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Paul Mills

Paul has worked at Latics since 2008. He’s a Grade A instructor (the highest possible grade) and he uses a lot of new coaching techniques which are helping to get his students through their test even quicker! You will feel calm and relaxed learning to drive with Paul, he’s very supportive and encouraging!

Three words to describe me: Friendly, honest, reliable

Favourite film: Quadrophenia

One thing I would invent: The perfect hangover cure!

Dream job (apart from driving instruction, of course!): Selling ice cold beers in the sunshine overlooking Waikiki Beach in Hawaii

Pet hate: Ignorant people

Favourite joke: “How do you get Pikachu onto a bus? Pokemon” (poke-him-on) Pinched from my 6 year old son! 🙂

Item I can’t live without: My car, of course (no car = no job!)

Favourite food: Hot and spicy Indian

My car: Vauxhall Corsa

Paul gives driving lessons in Oldham, Moorside, Chadderton, Denshaw, Derker, Lees, Royton, Delph, Greenfield, Sholver, Springhead, Uppermill, Waterhead, Scouthead, Shaw, Dobcross and Diggle.

Recently passed with Paul Mills

“Paul was really accommodating!”

“I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Paul who has been my instructor for the past year and a half; and it wasn’t easy for him either as driving didn’t come as naturally to me, Paul was really accommodating to fitting in lessons around my job. Throughout my lessons, Paul would provide great constructive feedback which had really helped me get motivated for the next lesson. At the end of each session we’d recap everything that went well and what needed improving for next time. I would recommend Paul to anyone who wants to become a great SAFE driver for the rest of their driving life. Paul’s tips and advice for safe driving really helped me as I found learning to drive in general quite difficult, so thank you Paul for all your patience and kindness too :). For anyone wanting to take lessons with Paul I would recommend you communicate what you would like to achieve in each session with him so he can help facilitate your learning as best as he can. Thanks again Paul!”

Aysha Begum

“Paul has been a fantastic instructor!”

“I’m so happy I passed today on my third attempt, I would absolutely 100% recommend Paul mills, he’s been a fantastic instructor, very patient calm and made me feel at ease, he Explained things in great detail when I didn’t understand things. He helped gain my confidence on the road. Paul helped me threw the knock backs not only on my practical test but also on my theory test… I am truly thankful for to him for helping me achieve this goal. Thank you paul!”

Kirsty Leach

“I couldn’t have done it without Paul!”

“I came to Paul last year as a banned driver a little unsure and worried about being judged and as soon as I got in the car with him, he made me feel so welcome and their driver trainer he gave was amazing I could have not done it without him especially with it being and extended test.”

Daniel Carr-Russell

“Paul made me feel comfortable!”

“Before starting with Paul I had 2 previous driving instructors who let me down and I gave up driving both times. Paul was recommended to me by many people. I had to be on his waiting list for a few months, but I chose to wait because I only heard good feedback about him.

Once I started, Paul was always on time and never once missed a lesson. He also accommodated by doing evening lessons around my long working hours – which other instructors wouldn’t do.

He made me feel comfortable and relaxed and he simplified driving. Paul was calm and didn’t make me panic. He clearly explained and showed me things, so I learnt driving quickly. He went to extra lengths to make sure I was ready for my practical and theory tests. I couldn’t recommend him enough!”

Ben Simper

“Paul was great!”

“Paul was great at teaching me, being able to accommodate me at such short notice due to my need to pass my test quickly. The fact I passed first time after 21 hours of driving shows how good he is. Thanks!”

Jake Yates

“Paul is an amazing instructor!”

“Paul is an amazing instructor and I couldn’t have passed without him. He really helped with my confidence, I struggled with my nerves and he was always so supportive, encouraging and calm which helped me overcome them.
He was extremely patient with me and would always go over any issues I had, thinking of different methods I could try too. He explained everything clearly and was so informative.
I would highly recommend Paul to anyone, he’s chilled and always puts you at ease! Thank you for al your help 😊”

Hannah Jones

“Paul was fabulous!”

