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Mat Slack

Mat’s been part of the Latics team since 2006 and is a very in-demand instructor. He’s a Grade 5 instructor (6 is the highest) and really takes pride in his work. You will find him to be a calming influence and full of encouragement to help you achieve your goals!

Mat Slack

Three words to describe me: Patient, Easy-going, Chatty (so don’t get me talking too much, I’ll have you there all day!)

Favourite film: Deadpool

Dream car: KITT from Knight Rider – who wouldn’t want a talking car?!

Mr Man that I’m most like: Mr Bald – he’s a new one 🙂

Pet hate: People that wear their PJ’s and Ugg boots out in public

Favourite quote: What goes around comes around… and when it does it will bite you on the bum!

Item I can’t live without: Hair clippers

If I won the lottery, I would… teach for free as I love what I do! Seeing the happiness on my pupils’ faces when they pass is very addictive.

My car: Volkswagen Polo

Mat gives driving lessons in Failsworth, Ashton-under-Lyne, Bardsley, Blackley, Chadderton, Droylsden, Fitton Hill, Hathershaw, Hollins, Hollinwood, Limeside, Manchester City Centre, Middleton, Miles Platting, Moston, Newton Heath, Oldham and Royton.

Recently passed with Mat Slack

“Cannot fault Mat in any way”

“Cannot fault Mat in any way shape of form, he’s patient, kind and straight and will help you no matter what! Every lesson has been enjoyable, and I passed with 2 minors! I want everyone to learn with him he’s that good!!”

Jodie Robinson

“I always felt comfortable with Mat!”

“I passed 1st time today with 0 faults and I can’t thank Mat enough for everything. I have always felt comfortable with Mat and I have always enjoyed our lessons. I would definitely recommend him,he’s an amazing instructor-thank you once again Mat!”

Grace Lear

“I felt so comfortable and confident with Mat!”

“I cannot praise Mat enough for his excellent teaching. Through every lesson he had so much patience and a calming attitude. Felt so comfortable and confident with Mat and would recommend him to absolutely anyone! I Passed today with only 2 minors and I couldn’t have done it without his amazing guidance – Thank you Mat!!”

Molly Taylor

Matt is a fantastic instructor

“Matt is a fantastic driving instructor would definitely recommend him. He taught me from the start and now I don’t think I could have done it without him thank you.”

Sarah Mack

Matt is a great teacher!

“Matt is such a great teacher, uplifting positive and calm! He made me feel at ease and I always came away from our lessons feeling progressed and rewarded.”

Ellie Tweeddale

Mat leaves no stone unturned!

“I first took a lesson with Mat in around January 2018, I had told him I taken lessons in the past (around 10 years ago) but I was going away in April and I wanted to pass my test before going. Mat was confident it could be done and after taking one or two lessons so was I. Mat works around his student and ensures his teaching style fits your learning style, he also leaves no stone unturned and makes sure any questions are answered. I took my test in mid-April and passed, my license arrived on the day I was leaving the country. Couldn’t have been more perfect! Thanks Mat!”

Joshua Harper

Mat is amazing!

“I have had been having lessons with Mat for over a year now and he has been amazing. He has been patient with me and made my confidence so much better, I am so glad I chose Mat, he deserves instructor of the month!”

Hannah Hill


“Matt is really down to earth!”

“I started my lessons with Matt in March 2017, and after stopping for a couple of months in between I have just passed my test FIRST TIME!!! He is a really down to earth person and makes you feel very comfortable, he has a great sense of humour which made him feel like more of a friend, I actually couldn’t recommend him enough and will definitely be raving about him to all future drivers, he is great at what he does.”

Leah Hodson


“Matt is very professional”

“I just wanted to leave a review for Mat Slack who has been unbelievable in teaching me to drive and helping me pass my test.

All the way through it from the very first lesson right until the last he has been so helpful, and I have learned so much from him. He was very professional in his approach and made sure all aspects of driving were covered even if they weren’t needed in the test but what I loved most was that he made the lessons enjoyable at the same time.

I would definitely recommend Mat (and I already have done) to anyone wanting to start learning to drive.

Even on my pass plus when I already thought I was comfortable on the motorway he taught me so much and made me feel much more confident in myself and made me a better driver.

I will continue staying in contact with Mat as he taught me that much I would like to have occasional refresher lessons just, so I can continue to learn.”

Michael Berrisford


“Mat Slack did an amazing job of teaching me how to drive!”

“I had driving lessons on and off for years and nobody else kept me engaged enough for me to keep going! Mat’s lessons were always structured, with a plan of action for each lesson- I always knew where I was up to with my learning. Mat was calm and professional at all times- I always looked forward to my lessons. I passed my test first time; I can’t wait to get a car and complete my Pass Plus with Mat-his knowledge is invaluable. I now feel confident to drive anywhere on my own.”

