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Mij Rahman

Lessons with Mij will always be fun! He always seems excited and happy and this infectious attitude spills into his lessons. He has lots of enthusiasm and passion for the job and you’ll love your lessons with Mij just like everyone else who has learned to drive with him!

Mij Rahman

Favourite film: Pulp fiction

What I would invent: An onion peeler

Item I can’t live without: My mobile phone

Dream car: Nissan GT-R35 Nizmo

Dream Job: Test driving sports cars

Favourite food: Home-made curries

Mr Man I’m most like: Mr Mischief

Favourite quote: Life’s like a box of chocolates you never know what’s next

If I won the lottery I would… Buy my GTR, a comfy house and build an orphanage

MyCar: Vauxhall Corsa

Mij gives driving lessons in Chadderton, Coppice, Derker, Fitton Hill, Glodwick, Hathershaw, Hollins, Hollinwood, Limeside and Oldham.

Recently passed with Mij Rahman

“I couldn’t have passed without Mij!”

“Failed my driving test the first 2 times round… I was nervous and had no confidence at all after the first 2 fails already having done 30+ hours, then I came to Mij, did around 15-20 hours with him and I’ve got to say he just makes driving simple, the way he explains and talks you through all the basic driving and manoeuvres it makes it hard for you to do wrong, he’s calm, understanding & a proper sound guy in general, couldn’t have passed without him !! I had 3 instructors throughout my learning and Mij was by far top of the list. Thanks.”

Connor Rawley

“Mij was very helpful!”

“Mij Rahman was my driving instructor, he was very helpful if I was doing something wrong and he helped with my theory test and driving test. I pass my driving test second time I am so happy. Thank you for all your help”

Kelly Hulbert

“Mij gave me so much knowledge!”

“I had 10 hours with Mij to get me ready for my driving test. He gave me so much knowledge and confidence to pass my test in first attempt. I advise anyone to have Mij as your driving instructor, I assure you will pass!”

Faisal Fazal

“Mij always remained patient and calm!”

“Fantastic service! My instructor was Mij who always remained patient and calm, even in the most frustrating situations. I was able to learn at my own pace without pressure. I would highly recommend Mij to anyone wanting to drive.”

Stacey Murphy

“Mij is a patient and very friendly instructor!”

“Just want to say a huge thank you to Mij Rahman who have helped me to achieve skills for life and being patient and very friendly instructor and thank you for helping me to pass the driving test highly recommended for those who decide to learn with Latics!”

Daniel Lockwood

“Mij helped my confidence!”

“Big thanks to Mij for supporting me through all my lessons, helped me to keep my confidence up so I would drive comfortably which did me a big favour in learning everything I needed to pass. Couldn’t recommend Latics enough and if you get Mij you’re in for a solid pass!”

Ryan Lloyd

“Mij boosted my confidence!”

“Just want to make a point of saying how easy Mij made it for me in passing my test. I’ve had a couple of other instructors in the past an none made me feel as at ease as he did. I felt I was being helped rather than told what to do and it definitely boosted my confidence. Also, an all-round top guy I felt very comfortable in my lessons and not under massive pressure. He’s a great instructor!”

Michael Sidebottom

“Mij made every lesson so simple and understanding”

“I recently passed my driving test through Latics with Mij as my instructor, I had 7 lessons with Mij before passing my test and every lesson was a huge step towards my pass, Mij made every lesson so simple and understanding and allowed me to do everything at my own pace, I can’t thank him enough for everything he taught me in getting my pass and I can’t rate him highly enough. Anyone new wanting to achieve passing their test needs to look at using Mij”

James Kennedy

“Thanks to Mij! “

“I passed! Thanks to Mij! He has been an amazing instructor and has built my confidence from our first lesson. When I started driving with Mij I was terrified and thought I’d never get there. He worked on my confidence first and then helped me to perfect my driving. He is very encouraging and understanding. He helped me to take my time and to enjoy driving. I am very grateful for all his patience and it all paid off! Very happy.”

Jaqueline Carroll

“I would highly recommend Mij!”

“Learning how to drive with Mij built up my confidence of driving a manual car and most especially parking in tight and narrow spaces. Even when I made mistakes my instructor just talked me through what to do next time which made me relaxed and calm. Would highly recommend Mij, so much so that when I did my husband just passed with no faults.”

Elizabeth Anoliefo

“Mij made me feel at ease!”

