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Stuart Brown

Stuart is really passionate about helping you become the best driver you can be. He will give you tons of support and you can expect to enjoy every lesson with Stuart!

Stuart Brown

Three words to describe me: Calm, patient, understanding.

Favourite Film: Die Hard

What you would invent: A robot to do decorating!

Dram job: Bar owner in Goa

Dream car: Jaguar Mk2

Mr Man you’re most like: Mr Cheerful

Favourite quote: “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” C.S Lewis

If I won the lottery I would… Live somewhere warmer than Great Britain!

My car: Ford Fiesta Zetec TDCI

Stuart gives driving lessons in Marsden, Golcar, Slaithwaite, Linthwaite, West Huddersfield, Diggle, Dobcross, Delph and Uppermill.

Recently passed with Stuart Brown

“I am so thankful for Stuart!”

“I had absolutely no knowledge of driving or cars when I started lessons, so Stuart really had to start right at the bottom with me. I am also an incredibly nervous and anxious person, especially in new situations and with people I don’t know. I couldn’t have asked for a more kind and patient driving instructor. From the start Stuart encouraged me and there was never a time where I felt under pressure. He calmed me down when I was stressed, allowed me to learn at my own pace, and stuck by me in all my freak out “I can’t do this” moments. I am so thankful for Stuart and cannot recommend him enough to new drivers – I wouldn’t have passed without him. Although I am glad I passed, I will miss our weekly lessons!”

Beth Pennington

“Stuart was brilliant!”

“I have recently just passed my driving test after many months of learning. My instructor was Stuart Brown, he was brilliant, very patient and good at teaching. I learnt more and more with Stuart each lesson and if I ever felt I couldn’t do something he was very good at talking me round in a positive way.”

Sarah Hall

“Stuart is like having your best friend in the car!”

“First of all, one week later I’m still buzzing!
Stuart is like having your best friend in the car, keen to encourage but not bereft to let you know if you’ve made a mistake.
This is all positive though. From the get go he will take you to a safe place, driving himself and say something like ”you’ll never learn in the passenger seat”; from that point you’re in the driving seat!
He understands your comforts & weaknesses, even if you don’t; working on them (not tirelessly) but effectively so it works within your capabilities, safely. But for him all are capable of being safe and considerate drivers, given the proper instruction.
And as for the proper instruction, Stuart is the man to go for. As I said earlier, imagine your very best friend, you’d trust them completely, and he shows you the same back.
Thank you, Stuart, and thank you for not showing me how to pass my test, but for how to learn to drive.”

Howard Buckley

“I would like to thank Stuart Brown for his patience and flexibility!”

“I would like to thank Stuart Brown for his patience and flexibility and for all the hours he has put in to help me pass my driving test!

I can’t recommend him enough – Stuart is encouraging and made learning an enjoyable experience, even when things weren’t going exactly to plan. Each lesson I felt like I was making progress towards being a better, safer, more confident driver. Thank you!!!”

Lidia Vorontsova

“Thank you very much Latics team”

“Thank you very much Latics team, I’m so glad I made the best choice going with you. A very big thank you to Stuart Brown my driving instructor for teaching me, I’ve had fun and very satisfied with the outcome. Personally, I would make Stuart instructor of the month mainly because he’s a great teacher and straight forward, if I made mistakes he’d make sure they weren’t made again and I wanted to try and give him the best review for his great efforts. I hope he makes the instructor of the month. He deserves it. Thank you very much for everything once again.”

Kelsey Richards

“Stuart is a fantastic driving instructor”

“Stuart is a fantastic driving instructor who I would definitely recommend. He is calm, considerate and always constructive in his advice. I enjoyed learning to drive with Stuart as he inspires confidence and makes the learning process seem simple. Whenever I made a mistake he remained cool and offered me good advice. I was able to go into my test feeling fully prepared and passed first time with only two minors. Thanks Stuart!
Thanks, Dan”

Daniel Bradbury

Passed 1st time! Thanks to Stuart.

elle-troisi“Stuart was a great instructor and with his help I passed first time. Stuart was always calm and made me feel comfortable and confident during my lessons. Stuart was always reassuring whenever I made a mistake and lessons were always enjoyable. Stuart has his pupils’ best interests at heart. I would strongly recommend him as an instructor.”

Elle Troisi

Darren Balfe

Well done Darren!

Bethany Pennington

Brilliant job Beth!

Sarah Hall

Brill job Sarah!

George Heptonstall

Well done George!

Howard Buckley

Brilliant result!

Lidia Vorontsova

Great pass Lidia!

Paul Newton

Fantastic 1st time pass Paul!


Tom Rice

Great 1st time pass!

Elle Troisi

Elle Troisi

Great 1st time pass!

Daniel Bradbury

Daniel Bradbrury

Fantastic 1st time pass!

Deanna Keating

Great pass Deanna!

Cerys Newton

Cerys Newton

Fantastic pass Cerys!

Kelsey Richards

Great pass Kelsey!

Chris Sykes

1st time pass!