Suzanne Burn

Sue hay

“I would definitely recommend Mat to my friends as a driving instructor.”

“Mat has a lot of driving experience and knowledge and delivered this to me in a calm but professional manner at all times. Mat has a lot of patience & will go over things until it sticks! He gave me the confidence & skills I needed to pass my test and to be a safe / happy driver and never to trust the public!!

I would definitely recommend Mat to my friends as a driving instructor.

Sue Hay

sam bourne

“Mat is an amazing driving instructor.”

“He has plenty of patience and no matter what may go wrong, he is eager to help sort it out.
Although I had a lack of confidence in myself, he helped me build up the courage and see that I was better than I gave myself credit for.
The best aspect though, is Mat is one of the easiest people to get along with. I always felt at ease and not once did I feel awkward – even when he was in his “test instructor mode”. Mat doesn’t just teach you to pass the test, he teaches you life lessons to become a responsible driver. I recommend Mat 100%.

Thank you Mat, couldn’t have passed without all your help.

Sam Bourne

Stacey Burke

“I would highly recommend Mat.”

“I want to thank Latics for the support you gave me to get me though my driving test. I would also like to thank Matt Slack for helping me to become a more confident driver and help and support for passing my test.

I would highly recommend Matt and Latics driving school to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Thank you for all your support. “

Stacey Burke

“I can’t fault Mat.”

“I can’t fault Mat at all 10/10, not only was he absolutely fab at teaching, he is so laid back with a great sense of humour that every lesson was so fun for me! I did previous driving lessons with RED driving and the comparison is just unbelievable. His teaching style was so clear, allowing me always to have a choice on the way in which I wanted to learn and I never once felt awkward or on edge, he is so easy to get on with and always ensures he picks up on any issues/questions you might have. I must say even now I’m driving I can still hear Mat in my head with his tips & safety warnings. ‘NEVER TRUST THE PUBLIC’. I will definitely be recommending Mat to anyone that wants to start learning and will genuinely miss having my lessons. Thank you Latics.”

Rosie Kirkwood

kaili white

“Mat is very polite and encouraging.”

“On my first lesson he made me feel relaxed and at ease. He is very patient and calm, he never gets frustrated with you if you don’t get things right straight away. He is very friendly and chatty but also can be strict when he knows you need to concentrate and get the obstruction done ahead. All in all Matt Slack is a 5 star instructor and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a quality instructor who can teach and also feel like your best friend to settle your nerves Thank you Matt  Kaili.”

Kaili White

Andrew Roberts

“Simply put Mat is the best teacher I have ever had!”

“It is a great relief to have passed my test the second time around and to have done it with only 6 minors. Before signing up with Latics I had had a couple of driving instructors back home, in Prestwich, where I had one awful instructor who messed me about and another instructor who had to play catch up to get me ready for test day and he did a very good job to give me a chance. Unfortunately, I failed my first test and then went travelling around America so my lessons stopped for a while. When I got back home it was my girlfriend who recommended Mat, as she passed with him, and got in touch with him about taking me on. Driving wise it was the best thing to happen to me. Having Mat as my instructor has been a blessing, not only getting me up to test standard but also in preparing me for life as a driver for the 50+ years that I will be on the road. Mat is a patient instructor who takes the time to explain, clearly, what he is after and he does this verbally, with pictures and with questions and answers to help each student understand the key points of driving. Then when we are on the road he gives you the freedom to learn the key skills you need and is always just there in the background to help correct and advise when I made a mistake or forgot a small part of the procedure, like checking mirrors. This approach not only relaxes drivers, it also pushes them to be a better and more thoughtful driver when on the road taking into account all the skills needed and your surroundings so that you remain in control of every situation without relying on other road users. All this came to the fore when you do Mock tests with Mat and he puts you through a tougher marking scheme than the instructors do because he is always looking beyond the test to you being a future road user. Simply put Mat is the best teacher I have ever had, he made driving for me a calmer experience and elevated my skills to a better level than they were which makes me feel safe driving on the road from now until I die. His calm, easy going nature is fun to get along with and his way of analysing every skill you perform to the minutest mistake makes sure you become the best driver that’s road ready while building up your knowledge to keep you safe driving. I don’t think I would have passed as easily without Mat and I will recommend him in a heartbeat if anyone in Oldham asks for an instructor. I can’t thank your company and especially Mat enough for what you have done for me. You are easily the best company I have come across when learning how to drive, not just to pass a test but driving for life.”

Andrew Roberts

“I would like to thank my driving instructor Mat Slack.”

