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Sarah Royle

Sarah joined Latics in 2010 and we’ve lost count of how many people have passed their test with her! She’s certainly gives more than 100% to each and every lesson, and her learners love her. She’s also a Grade A instructor (the highest). You’ll find Sarah to be encouraging, very supportive and fun too so expect to fully enjoy your lessons!

Three words to describe me: Friendly, fun & dizzy!

Favourite film: Confessions of a Shopaholic

Favourite TV programme: Come Dine With Me

One thing I would invent: A Time Machine – there aren’t enough hours in the day!

Little Miss that I’m most like: Little Miss Busy

My favourite food: I like pretty much everything, but probably Italian most 🙂

Item I can’t live without: My mobile phone!

My car: White Mini Cooper

Sarah gives driving lessons in Ashton-under-Lyne, Bardsley, Chadderton, Delph, Denshaw, Derker, Diggle, Dobcross, Dukinfield, Failsworth, Greenfield, Hathershaw, Hollins, Hollinwood, Lees, Limeside, Moorside, Mossley, Oldham, Royton, Saddleworth, Scouthead, Sholver, Springhead, Stalybridge, Uppermill and Waterhead.

Recently passed with Sarah Royle

“Sarah is such an amazing instructor!”

“Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Sarah Royle! She’s such an amazing instructor and I would highly recommend her to anyone! She also has the patience of a saint – especially as I like to make the easiest thing difficult for myself; she’d still talk me through it all. She was so supportive, and I was able to pass first time thanks to her and honestly couldn’t thank her enough!!”

Tiffany Bradbury

“With Sarah’s perseverance I was able to pass first time!”

“Over the moon to have passed my driving test! Which I couldn’t have done without the fantastic efforts from my driving instructor Sarah Royle, my lack of road awareness made learning to drive a huge struggle.
However, with Sarah’s perseverance I was able to pass my test first time! Sarah made me feel very comfortable from the first lesson and was always able to help me out when I felt stressed about a manoeuvre. Wonderful instructor made learning to drive, a not so tedious task! Thank you, Sarah!”

Freya Rowland

“I recently passed with Sarah Royale. She was fantastic.”

“I recently passed with Sarah Royale. She was fantastic. I was quite anxious as i had been in quite a serious car crash a couple of years ago, but Sarah was patient, reassuring and calming. She had faith in me which really boosted my confidence. Anyone learning to drive with Sarah should know they are in good hands.”

Stacey Muldoon

“Sarah was an ace driving instructor!”

“She took me on after two other instructors had let me down and got me ready for my test in a couple of months and helped work out the bad habits I had picked up from other instructors. She took the time and care to teach me how to drive and not pass a test. Each mistake I made she helped me figure out the problem step by step and gave me plenty of time to work through the manoeuvres I needed to know.

She uses cameras forward and reverse to help playback my mistakes so I could learn from it. She also helped calm me down when driving (I had a little road rage when I started) she was polite and helpful throughout and an utterly great driving instructor that you can have a chat with and that has helped me pass first time with 3 minor faults.

Honestly a great instructor that will help you pass in no time with great accuracy and you gain a friend! Thanks a bunch Sarah could not have done it without you!!!”

Nathaniel Welsby

I would like to say a massive thank you to Sarah Royle.

Rebecca Dawson“I would like to say a massive thank you to Sarah Royle for giving me confidence whilst learning how to drive! After having a few different instructors and being a very nervous driver, Sarah went that extra mile to make my lessons relaxed, fun and enjoyable. She not only got me through my test I feel like she also taught me to drive in the correct way! I can’t thank her enough, definitely recommend her for anyone! “

Rebecca Dawson

I just wanted to tell you how fantastic your instructor Sarah Royle is.

Catherine Founde“I’ve had lots of driving instructors over the years but none like her, she is the most patient, friendly and reassuring instructor I have ever come across and she is an asset to your company. I’ve never been confident in a car and never been able to master my reversing which is why I always gave up, but all this changed after just a few lessons with Sarah. She put me at ease from the minute I got in the car and helped me overcome my fears, no matter how many times I got things wrong she just calmly explained things and helped me to push on through my struggles. Today I have passed my test and I couldn’t be happier and it’s all down to her xxx”

Catherine Founde

I would like to say a massive thank you to my instructor Sarah Royle.