“After failing my test numerous times with another instructor, I was recommended Paul Mills.What a fabulous instructor, very calm, patient and good instructor he is. I learnt a lot from him which has made me a better driver and to pass my test.I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him in the future.”

Dawn Kenny

“Paul gave me the skills and confidence I needed!”

“I’ve just recently passed my test with Paul Mills, the patience and dedication he has for his students is fantastic. I struggled a lot with my nerves and it really effected my confidence on the road. However, Paul never gave up on me even when I was ready to give up on myself. He gave me the confidence and skills I needed to pass. Thanks Paul Mills!”

Rebecca Mills

“Paul is friendly and calm!”

“I’d like it if Paul Mills was considered instructor of the month. I feel of all the instructors I’ve had I’ve made most progress with him. He is calm, friendly and has a very good knowledge of the roads and his job. He made me feel comfortable even in tricky situations where I felt I would struggle. My nerves were very bad, especially on test day and he calmed me down. I know what I’ve learnt from him will take me further than just passing my driving test. I will definitely be sending friends wanting to get on the road Paul’s way.”

Martyn Storrie

“Paul’s an amazing teacher”

“Just want to say a massive thank you to Paul mills for his patience and knowledge over the last few months he’s an amazing teacher! I wouldn’t be where I am today without him pushing me to succeed, he’s given me the confidence and ability to open a whole new chapter in my life, thank you 😊 “

Rebecca Hardicre

“I would like nominate Paul Mills for Instructor of the month.”

“I would like nominate Paul Mills for Instructor of the month.

I want to say a huge thank you to Paul Mills for being a fantastic instructor! After failing my test whilst learning elsewhere this had really knocked my confidence and Paul was exactly who I needed to help me re-build and re-gain this.

He is friendly, extremely patient and amazing at explaining everything, not just telling you but helping you to understand and recognise your mistakes so you don’t make them again.
He doesn’t just teach you how to pass a test, he helps you to become a conscientious, forward-thinking driver who will be respected on the roads and can be confident and comfortable driving on their own in the real world after passing.

He helped push me to believe in myself when I needed it most and I couldn’t have done it without him! So, this is a big shout out to Paul, thank you so much! 😀
Many thanks, Lucy”

Lucy Gill

“So pleased to say I passed both my theory and practical first time!”

“So pleased to say I passed both my theory and practical first time and it’s all thanks to the BEST instructor of all time! Thank you so much Paul Mills, couldn’t have done any of it without you. Paul was always so calm and patient with me whilst I was in the process of learning to drive and extremely reassuring if I did a mistake or wasn’t very confident doing something. Thanks again Paul. You’re the best of the best✨”

Libby Bentley

“Paul Mills and well what can I say – absolutely fantastic.”

“Massive thank you to Paul Mills helping me pass my test, could not of chose a better person to help me learn and grow as a person! You hear lots of stories of how people jump from instructor to instructor as they just didn’t feel right. Paul is one of those people who am sure everyone can connect with on a professional but friendly level. Credit to him and his style of coaching, guiding you and making you feel confident in wanting to pass. At every opportunity he made sure that whatever level I was at that I was comfortable with progressing, that it was ok to re-visit previous lessons if I felt I needed more practice on a particular thing. My progression never felt forced or pushed, it was entirely down to my individual needs and how I felt. You look forward to your lessons and for that I am truly grateful. It’s been an absolute pleasure. Cannot recommend him enough.”

Benjamain Lambert

“Paul Mills and well what can I say – absolutely fantastic.”

“I have recently passed with Paul Mills and well what can I say – absolutely fantastic, this guy is an inspiration to the company he never gives up on his learners. He has the time and patience and charisma, he is an inspiration and I for 1 never thought I would have passed but with Paul’s help he has made this possible. I feel not only have I had an amazing instructor but also feel that I have met a friend for life, he is a true gentleman with his heart and head in the job, he can have a laugh but definitely keeps it professional. Thanks again Paul!”

