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Paul Phillips

Paul joined Latics in 2008 and enjoys teaching all his students. He is a Grade 6 instructor (the highest grade!) he uses a lot of modern coaching techniques which help his students learn faster. He gives more than 100% effort each lesson and his enthusiasm and encouragement is endless!

2-1 1-1

Dream car: Aston Martin DB9

Famous person I’m most like: Brad Pitt (Maybe if you squint a lot Paul!)

Mr Man I am most like: Mr Strong

One thing I would invent: Tasty food that doesn’t make you pile on the pounds!

Pet hate: When it’s sunny all week then rains at the weekend.

Favourite quote: “Give light and people will find the way.” Ella Baker

My car: Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCI

Paul gives driving lessons in Blackley, Moston, Newton Heath, New Moston, Failsworth, Harpurhey, Crumpsall, Middleton. Chadderton, Royton and Oldham.

Recently passed with Paul Phillips

I passed on Monday and I’m over the moon

“I had been learning to drive for some time with another driving school and instructor who became ill just before my test. I contacted Latics and they put me in touch with Paul Phillips very fast considering it was short notice. I was really anxious about driving a new car and having a new instructor but Paul is very easy to talk to and really helpful. He is encouraging when you do something well and constructive which helps a lot especially with making you feel less anxious about the test. It took me a couple of attempts to pass but each time Paul took what areas I needed to work on helped me with them which made me feel less worried and encouraged me not to give up. I passed on Monday and I’m over the moon 😀”

Megan Murphy

Paul Phillips is Amazing!

Kerry Topping“I would like to let you know how amazing of an instructor Paul Phillips is!! I was so nervous in January that I was shaking when I got in the car, right from the offset Paul was more like a friend than an instructor. He made me feel so at ease within the first 10 minutes that I even forgot why I was nervous. Paul’s attitude to learning was fantastic, I was worried that I wouldn’t understand things and that I would forget them because we had a “time scale” to do it in, but Paul assured me we would go at my pace and even spend as many lessons as I needed to get things, as it turned out I learnt quite quickly with his teaching. Paul was always flexible around what times I needed as they often changed, and I never felt I couldn’t ask if I could change a lesson. He was always on time and nine times out of ten kept me on my toes with being early. I always felt comfortable and empowered when in the car with Paul as he always explained things clearly and made sure I understood everything before we did any driving, and we always did reviews at the beginning of the lesson where I would explain what we did the lesson before which really helped me. He was so encouraging and with his teaching I was able to pass first time with 4 faults, which for me is outstanding as I was sooooo nervous going into the test. My whole experience with Latics Driver Training and especially Paul Phillips was outstanding!! 11 months on and I have my own car and feel really comfortable driving around knowing Paul has taught me everything I need to know to drive safely. I would recommend him to anyone, and even my partner is hoping to start driving lessons with him in the new year! So Paul. Thank you so so so much for turning this nervous driving wreck into a confident and competent driver, and I hope to see you on my travels!! 🙂 “

Kerry Topping

Paul Phillips made me feel at ease

Vicky Boothroyd“My instructor was Paul Phillips. I was very nervous on my first lesson but he made me feel at ease. He is a very friendly instructor and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to start their lessons. He is very patient- which helped!! As I went through a period of not doing lessons, he was patient and very helpful when I finally got back into my lessons. I thanked him when I passed my driving test and I said I couldn’t have done it without him, his reply was ‘it’s down to the driver (myself) who did it all not him’ but if I’m honest I couldn’t have done it without him. I couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor. I would highly recommend him to any new driver. if you’re looking for a professional but very friendly instructor I would go with Paul. Thank you!!”

Victoria Boothroyd

Paul (Phillips) is an amazing driving instructor

“I’ve been taking driving lessons over the past four months with an amazing driving instructor, Paul Phillips. In that time, Paul has been very reliable, never even been late. I always looked forward to my lesson each week, even though I was very nervous in the beginning. Paul always had a way to get me to answer my own questions, he reckons that I knew more than I realised. I would urge anybody considering taking lessons to get in touch with Paul without delay.”

Talha Ali

I would just like to say that Paul Phillips is an outstanding instructor!

“The lessons which he teaches are informative, positive and full of tips and techniques that make driving that little bit easier! I became a pupil of Paul’s after he was recommended and I was a little nervous when it came to getting behind the wheel, however, he made me feel comfortable and put his trust in me to drive his car! He’s a reliable instructor that always turned up and never let you down. I have now passed my test and wouldn’t have done it without his help! Paul is an instructor I would strongly recommend to go with! He’s a credit to your company!”

Sophie Dudley

Every week Paul (Phillips) would install the confidence in me

“As a new driver with no experience of being in the driving seat, Paul very quickly made me feel at ease. His knowledge of driving was immense and I immediately was made to feel like I could actually drive his car, even though I had zero confidence. He never cancelled a lesson and was always punctual. I was a very nervous learner but every week he would install the confidence in me to make me feel very capable and was always calm which is what I needed. Thanks Paul for getting me through my test with only 3minor faults. He also taught my sister, who passed first time. Will definitely be recommending him to any new drivers.”

