Casey

Fantastic Andy 1st time pass!

Becky Mills

Great Pass Becky!

Emma Whitty

Well done Emma!

Amy Hughes

Great job Amy!

Ed Buckley

Great 1st time pass!

Elisha Smith

Fab 1st time pass ZERO faults!

Michael Garforth

PASS in a week 1st Attempt!

Megan Charlesworth

Great pass Megan!


Jamie Beswick

Well done Jamie!


Mark Whatmough

Fab 1st time pass!

tamsyn carr

Tamsyn Carr

Great pass Tamsyn!

Luke Martin

1st time pass!

Omar Fernandez

Well done Omar!

Sana Konal

Well done Sana!

Connor Parker

Great job Connor!


Diane Silva

Brill pass Diane!

Alex Gilroy

Only 3 faults!

Daniel Adams

Well done Daniel!

Bronte Bashforth

Well done Bronte!

Aaron Greenwood

Great 1st time pass!