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Sitara Begum

Sitara is a lovely lady, always smiling and full of positivity and enthusiasm. You’ll find learning to drive with Sitara fun and easy! And if English isn’t your first language, Sitara can teach you in Bangla or Urdu, making the whole learning to drive experience easier for you.

Sitara Begum

Three words to describe me: Hardworking, determined, caring

Favourite film: Face off / Twilight

Party trick: Indian dancing

What would you invent: A hair catcher for the bath tub

Dream car: Audi Q7 RS

Dream job: Professional singer

Favourite food: Lamb biryani

Little Miss character that I’m most like: Little Miss Determined

Favourite quote: If you find yourself helping someone, be happy because God is answering their prayers through you

If I won the lottery I would… Save some, use some and give some away!

My car: Vauxhall Corsa

Sitara gives driving lessons in Chadderton, Coppice, Fitton Hill, Glodwick, Hathershaw, Hollins, Hollinwood, Limeside and Oldham.

Recently passed with Sitara Begum

“Sitara has been the most patient, honest, caring, funny and friendly instructor!”

“Sitara has been the most patient, honest, caring, funny and friendly instructor. Many thanks to Sitara that I have passed my driving test, without her motivating me I couldn’t have done and would’ve lost all hope but Sitara kept pushing me and believed in me, her level of patience has also driven me to try very hard and she never gave up on me after many failed attempts, so thanks a lot to Sitara who Imost definitely recommend to anybody and somebodyI’ll really miss”

Tasrina Begum

“Sitara always went above and beyond!”

“I have been learning to drive with Sitara on and off for 2 years. Each time I came back to Sitara, she always went above and beyond to fit me in. She has not only been my driving instructor, she has been a great listener and has become a friend. She is so calm, and really explains any faults. She never got stressed no matter how stressed I was!! Thank you so much Sitara. I got my 1st time pass all because of you!!”

Laura Miskell-Sharp

“Sitara is an amazing instructor!”

“Sitara is an amazing instructor, she built up my confidence so much behind the wheel. She is a calming influence who makes every lesson so enjoyable, I couldn’t have passed my test if it wasn’t for her believing in me. I couldn’t imagine having anyone else teaching me. Thankyou Sitara!”

Ellie Toms

“Sitara was such a pleasure to learn with!”

“I learnt to drive with Sitara from Latics and to say it was the most enjoyable experience is an understatement! She was such a pleasure to learn with, she made you feel so at ease behind the wheel even when I didn’t believe myself that I could do it. I passed first time after just 25 lessons of driving she’s just that amazing! I could not recommend her enough!!”

Kezia Budsworth

“Sitara was absolutely amazing!”

“Sitara was absolutely amazing with me, super patient and always calm. She’s very reassuring and is with you every step of the way. I left half way through our lessons to go to uni and she has gone absolutely above and beyond to find time to fit me in whilst I’m back over summer-I can’t thank her enough!”

Shauna Clare

“Sitara was so patient & chilled!”

“I would like to say a massive thank you to Sitara begum in helping me pass my driving test, Sitara is a lovely women not only was she my instructor but she became a friend and made my lessons more & more enjoyable, she was so patient & chilled definitely helped me be so calm on every lesson I had with her & I would recommend her with a 10* rating :)”

Emma Walsh

“Sitara was polite and patient!”

“Sitara Begum was polite, patient and allowed me to relax and take my time while driving, since I suffer from anxiety due to an experience from a previous instructor from another company. Passed first time as well on both my theory and then my test. Couldn’t recommend her enough, thank you.”

Ian Hughes

“Sitara is very dedicated to her job!”

“Cannot thank Sitara enough for helping me pass, always being patient with me even when my nerves got the best of me. Always pushing me to do my best, even when I thought I couldn’t. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an amazing instructor to take lessons with. Very dedicated to her job.”

Runeka Rahman

“Sitara is great at teaching!”

“I’m writing to say thank you for Sitara helping me pass, Sitara is great at teaching, helping to understand where you went wrong and to go over your problems and things you struggles with and the good thing about it is she gives you time to get better at learn, my experience with Sitara was great and I would highly recommend her to anyone she is a great instructor, thank you!”

Courtney Dixon

“Sitara is really friendly!”

“I recently passed my test with Sitara whom I would recommend to anyone. She’s friendly and a straight talker you know where you stand with her, Sitara goes above and beyond for her learners. listen and ask questions. I started my journey with Abdur Rob whom I would also recommend I was lucky to have two very hardworking and dedicated instructors. you could not go wrong with these two. Thank you both very much.”

