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Steve Yates

Steve is an experienced instructor and a genuine down to earth guy. He is great at motivating his learners and is extremely encouraging so you’ll find your driving improves rapidly! You’ll really enjoy your lessons with Steve, and have some fun along the way too!

Interesting hobby: 45 years watching Latics

Pet hate: Being late for anything

Favourite film: Goodfellas

Invention: Something to get my daughter out of bed in the morning!

Item I can’t live without: iPad

Dream car: Porsche 911 turbo

Dream job: Professional golfer

Favourite joke: I told my wife she drew her eyebrows too high… She seemed surprised.

Favourite quote: I wouldn’t say I was the best manager in the world but I was in the top one! (Brian Clough)

If I won the lottery I would… Sort my family and friends out and OAFC (if I won 100 million!)

My Car: Citroën C3

Steve gives driving lessons in Ashton-under-Lyne, Greenfield, Grasscroft, Uppermill, Delph, Diggle, Dobcross, Denshaw, Mossley, Alt, Austerlands, Bardsley, Carrbrook, Clarksfield, Salem, Derker, Dukinfield, Failsworth, Fitton Hill, Glodwick, Greenacres, Grotton, Lees, Limeside, Moorside, Mossley, Oldham Scouthead, Sholver, Springhead, Stalybridge, Waterhead and Watersheddings.

Recently passed with Steve Yates

“My lessons with Steve were fantastic!”

“My lessons with Steve were fantastic! He made lessons, easy, fun and enjoyable. Straight away Steve ensured I was comfortable in the car and in my lessons talked me through what I was doing and why. Steve was very patient with me, even when I was being difficult! Overall, I really enjoyed my lessons and will really miss our conversations. Anyone would be privileged to have him as an instructor.”

Harrison Quinn

“Steve is 10/10”

“10/10 very calm instructor helped me pass my test, will be recommending to my girlfriend. Thank you!”

Matthew Broderick

“I couldn’t have asked for anybody better”

“Just want to thank you Steven Yates for helping me pass my driving test. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. I will definitely miss my weekly lessons! From day one Steve put me at ease and gave me the confidence I never thought I would have. From that day I fell in love with driving. He was chatty he always gave me positive feedback, his patient and knows what he’s talking about! Also, always on time and easy to get in contact with. We had a laugh on every lesson. I would definitely recommend Steve and Latics driving to anyone. Going to miss learning to drive! Thanks Steve”

Emma Hanlon

“Steve is a genuine great guy!”

“From the off Steve has been a genuine, great guy on a personal and professional level. Nothing is too much trouble and he always strives to make you feel comfortable behind the wheel. His calm and reassuring approach to lessons always helps when learning to drive and would put any driver at ease. Steve is easy to talk to and works hard to be flexible and accommodate pupils if you need to change lesson time/ date etc. He was recommended by several friends and I would 100%, definitely recommend Steve to anybody that is learning to drive. I am going to miss my lessons with Steve however I can’t wait to get on the road in my car! Thanks for everything mate! It’s my little brothers turn soon!”

Josh Molloy


“Steve is an excellent instructor. He was very patient and good to chat with. I can’t believe I’ve passed so quickly at age 51. Now enjoying driving my first car. Thanks Steve!!!.”

Andrew Jones

“Steve is a great instructor, who immediately puts you at ease.”

“Steve is a great instructor, who immediately puts you at ease. I looked forward to my weekly lessons as Steve always made them enjoyable. Steve was recommended to us and I now understand why. I don’t think I would have passed so quickly and first time if it wasn’t for Steve’s teaching. When you made a mistake, Steve always calmly explained where you went wrong and then made you try again, when possible. Always on time and easy to contact. If you’re looking for a driving instructor, I recommend Steve.”

Adam Dransfield

“A massive thank you to my instructor, Steven Yates”

“A massive thank you to my instructor, Steven Yates, for teaching me to drive and helping me pass my test. I had bad experience with a driving instructor when I was younger, which put me off wanting to learn again for a while but Steven was the complete opposite of my first driving instructor experience – calm, pleasant, reassuring, patient and would listen and advise on any concerns I had. Getting up at 6.30 for my lesson at 8 on a Saturday morning was something I actually looked forward to! Constructive and positive feedback was given at the end of each lesson to point out what I could do better next time and what I had done well, which really helps build confidence. I would thoroughly recommend Latics Driving School and Steven Yates.”