Rebecca Bardsley

“The style and techniques methods that Paul uses are very helpful.”

“Anyone that is interested in taking their driving lessons then I would highly recommend Paul Mills. He truly is an amazing instructor and now my sisters are taking lessons with him. The style and techniques methods that Paul uses are very helpful and easy to understand and I don’t think any other instructors can beat him. As well as being an amazing instructor, as a person he is very lovely, understanding and patient. No other instructors out there are quite like him. He is one of a kind.”

Hamida Begum

“What an amazing suggestion!”

“My sister advised me to go to Paul Mills for my driving lessons last April, what an amazing suggestion! Paul has been nothing but encouraging always. He’s always pushed me to do my best, and taught me to be the best possible driver I could be 😊 I wouldn’t have passed without him. Thank you!”

Emillie Whalen


“Paul was an amazing instructor, he massively built up my confidence.”

“Paul was an amazing instructor, he massively built up my confidence and I would recommend him to anyone I meet. I really cannot thank him enough for what he has done for me, this will change both mine and my children’s lives. THANKYOU PAUL!!!”

Nicola Dockerty


“Paul is a fantastic instructor I wouldn’t have passed without him!”

“Paul is a fantastic instructor I wouldn’t have passed without him! Used a lot of different driving instructors in the past and Paul is the best by far, if you suffer with nerves he really puts you at ease and every driving lesson was enjoyable! Thankyou so much Paul for helping me pass !! “

Kathryn Lundy

sophie kirk

“Paul is a brilliant Instructor.”

“Thank you so much Paul Mills for helping me pass my driving test, you are a brilliant instructor couldn’t have asked for anyone better.

Sophie Kirk

jessica Entwistle

“Learning to drive with Paul Mills was a great experience.”

“He made me feel comfortable and at ease from my first lesson. He was able to teach me in a way that suited my learning style and made learning to drive fun. He was always on time and was always willing to answer any questions. He ensured that I was a confident and safe driver and I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Jessica Entwistle

“Friendly driving instructors at Latics”

“Paul Mills is a friendly person and was very patience with me. I also know Bekki who is a lovely lady. I would defiantly recommend Latics to people wanting to drive.

Kelly Ashworth

clare wild

“I took my driving lessons with Paul Mills and I couldn’t recommend him enough to anyone wanting to learn to drive.”

“When I first booked my driving lessons I was extremely nervous as I’d been putting it off for years, but as soon as I started my first lesson Paul put me at ease straight away explaining things thoroughly, but in an easy to understand manner.

I found Paul to be very patient, understanding and encouraging.

When it came to the day of my test, I went into it very calm and collected and passed with only one minor.

The confidence that Paul has given me to be able to drive alone is amazing, and I cannot thank him enough.”

Clare Wild

Sophie Bentley

“Paul Mills built up my confidence.”

“Before starting driving lessons with Paul I was an extremely nervous driver and didn’t enjoy it one bit. However, as I had a car it was important I learned! Paul was very patient and made me feel comfortable when having my lessons. He built up my confidence and helped me to enjoy driving. I would recommend Paul to anybody especially those who are not confident drivers. Thank you Paul!”

Sophie Bentley

Molly Ashton

“I really enjoyed learning to drive with Paul Mills.”

“I really enjoyed learning to drive with my instructor Paul Mills, he made me feel at ease and confident when driving and explained things clearly if I had any questions. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive.”

Molly Ashton

Laura Wilde

“I would highly recommend Paul Mills.”

