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Abdur Rob

Rob is probably one of the nicest, helpful and enthusiastic people you could meet. His learners love him and we know you’ll certainly miss your lessons once you pass with Rob!

Abdur Rob

Three words to describe me: Hardworking, motivated and loyal.

Interesting hobby: Football

Favourite film: Rambo

What you would invent: A time machine so I could relive memories with my Mum

Item you can’t live without: My phone


Dream car: Bugatti

Mr Man you’re most like: Mr Talkative

If I won the lottery I would… look after all my friends and family and feed the poor.

My car: Ford Fiesta

Rob gives driving lessons in Chadderton, Oldham, Failsworth, Fitton Hill, Glodwick, Hollinwood, Hollins, Limeside, Moston, Newton Heath and Royton.

Recently passed with Abdur Rob

“Rob poured confidence into me!”

“Rob poured confidence into me from the first lesson. He has been a great instructor and taught me a lifelong skill that I will always be grateful for. He didn’t prepare me for the driving test but taught me how to drive a car and I think there is an important difference between those two. He has been very patient with me but also wasn’t too easy. I think this is a great attribute/attitude as a driving instructor. It made me feel that I was constantly improving. He kept pushing me and showed me what I was capable of even when I didn’t know myself. 
Rob has taught me from absolute bottom. We managed to overcome difficult tasks and because of him and his support I managed to pass first time. A huge thanks to Rob.”

Jakub Oledzki

“Rob was always on time and very professional!”

“I passed my test today and wouldn’t have done so if it wasn’t for Rob! I rang up wanting to learn to drive and was assigned Rob as my instructor. Rob was always on time and was very professional during every lesson. Due to my work I was often having to rearrange lessons, Rob was really flexible and even on some occasions gave up his day off, just so that he could fit me into his schedule. He not only taught me how to drive, but also made me more aware of the roads and how to travel safely. I had a few bad habits with driving, but Rob helped me to cut them out to make me a better driver. It was reassuring to be in the presence of a competent and confident driver who helped me improve my skills with every lesson. Any aspect of driving that I was struggling with, he helped to fix, and I would 100% recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to drive.”

Ryan Timms

“Rob is a fantastic instructor!”

Rob is a fantastic driving instructor and I would definitely recommend to any beginner. From the start he was patient and made me feel at ease and explained everything clearly. Rob is firm but fair and made me feel comfortable in every lesson.
He is a friendly guy and I felt I could talk to him about any problems I had. He gave me confidence when I needed it and was patient when I struggled with some manoeuvres. 
Thanks again for everything.

Adam Minshall

“Rob was a great instructor!”

“Rob was a great instructor, he’s great at easing your nerves, and once you’re more experienced, he won’t hesitate to tell you if your making mistakes. I had around 40 hours with him and passed first time, plus he has great stories. Highly recommend.”

Jamie Norton

“Rob is a total star!”

“Many thanks to Rob who showed infinite patience with me from Lesson One to Pass Plus. What a total star! His calm approach fosters confident progress with his carefully considered programme of skill building. A highly recommended instructor and a top bloke.”

Ben Kershaw

“Rob is an excellent instructor!”

“Rob is an excellent driving instructor and helped me through everything as easily as possible, easy to talk to and fair I’d definitely recommend him for first timers!”

Jake Nicholls

“Rob is the best instructor I could have asked for!”

“Rob was literally the best driving instructor that I could have hoped for. His mind set and attitude towards driving is amazing. I cannot thank Rob enough for motivating me after having step backs and also helping love driving again. Rob was patient, understanding and turned every negative into a positive, his relaxed and calm attitude really keeps you at ease when driving. I would extremely recommend Rob to anyone out there who is eager to learn he’s with you every step of the way. I can’t thank Rob enough.”

Ben Rogers

“Rob is very calm collective!”

