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New ECOlogical driving test launched

An ECOlogical driving test was launched on 1st September 2009.  The test is designed to assess the driver’s fuel economy and accident avoidance skills.

This new test is set to become a vocational test and is being closely watched by Whitehall.

The voluntary 90-minute test provides a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC).   Drivers will pass if they demonstrate a high level of safe, defensive and environmentally friendly driving.  The Eco-Advanced Driving Test costs £160 and will test drivers on most types of road situation.

Drivers who are successful could benefit from:

  • fuel consumption savings up to 15% below the vehicle’s official average
  • reduced risk of incidents and reduced vehicle wear and tear by up to 60%
  • maximum vehicle insurance discounts
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Brown raises fuel duty to a shocking 71%

Fuel duty will rise again by roughly 2 pence per litre in 2 weeks time, bringing the total tax paid at the pumps to 71 pence in every pound.  And this is despite Prime Minister Gordon Brown promising not to raise fuel duty back in July 2008.

From 1st April 2009, 66 pence of the average litre of fuel will go straight into a central government tax pot, the funds of which can be spent on anything the government so desires – housing, education, the NHS, pensions or even banking bailouts.

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