“I met Paul Mills through a friend of mine who highly recommended him. I had decided to change driving instructor after not having the best experience with my first instructor. I approached lessons as a nervous wreck, mainly because of being in a collision (as a passenger) and saw lessons as a necessity because I needed a license rather than something I would enjoy. After just a few lessons with Paul I started to enjoy driving and would look forward to my lesson each week! It’s clear that Paul is able to adapt his teaching style to suit the pupil and listens to us so he knows exactly what will help us learn. Always ready with an amusing anecdote or witty analogy Paul made learning to drive enjoyable and now I can drive safely and with confidence! Passing my test was the best feeling ever (it still hasn’t sunk in) and I never would have been able to do it without Paul! Thank you!”

Laura Wilde

Gary Whittam

“Paul Mills was very easy to get on with.”

“I couldn’t of landed with a better man, Paul Mills was very easy to get on with and never I never had a bad lesson.”

Gary Whittam

Liz Davies

“I would highly recommend my driving instructor, Paul Mills to anyone.”

” Whether you are young or old, experienced or complete beginner. Paul has a great manner, always smiling, calm and encouraging. I was quite nervous to start with and really thought I might be too old to learn something new. But Paul put me at ease and I soon felt much more confident. My lessons were well paced and Paul always discussed if I was happy to move on or if I needed to do a bit more on certain things. I passed with only 3 minors and couldn’t be happier. I am really pleased I chose Paul and I can’t thank him enough. “

Liz Davies

Jenny Lundy

“Paul Mills is a fantastic instructor”

“He is very patient and I learnt so much in my intense week of driving. I overcame my nerves and felt very relaxed and I felt ready for my test, I passed with flying colours and only 4 minors. I would highly recommend Paul Mills at Latics Driver Training. Thank you for my pass!”

Jennifer Lundy

“Paul Mills is the best!”

“I would recommend Paul Mills to anyone who is going to have lessons. He explains things easily and asks what you want to learn. He is a really nice down to earth genuine guy. He’s brilliant 🙂 my driving has improved in a small amount of time.”

Claire Davidson

Dana Mitchell

“I struck gold when I got Paul (Mills) as my driving instructor!”

“Paul is a down to earth, great person he makes you feel calm and relaxed from the get go and made every lesson a whole lot of fun since I started, in fact it became the biggest highlight of every week haha. He’s such a kind and caring man he even helped me out with my theory during my lessons which I then went on to pass 1st time, thanks to Paul and Latics for the help. Paul made me become a confident driver never scared to try new things and always kept me positive when I made mistakes! (mistakes are good) A great learning curve and it definitely proved right as I went on to pass my driving test 1st time 😀 It’s been an absolute pleasure learning with Paul I loved it that much I am going to have extra motorway lessons. I will recommend everyone I know to start driving lessons with Latics Driver Training and with PAUL MILLS 🙂 It’s the best thing I ever decided to do, absolutely over the moon. Thank you very much Paul! “

Dana Mitchell

Mark Parker

“I chose Paul Mills on account of his Instructor profile!”

“The way he described himself sounded like exactly the sort of person I wanted to learn with, although I think it was his profile joke that swayed me! I can’t speak highly enough of Paul, always friendly, always has a tale to tell, overall a really top man. My lessons were at a pace I dictated, we covered everything and I never felt rushed or that I hadn’t spent enough time on any particular area. Paul was always keen to mix things up to make the lessons as enjoyable as possible, thanks to Paul I felt comfortable in a car from minute one and with his help and coaching techniques I went on to pass first time. My brother and a friend both plan to take lessons with Paul and I would recommend him to anyone else wanting to start their lessons.”

Mark Parker

Sally Kershaw

“I always felt really comfortable with Paul and found him so easy to get along with”

“During my lessons he was extremely supportive, always suggesting ways I could improve my driving but at the same time allowing me to choose what I would focus on in my lessons. Because of my job I wasn’t always sure of my availability every week, but Paul is flexible with his time and was always able to fit me in. I will always highly recommend Paul to anyone who wants to learn to drive.”

Sally Kershaw

Charlotte Goodwin

“Paul Mills is a great driving instructor!”