Gaynor Clare

Paul was always friendly and always put me at ease

Matt Riley“Paul Phillips was recommended to me by two of my friends as they both passed first time with him. Paul is a fantastic driving instructor, and a really top bloke. Paul was always friendly and always put me at ease, even if I was having one of my many panics LOL! He was never late or let me down. Paul always asked me my opinion and let me have lots of input in our lessons, this really made me feel involved and in control of my learning process. I always felt that I could ask Paul anything…….he would usually answer me with a question……then I would know the answer to my original question……magic or what?? Paul also used what he described as coaching in quite a few lessons. I honestly felt like I had taught myself to drive most of the time, and I passed my test in way less time than any of my friends. I also did my Pass Plus with Paul. I had a fantastic time, and now really feel ready for the roads. Thanks Paul!”

Matt Riley

Paul Philips was an extremely good instructor

Phillipa Groom“He made me feel confident and always had a smile on his face. Paul always asked what I wanted to do, not just what he wanted to teach me. I felt that I had an input in my lessons which I feel made a massive difference. I have given his number out to friends and family as it was because of him I passed 1st time.”

Phillipa Groom

I looked forward to my lesson every week!

Ben Hince“Thank you Paul Phillips! Thanks to you I passed first time and I would like to say that I am very glad I had you for my instructor. You’re definitely the best instructor out there because you teach all of your students so well. And I have been able to talk to you over the last year and also have a laugh and a joke with you, but the best thing was I could do all that but if I made a mistake on my lessons you were the first one to point it out and you even helped me to notice myself towards the end so that you didn’t have to tell me. I am actually going to miss having my lessons every week because you made them so enjoyable. I looked forward to them every week! So thank you Paul mate I really appreciate everything you have done for me and we got there in the end after having 3 tests cancelled haha! See you soon mate for the Pass Plus and I will also definitely be recommending you to anyone looking for lesson in fact you should be getting a call soon off someone I told about you. Take care mate and all the best in the future, thanks again Paul.”

Ben Hince

Under 16 lessons a great help

Josh D'Adamo“Paul Phillips who was my driving instructor was a great help and without him I don’t think I would have had the confidence to pass my driving test. I would advise anybody to learn with Latics or Paul Phillips. Also I would advise people to take the under 16 driving lessons on the car park I thought that it was a great help but I feel that this is not advertised enough so that people don’t really seem to know about them.”

Joshua D’Adamo

Thanks to Paul for being incredibly patient

“Would just like to say a quick thanks to Paul for being incredibly patient and effective whilst teaching me to drive and ultimately pass my test, I would definitely recommend him to any of my friends and family, and will be taking pass plus lessons with him in the near future.”

Robin Hardy

A professional instructor of the highest calibre

“Having just passed my test due to Paul, I would like to say that I found Paul to be a professional instructor of the highest calibre, patient and friendly, very clear and effective in his manner of instruction. I doubt very strongly, considering my initial appalling standard of driving, that anyone would have been able to get me through my test as quickly as Paul did!  I intend to book my Pass Plus course and would not consider doing so under any other driving instructor. I would recommend Paul as an instructor to anyone considering driving lessons without any hesitation or reservations whatsoever. Thanks to all at LaticsDriver Training for your high quality of both teaching and customer service and please pass on my thanks and best wishes to Paul. I’ll contact you soon to book my pass plus course.”

Derek Yates

I am now a happy and content driver

“Just a note to say thank you so much for all the help and support you have given me over the past few months, resulting in a first time pass for both theory and practical driving test. From day one you gave me confidence and your tuition of driving skills was superb, I always finished a lesson knowing I had improved and was a step closer to becoming a confident, competent driver. By the time I came to take my test I knew I had been given the right amount of time, knowledge and practice. On the day of my test you calmed my nerves and gave fantastic tips and reminders.  So to Paul thank you so much, I am now a happy and content driver. I would highly recommend you.”

Phillipa Curtis

I could not believe the difference!

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Latics Driver Training and especially Paul Phillips. After taking driving lessons with a different driving school over a year ago, I decided to take a break for a while, then re-started again with Paul. I could not believe the difference! The style of teaching that Paul provided was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed each and every driving lesson and felt like I had really achieved something at the end of each one and I couldn’t wait for the next. Paul would also ask me if there was a certain route I would like to take, or a certain aspect of driving I would like to cover and if so, we would go and do it until I felt like we had perfected it, which I thought was absolutely fantastic as I had never had that experience with any other driving instructor before. So, once again, I would like to thank Paul for not only teaching me to drive at the highest standard to pass my test with only 1 driving fault, but to also be a safe driver in the future now that I have passed.”

James Rattigan

Alex Wilson

Amazing 1st time!

Kerry Higgins

Amazing job Kerry!

Luke Roberts

Great pass Luke!

Tom Taylor

Fantastic Tom 1st time pass!

Megan Murphy

Solid pass Megan!

Michael Gough

Great 1st time pass Michael!

Andy Thompson

Well done Andy!


Great pass Shannon!

Rikki Wood

Strong pass Rikki!



Well done Joe!


Karis Mooney

Great pass Karis!


Arran Smith

Great job Arran!

jacob macdonald

Jacob McDonald

Great 1st time pass 3 faults!

bethany webber

Bethany Webber

Well done Bethany!

chris cotter

Chris Cotter

Fab 1st time pass 1 fault!

eamon reda

Eamon Reda

1st time pass only 1 fault!

emma corcoran

Emma Corcoran

Well done Emma!

philip quin

Philip Quin

Great 1st time pass 2 faults!

rea charlesworth

Rea Charlesworth

Way to go Rea!

david kay

David Kay

Fantastic 1st time pass!

sarah lee

Sarah Lee

Another great 1st time pass!

gokce mcconville

Gokce McConville

Well done Gokce!