“I would like to thank my driving instructor Mat Slack, for helping me pass my driving test. His experience and great teaching skills gave me the confidence and ability to pass first time. I would definitely recommend learning with Mat.”

Hossien Baghertash

“I would like to thank Mat Slack for being such an amazing driving instructor!”

“He got me through all my fears of driving and I don’t think I would have done it without him. I have told all my friends about him and how good he is.”

Louise Owen

Charlotte Edwards

“Couldn’t have wished for a better instructor…Mat Slack”

“I had always been extremely hesitant and nervous about learning to drive. My friend was taught by Mat and recommended him to me, and I’m really glad she did as I honestly couldn’t have wished for a better person to be my instructor. I had never sat in the driver’s seat of the car before my first lesson with Mat, and didn’t even know what the gear stick did… despite this, Mat never ever made me feel silly, he was always encouraging throughout my time of learning. No matter how many times I would put myself down, tell myself (and him) I couldn’t do it or got frustrated at myself he was never anything but helpful, friendly and reassuring. He never lost his cool. He always pushed me to progress with my driving, but at my own pace to make sure I was comfortable. If I was struggling, he would always have really helpful explanations on how to improve. Mat trains you for driving in real life after your test, not just the minimum to pass then be struggling when it comes to driving on your own, as some instructors do. He has the patience of a saint and I cannot recommend him enough. I also completed my pass plus with Mat and would highly recommend this, it was so informative and I’ll now feel a lot more prepared for the different situations I will have to deal with when driving in different conditions to my lessons! “

Charlotte Edwards

“Matt was the most patient instructor”

“He made me feel at ease, comfortable and also confident that I have a chance of passing. He was thorough; he would try many ways of skills if I was struggling and he would go over it and make sure I got it. Matt would ask me if there was / were any areas that I wanted to go over. He also praised me when I did well, which gave me a boost in my confidence and encouraged me when I thought I hadn’t had a good lesson. I have already recommended him to my friends. Thank you once again Matt I am so ecstatic!!”

Janet Ndoro

“Mat Slack is very patient”

“I had great experience learning to drive with Mat Slack he was patient and very helpful.”

Joseph Broome

“Mat Slack is very polite and encouraging”

“On my first lesson he made me feel relaxed and at ease. He is very patient and calm, he never gets frustrated with you if you don’t get things right straight away. He is very friendly and chatty but also can be strict when he knows you need to concentrate and get the obstruction done ahead. All in all Matt Slack is a 5 star instructor and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a quality instructor who can teach and also feel like your best friend to settle your nerves Thank you Matt.”

“Mat Slack is a brilliant instructor!”

“I passed my test with Latics and would like to say how excellent a driving school Latics is and how much of a brilliant driving instructor Mat Slack is. I Would not have been able to pass so quickly and with only one minor fault without Mat. Thank you so much Mat and Latics Driving School.”

Mat Cartwright

Andrew Smith

“I would definitely recommend Mat Slack!”

“I was recommended to Latics by my best friend who was also taught by Mat. I was terrified of being behind the wheel at first but Mat helped me overcome my fear and literally got me rolling. I’ve heard stories from friends that some driving instructors can get annoyed or shout when you make a mistake. Mat never got annoyed once when I made a mistake, he was always calm and reassuring which really helped to stop me from panicking if I did something like stall. He was always cool as a cucumber and would use his catchphrase “Keys off, keys on”. Not entirely sure if it is his catchphrase but he said it quite a lot with me, I stalled on nearly every lesson at first. I didn’t pass first time as I would’ve liked but I got there. Now I’ve been driving solo for a few days with the red L’s on my car replaced with green P’s, and it feels great. Latics was a great school to learn with. The lesson prices were good; I took advantage of the block booking offer as well which saved me a few pound. I would definitely recommend Latics as a driving school and Mat as an instructor to my friends. I also hope to take the pass plus eventually to get a bit more experience.”

Andy Smith

“Just like to say a big thank you to Latics and my instructor Mat Slack!”

“Mat is a great instructor he takes time and puts a lot of effort in training you into a great driver. When he sees you develop he starts you on something new and in no time you’re experiencing what it’s like to drive. Every lesson he asked me what I’d like to work on and also suggested what I might want to work on to perfect my drive. With time and dedication anyone can pass with Matt!”

Matthew Buckley

“I couldn’t have asked for a more understanding, patient and amazing driving instructor than Mat!”

“I have been doing my driving lessons with Mat Slack for over a year now and Mat was very patient with me. Mat taught me, to not only be a safe road user but he helped me to become confident in my driving. Mat would always praise me for things I did very well and also gave me a clear understanding on what I needed to do to achieve things. I loved all my lessons with Mat and I don’t think I would have passed first time without him! I can’t thank Mat enough and Latics! I recommend Mat to anyone who wants to learn to drive because of how down to earth he is and his knowledge and understanding! “


“Put simply; Mat is patient, positive, and an all-round decent bloke.”