Chris jinks

“I would highly recommend Sitara!”

“Sitara is an excellent driving instructor. She is very friendly, patient and relaxing. I loved every minute of my lessons and will miss her. I would highly recommend Sitara to anyone!”

Ryan Slater

“Sitara makes you feel at ease”

“1st time pass with Sitara I was so scared to drive she makes you feel so at ease and comfortable doesn’t rush you she’s so caring and just a lovely human being I’m going to miss our lessons, but I know I’ve got a friend for life now thank you so much Sitara I will see you after Christmas for pass plus”

Kirsty Corr

“First time pass with Sitara Begum!”

“First time pass with Sitara Begum! I was a nervous driver switched to confident driver. Not only have I passed first time and very comfortable with Sitara I also gained a friend for life. Best instructor I’ve had by far and recommend her to all my friends and family.”

Lisa Hughes

“Sitara makes you feel at home behind the wheel!”

“I came back to driving after 9 months away, and passed my test first time after only 4 more lessons with the help and guidance of Sitara. Sitara makes you feel at home behind the wheel of a car, building your confidence and ability every step of the way. Her friendly and relaxed approach, balanced perfectly with her knowledge and excellent teaching ability, ensure that you become a safe and capable driver during her very enjoyable lessons. Many thanks for all your help Sitara!”

Helen Schofield

“I did my lessons with Sitara she was a brilliant instructor!”

“I did my lessons with Sitara she was a brilliant instructor very calm and collective, made you feel at ease has a good sense of humour. Brilliant at what she does and i couldn’t have done it without her best instructor going by far! First time pass with her too! Definitely recommend her.”

Becky Heaton

“Always goes that extra mile to make you a better driver, 100% recommended.”

“Sitara, is great instructor very easy going always makes you feel comfortable. Sitara improved my driving massively got me more confident, more aware of certain situations, just an all-round great instructor. Which lead me to passing my test. Always goes that extra mile to make you a better driver, 100% recommended.”

Rhys Boothroyd

“A massive thank you to Latics and more specifically Sitara Begum.”

“A massive thank you to Latics and more specifically Sitara Begum, for her patience and belief in me that I’d pass. I honestly cannot thank her enough, I’ve had instructors before Sitara who honestly made me think I wasn’t cut out for driving.

Sitara helped me with my nerves by allowing me to go at my own pace and only pushing me when she knew I was ready. Offering in depth analysis of each manoeuvre and breaking those down into simple and memorable points.

As someone who started off full of nerves and doubt from bad experiences with instructors, I’d highly recommended Sitara to anyone, especially beginners.”

Elliot Collymore

“I’m so happy I choose to learn with Sitara.”

“I’m am so glad that I choose to learn to drive with Latics but more importantly I’m so happy I choose to learn with Sitara. Sitara worked so hard helping me build up my confidence with being on the roads, she worked tirelessly to make sure that I was more than ready for my practical test. I was never made to drive in a situation where I didn’t feel comfortable and I was able to learn and progress at pace that suited me. Sitara taught me not to doubt myself and she always believed in me, towards the end of my lessons Sitara became more of a friend than an instructor and I am sad not to be having lessons with her anymore! She is amazing and I would recommend her to everyone!”

Bethany Smith

“She never made me feel like I couldn’t do anything.”

“I would highly recommend Latics Driving school especially Sitara as a driving instructor. She is such a friendly person and made me feel completely at ease whilst on my lessons. She never made me feel like I couldn’t do anything and was always very supportive if there was anything I was struggling with.”

Jane Croft

“Sitara is an absolute diamond.”

“I’m so happy that I made the right choice of calling Latics, not only did Sitara help me with my driving she also helped me with my confidence and didn’t give up one me.I can honestly say she is an absolute diamond you have and I’m proud to say I’ve passed with Latics so I’d like to thank the big boss for choosing the right instructor :))”

Halema Bibi


“Thank you so much Sitara, we Oldham learners are lucky to have you.”

“I passed my test first time with two minors after having lessons with Sitara. I was an incredibly anxious learner who did not even want to step foot into the car, but due to work commitments I needed to be able to drive. Sitara was fabulous at putting me at ease, and she quickly saw where I was struggling and pointed me in the right direction. I was so comfortable in the car with Sitara, I’m not convinced anyone else would have managed to get me through my test, particularly in the short period of time I gave myself to learn (three months!!). Sitara is more than just a driving instructor, she became my friend. I would not hesitate to recommend Sitara to everyone I know who wants to learn to drive, and I have already mentioned her to a few people who I know she can help, just as she has for me.”