“I had been putting off starting my lessons for a couple of years as I was anxious about learning to drive, but Paul soon made me feel confident and relaxed about it. I liked that he let me go at my own pace and decide what I wanted to work on. Both my sister and I passed first time with Paul as our instructor and I would highly recommend him!”

Charlotte Goodwin

Will Weston

“I passed with 2 minors!”

“I went to Paul Mills with some driving experience but not much confidence; I was pleased straight away with his style of teaching where he lets the student choose what they want to work on. I passed with 2 minors and I know I couldn’t have done it without Paul’s help. Thank you.”

Will Weston

“Paul made me feel completely at ease with the whole concept of driving”

“I honestly loved learning to drive. My instructor, Paul (Mills), made me feel completely at ease with the whole concept of driving and gave me confidence in my driving. Being able to decide with Paul, what aspect of driving to tackle made me feel in control of my own lessons and meant that I could practise anything I felt less confident with. Thanks so much.”

Megan Ashton

Beth Wattlewort

“I would recommend Paul to anyone”

“I chose Latics Driver Training and Paul (Mills), as my sister had passed the year before with his tuition and I am really glad that I did. The lessons were well paced and I was able to ask to spend longer on things or to progress as quickly as I wanted. Paul was very flexible with lessons and fitted me around others at short notice when I returned from University. I am looking forward to doing my Pass Plus in the near future with Paul and would recommend him to anyone. Thanks.”

Beth Wattleworth

Mutinta Aitken

Amazing work!

ames Dean

Well done James!

Robbie Davies

JFirst time pass!

Carris Kitchen

Well done Carris!

Aysha Begum

Just 3 faults!

Kirsty Leach

Well done!

Daniel Carr-Russell

Just 1 fault!

Ben Simper

Great pass Ben!

Jake Yates

Brill 1st time pass!

Hannah Jones

Great job Hannah!

Scott Crook

Just 3 faults & 1st time!

Dale Hodges

1st time pass!

Ella Dean

Brilliant first time pass!

Lydia Entwistle

Amazing 1st time pass!

Jessica Sweeney

Just 2 faults!

Lucy Wardle

Just 3 faults!

Max Tolley

Great first time pass!

Mr Moyo

Great job!


1st time!

Rachael Collins

1st time!

Jack Bradbury

Great pass Jack!

Luke Lawless

Brill first time pass!

Gemma Hetherington

1st time with only 1 minor!

Katie Richardson

Fab first time!

Tammy Lowe

Amazing 1st time pass!

Mia Gili

Well done Mia only 2 faults!

Libby Bentley

Great 1st time pass!

Jack Wright

Great job Jack!

Sophie Roach

Fantastic Result!

Dave Unsworth

Great result Dave!

Curtis Roach

Fab 1st time pass Curtis!

Aaron Davies

Amazing 1st time pass Aaron!

Benjamin Lambert

Great 1st time pass!

Elisia Smith

Great 1st time pass!

Jackie Connolly

Great job Jackie!

Rebecca Bardsley

Strong pass Rebecca!

Chelssi Melia

Fantastic Chelssi 1st time pass!

Hamida Begum

Great job Hamida!

Joshua Hughes

Well done Joshua!

Nyall Tushingham

Fantastic 1st time pass!

Simon Dearden

Great pass Simon!

Anna Swindells

Well done Anna!

Emillie Whalen

Great job Emillie!


Jake Wilde

Great 1st time pass Jake!

Michael Shaw

Great job Michael!

Rebecca Hardicre

Well done Rebecca!

Lucy Gill

Well done Lucy!

Brandon Marsden

Brill 1st time pass Brandon!

Ross Wolstenholme

1st time!

Ethan Walsh

Brill 1st time pass!

Rebecca Mills

Great pass Rebecca!

Martyn Storrie

Great pass Martyn!

Callum Milner

Amazing 1st time pass!

Dawn Kenny

Great job Dawn!