Tom Earley “It has been a wonderful time being taught with Sarah. There was never a dull lesson. She managed to motivate me and bring me up on my off days and always managed to make me smile. She is a fantastic instructor with amazing teaching skills. Anyone looking for an amazing instructor who will go out of her way to help, see Sarah! Thanks once again.”

Tom Earley

I would like to say a big thank you to Sarah Royle for the superb driving lessons!

Feng Lin “I started taking automatic driving lessons well over 10 years ago and didn’t really follow through with it. This time around I wanted to challenge myself and took on the task of taking my test in a manual vehicle. (A very Big Challenge I set myself) Sarah Royle gave me the confidence in the tuition to drive well. I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU Sarah for all the hard work and commitment you showed in me in order to pass my test. I will treasure all the times that we spent going around the roundabouts!”

Feng Lin

I would just like to say a huge thank you to my instructor Sarah Royle

Jasmin Ellwood“I recently passed my test first time with just one minor and without Sarah that wouldn’t have been possible! I previously had lessons with another instructor but was unhappy with them so decided to come to Latics, from the first phone call with the office and first lesson with Sarah I knew I’d made the right decision! Sarah is a fantastic teacher and a lovely person and I’m so glad I chose her to take over my tuition, being a nervous driver she really helped to put me at ease and build my confidence on the road. She would always chat and have a laugh in the car which made the whole experience fun and enjoyable, not scary as I first thought! Her approach to teaching is brilliant, she is kind, friendly, informative and supportive, and would always praise me for things I did well. At the same time, she would advise of any mistakes in a constructive way and would tailor lessons around what I wanted to do, as well as suggesting areas which we should work on. I really feel like a competent, confident and safe driver now and that’s all down to Sarah’s skills! I can’t recommend Latics enough, I’m really going to miss my lessons, thanks for everything Sarah!”

Jasmin Doran

I’m ridiculously glad that I had my lessons with Sarah!

Paul Bamforth“I’m still not sure how Sarah managed to get me to pass with just three minors…or indeed how she tolerated me squealing when I was doing 3rd exit off roundabouts. What I am sure of is that without her skill as an instructor, ability to drown out high pitch sounds and general friendliness (with occasional forthrightness) then I wouldn’t have even gone for my test never mind pass. I’m ridiculously glad that I had my lessons with Sarah. She gave me sweets. If anyone does have their lessons with her they’ll stand a good chance of passing. She instils confidence, helps you overcome your weaknesses and has the ability to not only get you ready to take your test in good time but also that you will be a safe driver. All the best Sarah and thank you for your time and skill. “

Paul Bamforth

Sarah Royle was very supportive!

Rebeka Hinton“Sarah was really supportive whilst teaching me to drive, something which I’ve put off for a few years as I was very worried about doing it. She always provided help when needed but made sure I thought about things for myself rather than just constantly telling me what to do. Her friendly personality and excellent explanations of what to do in different situations made the whole experience of learning to drive much less stressful than what I feared, and I doubt I’d have got to the same level of driving ability without her.”

Rebekah Hinton

Sarah was a pleasure to work with!

