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Merseyside drivers fined £1.2m for using mobiles

mobile-phone-drivingIn the past year, drivers in Merseyside were fined more than £1.2m for using their mobile phones while driving.

The Liverpool Daily Post reported that between April and September this year, police gave out tickets to more than 20,000 drivers for using handheld mobiles while in charge of their vehicles.

Even a driving instructor was among those hit with an £60 penalty and three points on their licence. The driving instructor was teaching a learner driver at the time!

Merseyside Police warned that the number of killed or seriously injured on the road could potentially increase unless they enforced the law. The cause of accidents while driving is not recorded, so there is no available data for how many people may have perished on UK roads because of mobile use.

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Texting & Driving film gets BBC TV premiere

COW, the graphic texting & driving public information film which we discussed on the Latics blog in August is being given its TV premiere by BBC Wales next week after becoming a global hit on the internet.

The film stars young actors from south Wales and shows a teenager killing four people in a crash when she sends a text from her mobile phone whilst driving.

[youtube 8I54mlK0kVw]

Filmmaker Peter Watkins-Hughes produced it for Gwent Police as an educational tool for young drivers.  It will be broadcast for the first time on BBC Two Wales on Monday 2nd November at 10pm (Sky Channel 991).

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Shocking new texting & driving film released

A shocking new video has been made for school pupils in an attempt to reduce crashes caused by drivers texting whilst driving.

The short 30-minute film called ‘COW’ shows Cassie Cowan, a teenage girl, killing four people as a result of her using her mobile phone to send a text.  A clip from the film is shown below…

[youtube 8I54mlK0kVw]

It includes footage of all the emergency services attending the crash scene, including the air ambulance, police and firefighters.

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7 out of 10 drivers admit driving dangerously

eating1Following on from Friday’s blog entry about the dangers of hands-free mobile phone use, I came across an interesting article this evening by Faye Sunderland of contracthireandleasing.com.

“Seven out of ten drivers have driven dangerously because they were making phone calls, sending texts or fiddling with the radio – with some admitting to having actually caused an accident as a result, research by car insurance compant, Swiftcover reveals. Although mobile phones and in-car entertainment systems are big causes of dangerous driving, smoking, personal grooming and using a sat-nav system have all been cited as distractions – while 4 per cent of motorists admit they have driven while watching a movie!”

The following link just demonstrates the dangers of driving dangerously: Victim’s road safety warning

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