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DSA sees sense on steering… but have Instructors?

After much recent pressure from within the professional driver coaching industry, the DSA have made an important amendment to their driving test marking guidelines.

steering wheelIt seems to be a little known fact that a driver taking their driving test will not be faulted for simply failing to adopt the ‘pull-push’ steering technique.  In truth, this has been the case for over 20 years, but the ‘pull-push’ method has become so ingrained within the industry that many driving instructors still vehemently insist on its use.

A new paragraph has appeared in the latest amendments to the DT1 (DSA Examiners Guidance Notes) with regard to ‘control’.  You can access the full document here.

“To ensure uniformity, when conducting car or vocational tests and ADI qualifying examinations, only assess the candidate’s ability to control the vehicle and do not consider it as a fault if, for example, they do not hold the steering wheel at ten to two or quarter to three or if they cross their hands when turning the steering wheel. The assessment should be based on whether the steering is smooth, safe and under control.” (Crown Copyright)

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Top ORDIT Results for ADI Trainer

Ged Wilmot with Trevor Wedge (DSA Chief Driving Examiner)

Ged Wilmot with Trevor Wedge (DSA Chief Driving Examiner)

Congratulations to Ged Wilmot, Manager and ADI Trainer at Active Driving Solutions, who achieved faultless results in his recent DSA ORDIT assessment.

Ged and Claire Wilmot, who provide DSA ORDIT Approved Driving Instructor Training to clients from throughout the UK (as well as for Latics Driver Training) achieved fantastic results on their bi-annual assessment with Ged gaining straight 6’s, the best result you can possibly get.

This is the second time Ged has achieved the ultimate result of straight 6’s as he also managed it on his recent ADI Fleet Check Test.

All instructors trained by Ged and Claire can be assured that they are certainly getting the best ADI training out there. This benefits Latics Driver Training and the people who learn with Latics as all instructors trained by Ged and Claire really are trained to the highest standard.

Well done Ged, you really are top of the league! 😀

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‘Driving Instructor’ to become ‘Driving Coach’?

The industry is changing, and it’s about time!  Out with the old-fashioned and largely ineffective teaching methods, and in with the successful new coaching style.  Some may argue that their current instructional style is proving very effective, but they largely base this claim on their pass rates.

But pass rates mean nothing when young drivers pass their tests and go on to have crashes.  The facts:

  • An 18-year-old driver is more than three times as likely to be involved in a crash as a 48 year-old.
  • One in five new drivers has a crash within six months of passing their test.

So at long last, it appears that the DSA are supporting the approaches that many driver trainers like myself have been pushing for for years – progressing from short-term instructional methods which tend to help learners pass the driving test, towards more active-learning methods which prepare learners for solo driving and to foster ongoing learning after passing their driving test.

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New website address for DSA services

Many Driving Standards Agency (DSA) internet services have moved from the Transport Office website to Business Link.

Driving instructors, transport operators, motorcycle instructors, driving instructor trainers or lorry, bus or taxi drivers can now access a range of online Department for Transport (DfT) tools and services through Business Link.

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DSA increase test fees… again!

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has rather controversially confirmed its new test fee structure for 2009/10 following a public consultation in October last year, raising test fees yet again. This latest round of fee increases comes at a time when recession is hitting the UK hard, and has provoked outrage amongst driving instructors, motoring organisations and even MP’s.

The above-inflation fee increases will apply to theory and practical driving tests booked on or after 30 March 2009. Fees relating to the Approved Driving Instructor scheme will increase from 24 April 2009.

General fee increases include:

Current fee New fee
Car theory test £30.00 £31.00
Car practical test £56.50 £62.00
Motorcycle theory test £30.00 £31.00
Motorcycle practical test * £80.00 £90.50

* (in October 2009)

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