“I have been a learner with Mij and passed my test several weeks ago. When I began with Mij I was nervous when it came to drive after a few wobbles with other instructors. He immediately made me feel at ease and taught me at my own pace, he didn’t over complicate things and allowed me to learn from my mistakes (safely.) I thoroughly enjoyed my time learning with him as he was a mate as well as an instructor. I will be recommending him to others!!”

Jade Linger

Mij was a great instructor!

“Mij was a great instructor easy to get along with, very supportive and I would recommend him to anyone I know who is thinking about learning to drive. He was punctual, and reliable.    Every time he introduced something new to me he made sure that I understood what I was doing and helped to correct anything I was doing wrong, he was also very knowledgeable about what was going in the lesson and helped me to build confidence for my test. His car was comfortable to drive.”

Thomas Lane

Mij is a brill instructor!

“Passed my practical test with Mij today well chuffed brill instructor easy going and relaxed but does his job very well thank you so much”

Sarah Carrigan

“Mij believed in me!”

“100000000000/10 for Mij for getting through my driving lessons and test. I had some awful instructors with other companies which has led me to be doing it for years. I started and passed within 3 months which was what I wanted and up to a perfect standard. I cannot fault Mij and cannot praise him enough for getting me through it. We had a right laugh and he made my lessons less stressful for me and believed in me that I could do it, which for me made all the more doable!! Thank you Mij!! Would definitely recommend him to everyone! Absolute diamond.”

Rachael Robinson

“I felt very comfortable with Mij”

“I felt very comfortable with Mij being my instructor from the very first lesson, he made me feel very at ease behind the wheel. Gives good clear instructions and is very honest with you with everything, got me through everything properly and clearly. Really good instructor would highly recommend.”

Zach Hardman

“I would recommend Mij to everyone.”

“Mij was a really good instructor for me, and I would recommend him for everyone he explains really well the stuff you are doing wrong and is calm when helping correct your errors and is a top man to get on with.!”

Joshua Roye

“Mij is a fantastic driving instructor. “

“Mij is a fantastic driving instructor. I’ve had 3 instructors in total and out of the three Mij was the instructor that explained everything in detail and made me feel calm. I made tons of mistakes and he reassured me with clear instructions on how to correct them. I had trouble with my last 2 instructors as they were not explaining in detail what I did wrong and I always felt unconfident. Mij explained what I did wrong each time I made a mistake and he would always turn that moment into a positive thing instead of being frustrated and explaining things using terms I did not understand. My confidence grew as I had more lessons with him and I became much more calm and better on the roads especially when my test day was coming soon. Mij helped me by taking a lesson everyday 1 week prior to the test and because of him I passed my driving test. I highly recommend Mij to anyone who wants to pass their driving test the first time. I wish I chose Mij as my first driving instructor.”

Joshim Ahmed

“Mij is such an amazing driving instructor. “

“Mij is such an amazing driving instructor. He’s a great guy to get along with, very easy going and always alert and watching me, picking up EVERY mistake at all times! Passed first time with Mij today and couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much couldn’t have done it without him!”

Phoebe Duckworth

“Great experience with any of the drivers.”

“Great experience with any of the drivers, nothing is too much trouble for them and they won’t rush or push you into anything. Failed my test 2 times and still my instructor was patient with me, he gave me the confidence to pass on the 3rd time. 10/10. Great service and a name to be proud of would definitely recommend learning with the company.”

Adam Hilton

“Thanks Mij and thanks Latics.”

“After taking a sabbatical (a 3 year sabbatical) from driving lessons, where previously I had had 3 different instructors with a different driving school, I decided this time round to try Latics. I picked my lessons up with Mij in late January and passed in early May! All I can say is that for me, having lost my confidence and taken such a break from driving, Mij was really supportive, understanding and got to know my learning technique. He not only instructed me but listened to me and my lessons felt less like lessons and more like the enjoyable experience I always wanted them to be. He did away with all the negative experiences I had had in the past, focussing on positives and making any little mistakes merely something to learn from, with an if you don’t succeed, try and try again attitude. I’m really pleased with the experience I’ve had, being under a bit of time constraint, now being 7 months pregnant at the time of passing, Mij helped me through the whole experience, being a flexible and calming influence. The least stressful and most fun learning experience I’ve had and I’m really grateful to him.”

Natalie Schora

“I can’t thank Mij enough for being a brilliant man.”

“I can’t thank Mij enough for being a brilliant man as well as an excellent driving instructor. Made everything so simple for me and I couldn’t have done it without him. I would highly recommend him as an instructor, thank you.”

