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Paul Mealor

Paul is a Grade A (the highest grade) instructor. He also delivers our highly successful 'Pass in a week' courses. Paul is easy going and always smiling! On your lessons, Paul will support and encourage you all the way to your driving test pass!

Dream job (apart from instructing obviously!): Pilot

Hobbies: Motor sports and fishing

Favourite film: Need for Speed

Favourite TV programme: River Monsters

Favourite food: Steak

Mr Man I’m most like: Mr Happy

Dream car: Plymouth Hot Rod

My car: Skoda Rapid

Paul gives driving lessons in Failsworth, Moston, Newton Heath, Blackley, Chadderton, Droylsden, Harpurhey, Hollinwood, Limeside, Manchester City Centre, Middleton, Miles Platting and Oldham.

Recently passed with Paul Mealor

“Paul is a genuine credit to Latics!”

“Paul is genuinely a credit to Latics, he is a fantastic instructor. He builds your confidence and makes you feel at ease. He explains very well when you have done something wrong without pressure and makes sure you understand what he has just said. His explanations are easy to follow, and his manoeuvre explanations are simply the best, I never thought I would be able to bay park and be confident at it but thanks to Paul, I prefer to reverse park than drive in. I honestly can’t thank him enough!

It was a pleasure to have him as my instructor! Thank you so much to Paul and Latics for making my experience easy, I passed first time with only 4 driver faults and that is all down to my fantastic instructor!”

Rachel Cunningham

“I cant put into words how grateful I am!”

“Back in January I had some refresher lessons with Paul and I promised him I’d write a review for you guys. I passed my test 20 years ago, probably drove for about a year and then just completely lost my confidence. My sister asked me to be her birthing partner and, as she lives in Harrogate, I knew I’d have to face up to driving. Without Paul’s patience and encouragement, I never would have found the confidence to do it. Today, at 13:37 my new nephew made his entrance weighing in at 6lb 14oz and I was there! I can’t put into words how grateful I am Paul. Thank you so much you’re the best!”

Alexis Orton

“Paul is amazing!”

“Paul Mealor was my driving instructor. He is amazing! I passed first time. He made my driving lesson experience fun and enjoyable. He praised everything you do well which made you feel fantastic! He is a very enthusiastic and has a great personality. He even makes you thrive to do excellent and improve your driving skills in every possible way. I would certainly recommend paul. Thank you for everything!”

Emma Washington

“I would recommend Paul to anyone!”

“I had lessons with Paul Mealor and he had his work cut out for him; I was a brand-new driver and never thought I’d pass my test in a million years (let alone first time trying!), and here I am, a few months later, doing just that! Thank you, Paul, your confidence in my ability truly gave me the self-belief I needed to do as well as I did! I would recommend him and Latics to anyone!”

Jennifer McKears

“He has a great positive attitude”

“I would like to put forward Paul Mealor for Instructor of the Month, as he has worked hard to get me to passing my test.

Paul showed patience and helped me hone my driving enough to pass my test.”

Matthew Garner

“He taught me so much!”

“I can’t thank Paul Mealor enough for all of his support during learning to drive. He taught me so much and I will always remember his advice. I would definitely recommend learning to drive with Paul.”

Eloise Edghill

“Paul brought my confidence back!”

“First thing I wanted to do is thank Paul Mealor for helping and bringing back my confidence and dusting off the rust, Paul has been amazing instructor nothing bad to say about him he believes in you, he makes you believe in yourself, he has taught me a lot and with easy instruction and guidance very down to earth and I would recommend anybody to have him by your side. So, thank you Paul for all the hard work you have done.”

Nathon Kwaitkowski

“Paul believed in me!”

“I would say Paul Mealor was very patient with me the length of time I was with him. Was great at advice and was very calm with me. Times I was low and had no confidence at manoeuvres he reassured me I was a good driver and that I just need to dust myself off and crack on after mistakes kept saying mistakes do happen. He believed in me and didn’t settle for defeat as he had the confidence in me which was amazing.  I’d like to say a massive thank you to him for all his help and what he has done for me.”

Simon Kaczmarski

“Paul is one of the best instructors!”

“Want to say a huge thankyou to Paul Mealor for being such a nice and patient person with me. I went from having little experience to being confident when driving and that was all down to him. He made me feel so at ease and calm and was always willing to help on whatever i was stuck with until I was happy doing it. I will be recommending Paul to all my friends as he is such a genuine person and one of the best instructors as I couldn’t have passed my test without him!”

Natasha Worsfold

“I really enjoyed having my driving lessons with Paul Mealor.”

“I really enjoyed having my driving lessons with Paul Mealor, he was strict at first but when you got to know him he was an awesome teacher showing me how to bay park and learn different techniques how to drive as in training and for when I passed my test. I would highly recommend Paul he is very sarcastic but has the friendliest banter to get on with any age of person.”

Kyle Newsome

“I can’t recommend Paul enough!”

