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Umar Farooq

Umar is one of our multi-lingual instructors. He speaks Mirpuri, Urdu and Punjabi which can make learning to drive easier if English isn’t your first language. Umar is very calm, easy going and has a cracking sense of humour! You’ll enjoy your lessons right up to your driving test with Umar!

Umar Farooq

Three words to describe me: Kind, helpful, funny!

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption

Favourite TV programme: Coast

Dream car: Range Rover Vogue

Dream job (apart from instructing, obviously!): Pilot

Favourite food: Chicken tikka on naan!

My car: Toyota Yaris

Umar gives driving lessons in Chadderton, Clarksfield, Derker, Failsworth, Fitton Hill, Glodwick, Greenacres, Hollins, Hollinwood, Lees, Moorside, Newhey, Newton Heath, Oldham, Saddleworth, Salem, Scouthead, Sholver, Springhead, Uppermill, Waterhead and Watersheddings.

Recently passed with Umar Farooq

“I would recommend Umar to anyone!”

“My driving instructor was Umar Farooq and I could not be happier with him. I cannot thank him enough. He is so patient and calm, which is what you need with a driving instructor, but most of all, he was funny and very supportive. Passing my test first time proves that I had excellent teaching. I would seriously recommend Umar to anyone, if you want someone to help you pass, it’s Umar, his efforts and patience go a long way. Thank you, Umar. I’ll see you on the road soon!”

Tom Martin

“I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Umar!”

“Would like to say a massive thank you to my driving instructor Umar, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him! I would highly recommend him. 10/10 for me, thank you.”

Moraig Lynch

“I would like to say a huge thank you to Umar!”

“I would like to say a huge thank you to Umar for being the most amazing instructor. He is patient, enthusiastic, encouraging, firm but fair, funny, willing & so many other things but most of all he loves his job and wants nothing more than to ensure you are a good able confident driver. Umar was recommended to me through a work colleague & I cannot recommend him enough to others. Thank you again for giving me the knowledge & skills I needed to pass my test first time with only 2 minors, you are amazing!!”

Moraig Lynch


“Umar helped me with my confidence”

“I have had driving lessons with Umar and it has been brilliant he is so respectful, he is really supportive, good motivator, friendly instructor. My confidence wasn’t great when I started taking lessons but Umar helped me with my confidence. Would recommend him to anyone Thanks Umar”

Farheen Rehman


“I would highly recommend Umar to anyone.”

“I have had driving lessons with Umar and it’s been an absolute pleasure, he is so respectful and supportive on my lessons. My confidence wasn’t great while driving but Umar supported me throughout my lessons and helped me with my confidence.”

Ash Miah

“I would recommend Umar to everyone.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Instructor Umar Farooq for supporting me through this very important achievement in my life. Thanks to his hard work and encouraging words I have managed to overcome my fears and pass, which I thought was impossible for me. I would recommend Umar to everyone. Thanks again Umar!!!”

Amina Begum

Adam Norman

“Umar is the best instructor I have had!”

“My instructor was Umar Farooq, the best instructor I’ve had. He’s patient, friendly and easy to talk to. He has a calm teaching method which really helps if you’re feeling stressed. He helped me pass first time with only 1 minor and he knows exactly how to treat people. I would definitely recommend this man for anyone thinking of taking lessons, he helps you go at whatever pace you want to pass your test.”

Adam Norman

Christian Jacobs

“My instructor, Umar, was fantastic!”

“I picked up driving lessons again after being referred to Latics by a friend. My instructor, Umar, was fantastic! He took into account that I had previously learnt to drive, and adapted to the way I had previously been taught – although perhaps not his preferred way. He also taught me his techniques which helped me massively. His patience and enthusiasm for learner drivers was second to none and I would definitely recommend both Latics, and himself, to people wanting to learn to drive. Thank you so much for baring with me Umar, you are a brilliant instructor!”

Christian Jacobs

Monsur Ahmed

“My instructor Umar was amazing.”

“He had a great sense of humour, always made the lessons fun and exciting. He never told me off for making mistakes, he would explain to me on what I could do to improve. The reason behind me passing within 20 lessons is because of how he motivated me during the lessons and how every lesson I was keen to learn.”

Monsur Ahmed

Furkan Asgha

Brilliant pass!

Kate Seville

Brilliant pass!

Rajwan Hussain

1 Fault!

Mahbub Raheem

Well done Mahbub!

Sefian Imran

Well done !

Stephen Duerden

Well done Stephen!

Liam Eyres

Just 2 faults!

Tom Martin

Brill 1st time pass Tom!

Carl Wrigley

Brill 1st time pass Carl!

Rochelle Beak

Great job!

Sam Lovering

Amazing pass Sam!

Tira Donnelly

Great job Tira!

Samyaal Arshad

Great job!

Hugo Ramos

Well done Hugo!

Michael Brook

Fantastic 1st time pass Michael!

Jayden Corcoran

Brilliant 1st time pass Jayden!

Aaron Rourke

Way to go Aaron!

Jack Handley

Fantastic 1st time pass Jack!

Sidra Farooq

Fantastic 1st time pass Sidra!

Leonel Almeida

Well done Leonel!

dale doherty

Dale Doherty

Fantastic 1st time pass!

Chelsy Lewis

Great 1st time pass!

Ash Miah

Ash Miah

Great result only 3 faults!


Farheen Rehman

Great result Farheen!


Jack Webb

Fab 1st time pass 2 faults!



Fab 1st time pass!

jessica Thornton

Jessica Thornton

Great 1st time pass 1 fault!

abul saleh

Abul Saleh

Fab 1st time pass 2 faults!

david morsley

David Morsley

Great pass David!

katie bowler

Katie Bowler

Fantastic 1st time pass!

luke england

Luke England

Great result Luke!

jacon harness

Jacob Harness

Well done Jacob!

Levent Ozkaman

Well done Levent!

Quasim Hussain

Great 1st time pass!

Phoebe Harper

Amazing pass Phoebe!

Moraig Lynch

Way to go Moraig!

Mudasser Khan

Superb 1st time pass!

Anas Choudhury

Brill pass!