Dan Martin“Upon turning 19 and owning my own IT Consultancy company and with my partner also working full time it was vital to our livelihood that I took on the means to drive us to the various locations we work at. I phoned Latics after hearing the offer on the first few lessons and I was assigned Sarah Royle- the biggest blessing of my driving career thus far! I had driven but had very little practical experience on main roads, doing the manoeuvres in “real life” situations. Sarah supported me both technically and emotionally on my journey from being relatively new to driving up until me passing. It wasn’t a smooth journey and I did “lose my rag” on several occasions, yet Sarah stuck by me and gave me advice which can only be described as invaluable, particularly as it built towards test day and as a first time Latics pass I cannot thank Sarah enough. Not only did Sarah teach me to drive comfortably and safely she was a pleasure to work with, in that she was social and had a chat (which for me personally, made me feel more confident and comfortable behind the wheel) and relaxed to a certain extent. Importantly, that is a practical trait I can also carry forward when friends are in the car and talking to me whilst driving. I honestly feel that an unsociable instructor would in no way have benefitted me as personally building a relationship with my instructor was crucial and Sarah enabled that. This I believe, as I said before, is a key asset when driving! Sarah has been a tower of strength for me during my lessons and her advice will be with me for a long time to come. She didn’t teach me how to pass my test, Sarah taught me how to drive and for that I will always be respectful and grateful. Anyone that learns with Sarah I’d back them to the hilt to pass with such a fantastic instructor. I can only speak from personal experience but if all your instructors are as competent and as brilliant as Sarah I can honestly say as a driving school you are a success! Massive thanks to Sarah and I will be sure to recommend you to anybody looking for driving lessons in future 🙂 “

Dan Martin

I recommend Sarah to everyone!

Christine O'Brien“I recently passed my test with Latics and had all my lessons with Sarah Royle. I had had lessons previously but many years ago and Sarah really put me at ease. We discussed what I had learnt previously and she took it from there, covering the basics and boosting my confidence rather than starting from scratch. We covered all sorts of driving, she was really patient and encouraging, we had fun (as I’m a really silly person) but she kept it very professional at the same time. Sarah always knew what we’d done last time and what I needed to work on and I feel this is a great strength of Sarah’s. We would plan ahead for the next lesson and she built up my knowledge with handouts given at the end of a lesson so I could read up on a manoeuvre for next time. I recommend Sarah to everyone, she has a lovely manner, is very knowledgeable and a great instructor. Thanks Sarah!!”

Christine O’Brien

Sarah was a brilliant teacher!

Laura Wild“I came to Sarah after a friend recommended her. I had previously learned to drive with another instructor but with Sarah it was completely different. She didn’t make me feel stupid if I got something wrong and always told me if I did something well. We really got on while I was having my lessons and we always had a giggle about something! I passed my test last week with just 1 minor and I am over the moon! I’m looking forward to doing my Pass Plus with Sarah in the next few weeks.”

Laura Wild

Sarah has the patience of a saint

Laura Duffy“I started my lessons with Sarah Royle earlier this year, I’d previously had a couple of lessons with an instructor from a different driving school, but I didn’t really like her way of teaching. With Sarah I was much more relaxed, I found her very easy to get on with, she was very friendly and welcoming on every lesson, and her way of teaching was definitely my cup of tea, she never shouted, she never even became frustrated with me, or not that she showed anyway! I’m a bit of an information freak and would ask questions on everything! She was patient with me, and answered all my questions without hesitation. I thoroughly enjoyed all my lessons with Sarah, and was sad for them to end. We’ve already discussed me doing some motorway tuition in the very near future, so I’m looking forward to that. This woman has the patience of a saint; she gave me the confidence to become a good driver, because of that I passed first time! I would recommend her to anyone thinking of taking lessons. Thank you so much for everything Sarah! “

Laura Duffy

Sarah Royle is a credit to your team!

“Hi! I just wanted to thank Sarah Royle one of your instructors! She is a credit to your team and after having three instructors previously, she made me feel so confident and happy and at 8 and 1/2 months pregnant I passed my driving test first time!!!! This was all down to Sarah’s support and guidance and her helping me throughout my lessons! I passed Tuesday 13th August and since have bought my first car and have been pottering around the streets! Thank you Sarah you have made a huge impact on my life and because of you I can take my baby (once he arrives) anywhere he desires to go 🙂 Thank you Latics!”

Bethany Heywood

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to my instructor Sarah Royle!

“A few years ago I was seriously ill, in a coma and had to learn to walk, talk, lift, cook etc. again, I was told by my doctors I would never drive or work again. I was adamant that I would and I now run a pub, so am working I decided to learn to drive anyway just too see if I could. I didn’t have much confidence in myself with driving but my instructor Sarah was and is amazing. She never rushed me, explained everything really well and made my every lesson really enjoyable I passed my test first time 29th May this year. First time with only 3 minors and this is testament to Sarah’s teaching and training Thanks so much Sarah, you’re AMAZING!”