“Very well with explaining, very calm and collective, kept very good tasks, made me more confident, very very patient, made extra time when I needed it and didn’t extend manoeuvres if I didn’t need to.
I would recommend rob with 4.5/5.
After being let down by an instructor I found rob from Latics and was amazed with how simple and clear the instructions given where.”

Nathan Andrew

“Rob treated me like a younger brother!”

“Hi, I’m Adam – one of Rob’s learners whose recently just passed my driving test.
I would like to let you know that he was a very good instructor who treated me like a younger brother. He has always been on time for lessons and was always prepared to work around my needs (as I also attend uni). Even though sometimes he may seem quite strict whilst on the roads; it really helped me to become a better driver (my mirror checks improved drastically) – to the extent he was confident that I would pass. He treated me like a friend; we would have a laugh during lessons whilst ensuring progress was being made. I would like to thank Rob for his hard work and dedication and without him and his teaching, it would have taken me much longer to pass my driving.”

Adam Yousaf

“I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher!”

“Would just like to say how amazing Rob, and for a brief period Sitara, have been as my instructors. They both made me feel very comfortable and did everything in their power to make sure I was relaxed and calm, allowing me to drive to the best of my abilities.

I didn’t dread my lessons like some new drivers as I didn’t see them as simply instructors, they were friends I would drive with at the weekend. Couldn’t ask for better people to teach me, 5* for them both. A massive thank you 😊.”

Daniel Hall

“Passed my driving test today thanks to Rob!”

“Rob was an excellent driving instructor and I would highly recommend him for anyone. I got along with him straight away, he was enthusiastic and made me feel at ease driving. From start to finish I enjoyed every minute of it, even at challenging times, he would reassure me and was very patient. Thanks again Rob, all the best – keep smiling :D”

Carrissa Roby

“His professionalism was sublime, his knowledge and teaching techniques were impeccable..”

“I would just like to say a massive thank you to Rob for all the support he gave me throughout my driving lessons. From the first lesson to the last he calmed my nerves and made it feel comfortable getting into the car. Rob spent a considerable amount of time trying to get to me know me as much as he did instructing which helped with the relationship we had and made me feel at ease behind the wheel. During my time learning I went through a tough time and Rob was very supportive and patient with me which went past his responsibilities as a driving instructor and steered him towards a friend. Nevertheless, his professionalism was sublime, his knowledge and teaching techniques were impeccable.

Throughout the lessons there were times where I would become frustrated which would hinder my lesson and subsequently my progression but his cool, calm and friendly approach got me right back on track. Rob was nothing but supportive and reassuring when I had my lessons and I would recommend him to all my friends and family.

I am not usually a nervous person however the prospect of my test really caused me to worry day and night. The thought of failure made me so apprehensive at times I would want to cancel it. Rob had other ideas, I’m not sure if it was confidence or just wanting to get rid of me but he reinforced me with the belief I would pass.

Rob is a superb teacher and I am confident you will have many more passes with him on your team.”

Alex Salmon

“He turned up on time, if not early every week.”

“Having taken some driving lessons over 10 years ago, and following the birth of my son I needed to get back into driving and actually get this test passed.

When originally looking online for lessons I was conscious about the price and quality, after reading some reviews online decided that I would give Latics Driving School a try. When I booked I got a confirmation and I also spoke with the office regarding access to Theory Test Pro both of which came almost immediately (Thanks Lauren!!).

After meeting rob over the first couple of lessons I was clear that I had made the right decision. He turned up on time, if not early every week. He had no issues working to my work schedule, whether that was meeting me at work or home for my lessons, meaning that was one less thing I had to think about.

After getting to know Rob, it was great to have an instructor that I could tell was confident in my driving skills. We seemed to move quite quickly through the subjects and after every lesson he motivated me to improve and eliminate the simple mistakes. On a more personal note, he was so easy to get along with, a great sense of humour he remained calm at all times and was easy to talk to regarding any driving issues or difficulties that I had initially struggled to get to grips with.