Rachel Bramah

“Passed first time with Sitara!”

“Really can’t thank sitara enough for the help and support from the beginning to the very end… I will be recommending her to all my family and friends… I looked forward to every single lesson, such a relaxing atmosphere. Highly recommended!!”

Stacey Jackson

emily buckley

“Sitara was a brilliant instructor!”

“I passed my test in under thirty hours and only got two minors which I couldn’t have done without Sitara! She is a brilliant instructor who is very patient, has a lot of faith in her learners and makes you feel really confident and comfortable when you’re driving. I feel assured that I have received excellent tuition and that I’m ready to drive independently now. I would highly recommend Sitara to anyone who is looking to start driving!”

Emily Buckley

dave buckley 1st 1df (sitara Begum) (Small)

“Sitara put me at ease.”

“I decided that I needed to pass my driving test and had issues with previous instructors at other firms, after taking a chance with Sitara I can honestly say I’m incredibly happy with my choice. I’ve had 13 lessons with her and was ready for test, passing with only 1 minor. She didn’t pressure me, was very calm and easy to talk to and best of all she is an incredible Instructor. During our lessons if I got something wrong she explained how to fix it in an easy to understand way, she really put me at ease behind the wheel and as a result, I feel a lot more capable, honestly cannot recommend Sitara and Latics, they are superb!”

David Buckley

“Sitara is down to earth and friendly!”

“My instructor was Sitara and I honestly would recommend her to anyone learning to drive for the first time. She is so down to earth and friendly, so there was an instant sense of understanding. The lessons were fun and simple, having full confidence in her learners. She showed faith in her learners and was determined for them to pass for the first time. Thank you!!”

Ikrah Shad

Gavin Phelan

“I would certainly recommend Sitara!”

“After passing my test this week I just wanted to thank Sitara for all her help in getting me ready for my test. She has been friendly, considerate and supportive throughout and would certainly recommend her to other learners.”

Gavin Phelan

Ellie Toms

First time!

Christina Birchall

Amazing job!

Linda Mercer

Well done Linda!

Tasrina Begum

Well done!

Melanie Reagan

Just 1 fault!

Laura Miskell

1st time pass!

Shameem Akhter

Great job!

Zarin Hussain

Well done Zarin!

Charlotte McQuillan

First time pass!

Kezia Budsworth

1st time!

Kiran Patel

First time!

Bareera Khan

Well done Bareera!


Well done Kin!

Ali Hamza

Well done!


Well done!

Ryan Thorp

Well done Ryan!

Thamana Islam

Great job! 1st time pass!

Sarah Hollas

Amazing job!

Shauna Clare

Amazing 1st time!

Emma Walsh

Brilliant pass!

Anthony Smith

Fab pass Anthony!

Ian Hughes

Brilliant pass!

Nabeela Kauser

Fab job Nabeela!

Runeka Rahman

Great job!

Marcel Chauhan

Great pass Marcel!

Storm Pemberton

 Great pass!

Anisha Rahman

Anisha Rahman

Fantastic pass Anisha!

Nicola Karmicova

Just 1 fault!

Kirsty Parsons

Amazing 1st time pass!

Mustakir Rahman

Well done Mustakir!

Helen Schofield

Another great 1st time pass!

Becky Heaton

Brilliant 1st time pass!

Georgia Oliver

Fab 1st time pass Georgia!

Lisa Hughes

Fantastic 1st time pass Lisa!

Bethany Smith

Fab 1st time pass Bethany!

Elliot Collymore

Fantastic 1st time pass Elliot!

Lois Greenwood

Fab 1 fault Lois!

Rhys Boothroyd

Great pass Rhys!

Toussaint Nikwigize

Well done Toussaint!

Cameron Wilson

Great pass Cameron!

Philip Berry

Philip Berry

Fab 1st time pass!

daniel berry

Daniel Berry

Great 1st time pass 2 faults!


Abbie Leigh

Well done Abbie!


Talia Corbett

Great 1st time pass!

Rachel Brahma

Rachel Brahma

Fab 1st time pass 2 faults!

amy murphy

Amy Murphy

Great result Amy!

emily buckley

Emily Buckley

Well done Emily!

dave buckley

Dave Buckley

1st time pass 1 fault!

Ryan Slater

Great job Ryan!

Nancy Zneza

Great job Nancy!

Annie Earley

Great 1st time pass!

Sara Kauser

Great job!

Jenny Weaver

Just 2 faults!

Jiya Fatima

Well done Jiya!

Ansaro Balde

Fantastic – Just 1 driver fault!

Chris Kinks

Well done Chris!