Helen Jones

Steve has been a fantastic instructor from the first time I got in the car.

tom-hutchinsonSteve has been a fantastic instructor from the first time I got in the car until the day I passed my test. He is very patient and knows how to make lessons fun whilst also ensuring you are safe and confident on the road. He is always on time and really easy to arrange with. Not only is he a great teacher but also a genuine guy who’s always a good laugh. I have really enjoyed my lessons with Steve and would highly recommend him to anyone thinking of learning to drive.

Tom Hutchinson

I must say that Steve is one of the nicest and down to earth men I’ve ever met.

elisha-scottSteve was so patient with me when learning to drive, if it wasn’t for this top bloke I don’t think I would’ve passed first time and I’m absolutely over the moon and I can’t thank Steve enough. Times were emotional in the process of getting used to the car and learning but Steve always picked me back up and gave me so much confidence. Steve is very chatty and will do anything he can to make you comfortable in his car and with driving, he’s very enthusiastic and lovely to talk to, and there was never a dull moment. Steve is a lovely man, I could never say a bad word about him, it was emotional saying good bye as we have been through a lot together. Steve is the man you want to do your driving lessons with, he reassures you so much and gives you the confidence boosts you need, he is definitely the man for the job and should be instructor of the month. Thanks again Steve, I will definitely recommend you to my friends. I hope you miss me!

Elisha Scott

I couldn’t have passed first time without Steve Yates

Oliver Poole-CowleyOf the 3 instructors I’ve had since I started learning to drive Steve was far and away the best. In my first lesson with him he made me feel at ease straight away, any nerves I may have had were dispelled immediately. Throughout our lessons I felt we developed something of a rapport which made learning to drive not only easier but also far more fun that I could have hoped for. Steve is extremely knowledgeable, very patient and most of all a quality bloke! I couldn’t have passed first time without him!

Ollie Poole- Cowley

I passed my test and it’s all down to Steve.

Stacey Owens I previously had lessons with another company. It was pot luck if the instructor turned up and when he did we were just doing the same thing for months so I got bored and gave up and decided driving wasn’t for me. My mum then booked me some lessons with Latics.

My instructor was Steve Yates. He was brilliant, boosted my confidence and actually taught me how to drive!! He made it a pleasurable experience, he was relaxed and down to earth and you could have a laugh with him. He always turned up and was always on time. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor!!

I passed my test and it’s all down to Steve, so thank you

Stacie Owens

I Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor to learn to drive with.

Bethany SmithI would like to thank Steve Yates for helping me pass my test which I thought was going to be impossible!! When I first booked with Latics I had already convinced myself I would crash on my first lesson and that would be the end of it, but Steve managed to reassure me and keep me calm and by my second lesson I had forgotten what I was ever worried about.

Steve explained things clearly, never got frustrated and was always happy and enthusiastic to help me to learn.  I Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor to learn to drive with.

I would definitely recommend Steve Yates to other learners who are looking for an instructor who is laid back, easy to talk to and passionate about helping people to learn to drive!

Bethany Smith

Cole Howard

Just 2 faults!

Dhanyal Rehman

Fantastic pass!

Charlotte Stewart

Well done Charlotte!

Matthew Broderick

Amazing job Matthew!

Harrison Quinn

Fantastic 1st time!

Emma Hanlon

Well done Emma!

Aiden Jump

Amazing pass Aiden!

Josh Molloy

Fantasic result Josh!

Matt Haynes

Great pass Matt!

Freya Mayall

Fab 1st time pass Freya!

Georgina Boardman

Fab 1st time pass Georgina!

Luke cooper

Fantastic 1st time pass!

Peter Anchor

Brilliant result Peter!

Andrew Jones

Well done Andrew!

Rachel Minton

Fantastic 1st time pass Rachel!

Adam Dransfield

Well done Adam!


Great result Jack!

Megan Roberts

Well done Megan!

Ursy Yousaf

Way to go Ursy!

Helen Jones

Well done Helen!

Jonathan Burke

Brilliant result!


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Well done Charles!


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Great result Matt!


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Well done Amanda!


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Brilliant result!


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