Christian Mooney

“Really good teacher and very patient with me!”

“Really good teacher and very patient with me if I didn’t understand something or had any questions.”

Dean Pemberton


“Absolutely top instructor has been so patient”

“I passed my test today with Help from Mij 3rd time lucky but we got there, absolutely top instructor has been so patient and stuck by me when I failed previously, I know I still have a lot to learn but I feel more than confident to get in my own car and take my young kids out safely and that’s down to Mij’s teaching style, he’s cool, calm and very easy spoken makes driving very relaxing even when nervous, absolute Gent”

Joe Flaherty

“It was simply a pleasure being taught by Mij.”

“One word, Fantastic!! It was simply a pleasure being taught by Mij, I have no complaints at all.

From start to finish every lesson was worth it , if you want an instructor who is understanding, funny and easy going , look no further !

Kieran Shaw

“Mij was a great driving instructor for me.”

“After stopping and starting lessons over the last year including one failed test, I was not optimistic about my driving. Mij was a great driving instructor for me. He was patient with my anxieties and built up my confidence behind the wheel with every lesson. So much so that I passed on my second attempt. Thank you so much!

Abigail Hewitt

“I would like to say a very big thank you for the most amazing instructor Mij Rahman.”

“I would like to say a very big thank you for the most amazing instructor Mij Rahman for all the support and help he provided me with to pass my test. Mij is very professional, friendly and patient. He boosted my confidence and knowledge and he made me believe in my driving skills. I had such a great time while taking my driving lessons. Thank you Mij and thanks to Latics for choosing him to be my instructor.

Fatima Al-kassem

“Thank you so much Latics, but thank you more Mij!”

“Firstly please may I say that Latics could not have been the better choice I’m so glad I chose Latics first off without enquiring with other companies.

I met Mij a few months ago and from then we developed in to friends, this helped ease me in to driving confidently. He has the ability to sit with you and speak to you on a down to earth level which really made me feel comfortable, my last experience the instructor wasn’t pleasant so I left it for a few years. Mij is so friendly and is always on time he works with what best suits you. Mij had every faith in me and built my confidence and with only 5 minors i can’t complain, he instructs so well and makes things clear in regards to what he wants you to do. He doesn’t waste time as he knows it’s expensive and as an instructor he is aware of who needs more time and whose needs less, I came in-between.

It was a pleasure to drive with Mij and I firmly believe he deserves the award for the month, also he’s a genuine family man and kind hearted person.

Thank you so much Latics, but thank you more Mij, I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you when I take my PassPlus course. :)”

Jordan Townsend

“Mij is a fantastic instructor!”

Lesley Goodhead“I would just like to send my thanks to Mij my instructor and his beautiful wife, you built my confidence so much and got me through my test something I thought I would never achieve, the bag of nerves I am! Thanks again you’re a fantastic instructor for putting up with me! “

Lesley Goodhead

“I cannot thank Mij enough!”

“Mij…. 5 stars from me! 🙂 Initially, I booked the offer that Latics has on, “3 hours for £30″ as I thought I would give it a go just to see how I got on, (I wasn’t really keen on learning to drive, as I had no confidence and I was really nervous.) When I booked, they told me my instructor was Mij Rahman. I was nervous for a whole week before my lesson! After a few weeks I had so much more confidence and I was really enjoying myself. Who’d have thought that learning to drive would be fun!?! Mij is a brilliant instructor. We always had a laugh on our lessons and he made me feel so comfortable and at ease with everything, and he always seems to be in a good mood, which really helps when you’re nervous. I passed my test first time a week ago and I know that if it hadn’t have been for having such a kind, understanding, laid back instructor that believed in me, I wouldn’t have stuck with the lessons. I cannot thank Mij enough! I would 100% recommend him to anyone wanting to start lessons.”

Natalie Harrison

Zach Hardman

Amazing result Zach!

Joshua Roye

Well done Joshua!

Ryan Johnston

Fab 1st time pass Ryan!

Adam Hilton

Great pass Adam!

Kaine Chapman

Strong pass Kaine!

Tom Duff

Great result Tom!

Natalie Schora

Well done Natalie!

Mohammed Chowdary

Fab result Mohammed!

Christian Mooney

Great pass Christian!

Dean Pemberton

Great result Dean!



Well done Hussain!


Thomas Lane

Great result Thomas!

adam chambers

Adam Chambers

Great 1st time pass 3 faults!


Joe Flaherty

Fab result Joe!

Lesley Goodhead

Lesley Goodhead

Well done