On my first test, it was a silly mistake that cost me the pass, however still only had 1 minor proving that Rob had made sure I was ready for my test before putting me in for it. On the second time of asking I passed with the driving examiner saying “that was an excellent drive that I struggled to find fault with” ( ZERO DRIVER FAULTS!!!! – AWESOME!!!!!)
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rob and Latics Driving School for anyone else looking to get on the road. Massive thanks to all the team and I look forward to getting back in the car with you to do Pass Plus!”

Geoff Bird

“Couldn’t have been happier with Rob.”

“Couldn’t have been happier with Rob, got to be the friendliest instructor ever! We had some ups and downs and always kept me on my toes but in two months he got me from learner to passing my driving test first time. I give him a 150 out of 100 in the effort he put into me and it paid off. Going to miss you mate. Have a good holiday.”

Jamie Jackson

“I would highly recommend Rob to anyone who is thinking about learning to drive.”

“When I first came to Rob I was a nervous wreck behind the wheel, over time Rob built up my confidence and skills and we quickly became good friends in the process. Rob was always on time to my lessons and never missed a single lesson. On the run up to my test we focused on my weak points so when I took my test I was 100% confident. Rob kept me talking in the waiting room to lower my nerves. I passed my test first time with only two minors. I would highly recommend Rob to anyone who is thinking about learning to drive. “

Charlie Murton

“There were nerves but I overcame them and passed.”

“I started taking lessons with Rob in February and I didn’t know anything about driving, but a couple of lessons with Rob made gain confidence and on the day there were nerves but I overcame them and passed.”

Wakib Hussain

“Rob was literally the best instructor I could have wished for.”

“I was really anxious and would get super flustered whenever I did something which wasn’t right, Rob would just tell you how it is and tell you to shape up but with his relaxed approach he seems to just makes things click together. Robs positive attitude really helps when learning to drive, you feel like you’re learning to drive with one of your mates which really seemed to calm me down cause although you were learning you could have a laugh whilst doing so. Rob changes his approach to teaching to suit you, coming up to my test he would always ask me what areas I am least confident with so we could spend some extra time trying to iron out my insecurities. Thank you for fitting me in around work and early mornings these were a massive help as I wouldn’t of been able to learn to drive otherwise. Thanks again for being great, all the best.”

Tom Maudsley

“Passed my test today first time after having lessons with Rob.”

“Passed my test today first time after having lessons with Rob. A good instructor who made me confident in my driving. I felt like giving up many times and thought I’d never get there however in the end I did thanks to Rob who took his time and was patient when teaching me to drive and helped me to get rid of any mistakes I made. He’s Funny and easy to get along with which made me feel happy and relaxed during every lesson. I would definitely recommend him to anybody who is looking to learn how to drive. Thank you Rob”

Reiss Simms

“Anyone else he teaches will surely succeed.”

“I passed my driving test first time after having taken lessons with Rob for almost a year. After struggling in early lessons Rob’s persistence and positive attitude helped me to develop more and more each lesson until I passed. I would like to thank Rob for all of his support and patience throughout my time learning. He is friendly and is fantastic to get along with. Combine that with his knowledge of driving and teaching ability and you have a more or less flawless instructor. It has been a pleasure to have Rob as an instructor and anyone else he teaches will surely succeed. “

Aidan Pilkington

Rob is a great instructor!

“He is easy to talk to and explained everything in a way I understood and he adapted his teaching for my way of learning and got the best result.”

Liam Finnigan

I cannot thank Rob enough!

“For his positive attitude and support in allowing me to pass. When I first started driving I was the biggest bag of nerves, however Rob changed that around as he believed in me and made me feel extremely confident while driving. I would highly recommend Rob, he has challenged me and pushed me to my full potential.”

Rebecca Slockett

Rob was the best instructor I could have possibly had!