“I can’t recommend Paul enough! I first started driving with Paul after having no previous driving experience. Paul was always there to reassure me whenever I doubted myself. If I was unsure, he encouraged me. If I had a question- no matter how obscure, Paul would always find the answer. He helped to boost my knowledge and confidence in driving immensely and I couldn’t have done it without him! Even when I thought I was having a bad day, Paul always remained positive. Paul was always very flexible and accommodating when trying to book my lessons and would always try to fit me in even when I couldn’t give much notice. I truly appreciate all the help he has given me and the laughs and jokes come for free! Thanks again Paul!!”

Leanne Hazlehurst

“Paul is really great instructor!”

“Paul is really great instructor! I had no skill driving cars and I did not feel like I can manage it. With Paul’s professional approach and his kind heart I enjoyed learning how to drive from first moment to last one. It was one awesome experience! Thank You Paul.”

Jan Ziga

“Outstanding patience, constant encouragement”

“I would not be holding my Pass certificate (first time!) in my hand if it wasn’t for Paul…..outstanding patience, constant encouragement, consistently positive and always smiling. I cannot recommend Paul highly enough, he is without doubt an outstanding instructor. Great fun, great result.”

Alexandra Long

“5 stars given to him by me & my partner.”

“I did my driving lessons with the help of Paul! 5 stars given to him by me & my partner. He built my confidence after having a bad experience with previous instructor. I passed 1st time! Thank you soooo much!!”

Charlie Jade Hall

“It has been a pleasure learning to drive with Paul”

1“It has been a pleasure learning to drive with Paul and I would highly recommend him. I got in Pauls car a nervous wreck, who was petrified of being behind the wheel. Paul has been very supportive, taught me in a way that suits my needs, boosted my confidence, was always positive and made me feel at ease in his car, not forgetting the laughs we had along the way. Paul always went the extra mile, he didn’t only prepare me for my test but also life after the test, throwing in a bay park here and there and taking me on different roads not on “test route” to boost my confidence and knowledge of the roads. Thanks Paul and I will hopefully see you on the road soon in my new wheels 🙂 “

Kathryn Grayson

“Paul is an amazing instructor!”

martine goodwin“I would like to say a massive thank you to Paul Mealor for giving me confidence whilst learning how to drive! Our lessons were always full of fun and laughs, Paul is an amazing instructor! He made learning how to drive fun and not so nerve wrecking! Thanks again Paul for all your support and help and for making me feel comfortable and giving me confidence in myself. I would definitely recommend Paul, he always goes the extra mile to help you with any problems you may have.”

Martine Goodwin

April wilson“Paul Mealor is a fantastic instructor.”

“I couldn’t have enjoyed learning to drive if it wasn’t for Paul, he was very supportive and boosted my confidence a lot, he never failed to make me laugh in my lessons. He is a lovely mentor and I would highly recommend him, he never lets you down no matter what. With Paul no time was ever too early or late he was always going the extra mile. I couldn’t have passed without Paul and am going to miss my driving lessons very much. I already have recommended him to more of my friends, he was a delight to drive with and I couldn’t have passed without my mentor Paul. “

April Wilson

Danielle KNowles“I found Paul to be a very patient easy to understand instructor who catered the lessons to my specific needs.”

“He made the whole experience enjoyable and his good humour made it easy to spend a week in his company.  By the time I took my test, I felt fully prepared and confident for whatever situation came up.  If your considering taking driving lessons, I would highly recommend Paul.”

Danielle Knowles

Kimberley McCullagh“I really enjoyed driving with Paul.”

“I took my driving lessons with Paul Mealor and can honestly say that I couldn’t have enjoyed learning to drive more than I  did with him. Paul was always supportive and never made me feel like I was doing something wrong. I would recommend that anyone choose Paul to learn with. He was fantastic.”

Kimberley McCullagh

“I would really recommend lessons with Paul.”

rebecca carlin“He was always encouraging and was very professional. Paul always made sure my driving lessons were pleasant.
He was always patient and never failed to make me laugh, this helped me to remain confident throughout my lessons and my test.

Thank you Paul :)”

Rebecca Carlin

“Paul Mealor is one-of-his-kind!”

“I passed my test today with Paul Mealor. He was a very good, patient and one-of-his-kind driver. He taught me in a very simple and understandable way and he boosted my confidence. I passed the test with less nerve because of his lovely method of tutoring. Thank  Paul.”

Saheed Lawal

“I could not recommend him enough,friendly,helpful and very patient!”

mark wood“I started my driving lessons having never driven a car before in December and passed first time in March. My instructor Paul Mealor was the main reason for this he made me feel very settled on my first lesson as I was pretty nervous. He made sure I was happy with the speed I was learning and if any issues arose we would work on them before we moved on.”

Mark Wood

“I had a great experience learning to drive with Latics, I could not have done it without Paul Mealor.”