Allen Henry

Patient, kind, informative, supportive, reliable

“I passed my driving test this morning and I would just like to let you know how pleased I am with your instructor Sarah Levay. She has been brilliant with me, patient, kind, informative, supportive, reliable and provided me with lots of guidance and a thorough knowledge of driving.
I’m going to miss seeing her each week so I’m planning on continuing with my Pass Plus! She is definitely recommendable and a great asset to your team of instructors.  Thanks Sarah!”

Catherine Barran

I took driving lessons with Sarah and passed first time!

“I passed my driving test this morning and I would just like to let you know how pleased I am with your instructor Sarah Royle. She has been brilliant with me, patient, kind, informative, supportive, reliable and provided me with lots of guidance and a thorough knowledge of driving. I’m going to miss seeing her each week so I’m planning on continuing with my Pass Plus! She is definitely recommendable and a great asset to your team of instructors. Thanks Sarah!”

Sonam Aojula

I took driving lessons with Sarah and passed first time!

“I took driving lessons and Pass Plus with Sarah and passed first time! She was very easy to talk to and gave me all the information I needed to feel confident about driving. I’d had driving lessons in the past with the AA but found their instructors where nowhere near comparable to Sarah’s high standard of teaching. By the end of my lessons she felt like more of a friend and I was actually sad to go. Learning in a Mini was also a big bonus as it was the car I was hoping to get after passing. Thank you Latics!”

Easy to talk to and a great driving instructor

“I recently passed my driving test with a great deal of help from Sarah Royle, a very good driving instructor indeed. She is very patient and calm, easy to talk to and a great driving instructor. I have been learning to drive since the age of 18 I am now 21. I learnt firstly with a different driving instructor and changed to learning with Latics in October of last year. I have learnt more from Sarah in the past 6 months than my previous instructor. So a big thankyou to Sarah indeed!”

Louise Stringer

Joe Stephens

Great pass!

Chris Czermak

First time!

Bradley Hampshire


Jack Townsend

Amazing 1st time pass!

Tiffany Heywood

Great job Tiffany!

Aiden Morris

Fantastic pass Aiden!

Oliver Beadsworth

Great Job Oliver!

Adam Broderick

Great first time pass Adam!

Jordan Bailey

Well done Jordan!

Freya Rowland

Great 1st time pass Freya!

Mehk Naveed

Great job!

Abbey Timmons

Fab 1st time pass!

Kelly Bashforth

Brilliant pass Kelly!

Vicky Smith

Great pass Vicky!

Carl Morris

Fantastic 1st time pass Carl!

Heather Mottram

Fab 1st time pass 1 fault!

Olivia Bennett

Brilliant pass Olivia!

Emma Henderson

Good result Emma!

Emma Parker

Nice driving Emma!

Shazia begum

Fantastic pass Shazia!

Cameron Downs

Great job Cameron!

Stacey Muldoon

Fantastic 1st time pass!


Nathaniel Welsby

Nice driving Nathaniel!


Jack Maude

Fantastic pass Jack!


Aaron Tesz

Great job Aaron!


Chloe Taylor

Well done Chloe!

taniya rahman

Taniya Rahman

Great result Taniya!

wendy shepherd

Wendy Shepherd

Well done Wendy!

Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith

Great 1st time pass Lauren!

Rebecca Dawson

Rebecca Dawson

Fab 1st time pass 3 faults!

megan greenwood

Megan Greenwood

Brilliant pass Megan!

Rio Doran

First time pass!

Kennedy Schofield

Great job Kennedy!

Carolene Clarke

Just 3 faults!

Michael Cordt

Just 3 faults!

Laura Worrall

Brill 1st time pass!

Laura Coleman

Brilliant pass Laura!

Megan Bradbury

First time!

Joe Jennings

Brill job Joe!

Kelly Potter

Fantastic job Kelly!

Natasha Eagles

Brill job Natasha!