“I had really low self-confidence when it came to driving, after trying for more than a year I almost gave up. Then decided to give Latics a go! Was definitely the best decision I made. Rob made me feel comfortable; he gave me reassurance on the road, always boosted my confidence after every drive and slowly built me up to become a safe driver. His instructions were clear and precise, hence reduced a lot of my pre-existing confusions. He was always calm and had patience even when I made silly mistakes! I cannot thank him enough. Honestly will miss having lessons from him. Will be back for Pass plus though! He is a star!

Thanks again Rob :)”

Farah Farzana

I give Rob Abdur a Michelin star!

Kristiana Kokojana“I joined Latics Driving when I moved to Oldham. This was the best decision I have ever made, do you want to know why?

Before I met Rob, I was scared, had such a low self-esteem. I didn’t look forward to weekend driving lessons, I was constantly reassuring myself to quit! I was thinking that I will never learn how to drive!

But then, I cannot thank Rob enough for changing my life! I have passed now! He believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself! His positive attitude and support helped me to become a driver! Every lesson with him was an achievement!

I highly recommend Rob, if you want to have the best experience learning to drive!!! I promise you will not regret it!

I give Rob a Michelin star!!!

Kristiana Kokojana

I would like to thank Rob for his support.

“He is a patient instructor and helped me believe in myself again when I was ready to give up!

Maggie W

I passed with the support and patience of Rob.

joe beaumont“Today I passed my driving test! It was the first time I had taken the test and it was all down to the support and patience of Rob. Thank you for taking the time to fit me in around your busy scheduled and even allowing to me have lessons in the dark and when it was raining because I had no other time.
Also, thank you for all the extra support which you did not need to give e.g. advising my partner on her new vehicle, being flexible with cancellations/last minute changes, borrowing L plates and taking extra time to explain things that I did not understand. Thank you again and all the best Rob.

Joe Beaumont

I would like to thank you for choosing Rob as my driving instructor!

“His tuition and approach to students are above and beyond. I had lost my confidence in driving but after a lesson with Rob it all changed!

Kristiana K

Rob gave me confidence!

“After only 2 lessons with Rob, my confidence behind the wheel of a car has grown massively. His friendly manner puts you at ease, whilst his teaching style helps you learn the basics thoroughly. I now really look forward to each lesson.

Helen Schofield

I started off so nervous before I met Rob!

“I didn’t think I would ever be able to drive, as soon as I met him I felt relaxed, he had such a friendly approach and made me feel confident.3 lessons on and I am already driving on the main roads which I never thought I would be able to do let alone after 3 lessons.

I would highly recommend him to my family & friends

I am looking forward to progressing within my driving with him.”

Jessica Coffey

Chelsea Billingsley

Brilliant job!

Ryan Timms

Great pass Ryan!

Jakub Oledzki

Well done Jakub!

Adam Minshall

Jamie Norton

Well done Jamie!

Nader Masri

Well done!

Ben Kershaw

Well done Ben!

Jake Nicholls

Just 2 faults!

Ben Rogers

Brilliant job Ben!

Jamie Dalloway

Just 2 minor faults!

Mark Allen

ZERO faults! Fantastic!

Nathan Andrew

Fantastic work Nathan!

Adam Yousaf

Brilliant job!

Stefan Woods

Amazing result!

Nathan Heckling

Great job!

Sabiah Akther

Amazing job!

Daniel Hall

Amazing first time pass!

Carrissa Roby

Great result Carrissa!

William Hilton

Great result William!

Holly Baglin

Great pass Holly!

Jamie Jackson

Great result Jamie!

Alex Brierley

Well done Alex!

Callum Richardson

Fantastic Callum 1st time pass!

Charlie Murton

Well done Charlie!

Geoff Bird

Great pass Zero faults!

Alex Salmon

Great job Alex only 4 faults!

Tom Mausdley

Great result Tom!

Wakib Hussain

Good pass Wakib!


Aidan Pilkington

Great result Aidan!



Well done Farhad no faults!


Reiss Simms

Great result Reiss!

James Simpson

Great job!

Liam Jones

Fab pass Liam!