Caitlin Grayson“Paul really helped me to go from never having driven before to a completely confident driver. I still can’t believe I have passed my driving test although now it makes me a little sad knowing I don’t get to see Paul every week, but I have already recommended him to my friends, one of which is having lessons with him. I would highly recommend Paul Mealor as a driving instructor to anyone as my experience with him and Latics was absolutely fantastic. Paul was patient and constantly wanted to put a smile on my face whilst driving, he was always early for my lessons and always a delight to drive with, he always made sure to explain everything thoroughly so I understood and even always asked me if I had any questions (which I never did). I have no faults whatsoever about Paul, he has gone above and beyond all of my expectations, he is marvellous and I couldn’t have done it without him.”

Caitlin Grayson

“Paul was brilliant from lesson one.”

Stephen Kinsey“I started my lessons with him in October and I was really nervous and had little self belief, 3 months later I passed my test first time with 2 faults. Paul was always patient and filled me with more and more confidence as each week went by. He was available Monday to Sunday, no time was ever too early or too late, and he was always on time and never put lessons off. All in all, I can’t thank Paul enough for the work he put in to help me through my test and I would recommend him to anybody.”

Stephen Kinsey

“I really enjoyed my lessons with Paul Mealor, he was friendly and patient.”

Jade Fanning“He always explained things in a really easy way to understand and was always happy to help! he is really dedicated to his jobs and his students and went out of his way to help me out. I would recommend Paul as an instructor and have told my younger siblings to have him for their lessons. He always made me feel at ease in the car and focused on the positives and was never  negative which i really liked.  Thanks Paul for getting me through my test :)”

Jade Fanning

“I couldn’t have passed without Paul Mealor!”

Stephanie Mead“I have recently passed my test and I can honestly say that it wouldn’t have been possible without my instructor Paul Mealor. His patience and perseverance with me was outstanding and I went away everyday feeling great about the lesson. I did the pass in a week course and although, it’s tough, Paul made it fun and never stopped believing that I would pass. To pass with only 3 minors on my first time was all because of his teaching. He gave me the confidence I really needed and he became a friend along the way. Thank you so much Paul.”

Stephanie Mead

“Paul Mealor is the best driving instructor anyone could ask for!”

“I couldn’t have done have passed my test without him. Such a great man.”

Charlotte Williams

Mason Bratherton

Brill 1st time pass!

Katie Littler

Amazing pass!

Lee Obrien

Great pass Lee!

Michael Entwistle

Just 2 faults!

Chelsea Buxton

Great work Chelsea!

Rachel Cunningham

Brill 1st time pass!

Jessica Broadbent

First time pass!

Declan Smith

1st time!

Liam Besant

1st time!

Shahedha Shah

Just 2 faults!

Max Phillips

Great job Max!

Aaron Haynes

First time pass!

Emma Washington

Great job Emma!

jack Dormer

Well done Jack!

Zak Martin

1st Time 1 Minor!

Abbie Marland

Great pass Abbie!

Sophie Hartley

1st time!

Louis Armstrong


Rebecca Macree

Amazing 1st time pass!

Stephanie Barry


Jennifer McKears

3 faults!

Liam Barnard


Cameron Boland

1st time

Francesca Salvaggio

Only 1 fault!

Sheila McKnight

1st time pass!

Matthew Garner

First time pass!

Aaron Boland

Just 3 faults!

Eloise Edghill

Well done!

Jordan Richardson

Great job Jordan!

Natasha Worsfold

Amazing pass Natasha!

Aaron Corkin

Well done Aaron!

Harrison Jones

1st time!

Mark Newton

Great work!

Ryan Thomas

Great job Ryan!

Anna Poole

Well done Anna!

Joshua Doyle

Great pass Joshua!

Kyle Newsome

Great result Kyle!

Sam Watkins

Strong pass Sam!

Michael Jones

Great pass Michael!

Isaac Hodges

Great job Hisaac!

Euan Rigby

Well done Euan!

Emily Spencer

Great job Emily!

Alexandra Long

Well done Alexandra!

Chloe Jackson

Great result Chloe!

Kaleigh Hall LLoyd

Well done Kaleigh!

Jan Ziga

Super pass Jan!

Leanne Hazlehurst

Great pass Leanne!

Samuel Gilmore

Well done Samuel!

Charlie Jade Hall

Fab result Charlie!

Daniel Rowe

Great result Daniel!

Rachel Tetlow

Well done Rachel!


Joshua Rooke

Well done Joshua!


Katherine Grayson

Fab result Katherine!

Thomas Nuttall

Thomas Nuttall

Great result Thomas!

Ryan Pratt

Great result!

Karen Redman

Well done Karen!

Dylan Stanner

Great pass!

George Porter

Well done!

John White

 Fab 1st time pass!

Simon Kaczmarski

Well done Simon!

Jessica Bayley

Well done Jessica!

Nathon Kwaitkowski

Fab pass Nathan!