“I initially learnt to drive 5 years ago but gave up after failing 3 times. I had no idea as to why this was the case until I learnt with Mat. He taught me not just how to pass but how to be a good road user and how to stay in a good frame of mind whilst driving. Thanks Mat, and thank you Latics!”

Anthony Humphreys

“Mat was brilliant and made me feel at ease.”

“I had my lessons with Mat Slack and he was brilliant he made me feel at ease throughout the whole process. He happily took me on when my other instructor couldn’t teach me anymore and even put up with my terrible nerves on test day! I have already recommended him to others because of both his knowledge and patience.”

Milly Sidaway

“I really enjoyed my driving lessons with my instructor Matt!”

“He was easy to learn from, very straight forward with what he wanted you to do and how to do it, which enabled me to pass my test quickly. I enjoyed all parts of my lessons really, he made the lessons enjoyable as well as getting everything done without dragging out the time, day to day life is a lot easier now I have a driving license and I will be recommending my instructor to anybody I know who wants to get driving. Thank you.”

Amakae Dewar

“Mat was extremely friendly and put me at ease straight away”

“He was very patient, funny and really made me feel like I was getting value for my lessons. He encouraged me all the time and I would be happy to recommend Mat to other learners as I feel that his support helped me pass my test and without which it would of took me longer.”

Michael Brooks

“I would recommend Latics Driving School and Matthew to anyone!!”

“My instructors name was Matthew Slack. He was fantastic, he made me feel settled and comfortable, he figured out the kind of help I needed straight away and focused on what worked best for me. After failing my test with a different company it shook my confidence but I soon got it back and passed with flying colours!!”

Catherine Burke

“I loved my lessons with Matt!”

“I started my driving lessons in June 2010 and really did not pick it up. I booked extra lessons but really struggled with my instructor. My friend then recommended Matt at Latics to me which really did help me enormously. I loved my lessons with Matt, he was so friendly and patient and targeted my weakest points and helped me progress until eventually I was at ease with driving. He never made me feel like I couldn’t achieve what I was trying to do, but instead talked me through it and let me realise where I was going wrong so I could correct it myself if a mistake happened on test. I really don’t think I would have passed first time if I didn’t swap instructors and I really value the time Matt put in to help me pass my test.”

Jess Brooks

Barry Royle

Great 1st time pass!

Mat Hughes

Amazing 1st time pass!

Jodie Robinson

Just 2 faults!

Adam Southern

First time pass!

Joshua Berrisford

1st time pass!

Grace Lear

O Faults!

Steph Robescu

Well done!

Dan Farnworth

Amazing pass Dan!

Molly Taylor

Well done Molly!

Coral Hey

Well done!

Mollie Tattersall

First time!

Lynn Barker

Just 1 fault!

Sarah Mack

Brilliant work Sarah!

Keaton Joyce

Well done Keaton!

Abdul Ali

Well done Abdul!

Chloe Garside

Great job

Ellie Tweeddale

Just 3 faults!

Leah Hodson

1st time!

Peter Whalen

Well done 1st time!

Michael Berrisford

Way to go Michael!

Sharron Newton

Well done Sharon!

Sam Nabil

Great pass Sam!

George Power

Fab 1st time pass!

Joe Royal

Brilliant pass!


Shannon May

Well done Shannon!!


Kamen Clarke

Great result Kamen!!


Suzie Burn

Great result just 3 faults!!

Sue hay

Sue Hay

Well done Sue!!

Kristian Shackley

Kristian Shackley

Fantastic 1st time pass!

Christina Chan

Christina Chan

Well done Christina!

John Parker

John Parker

Great 1st time pass!

shannon lewis

Shannon Lewis

Well done Shannon!

sam bourne

Sam Bourne

1st time pass 3 faults!

Peter Darley

Peter Darley

Well done Peter!

Stacey Adams

Fantastic 1st time pass!

Stacey Burke

Well done Stacey!

jessica potts

Jessica Potts

Fantastic 1st time pass!

kerry parker

Kerry Parker

Brilliant 1st time pass!

joshua lawton

Joshua Lawton

Great pass Joshua!

Danielle Reynolds

Great first time pass!

Evan Crompton

Amazing pass Evan!

Ellie Birtles

Great pass!

Josh Harper

Great job!


First time!

Dan Etches

Great job Dan!

Hannah Hill

Well done Hannah!

Saiqa Kauser

Well done Saiqa!


Fantastic pass Kye!