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Latics bans hands-free mobile phones

[caption id="attachment_360" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Latics bans hands-free"][/caption] In light of the latest research into the use of hands-free mobile phone equipment whilst driving, Latics' directors...

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Could YOU be a hands-free killer?

mobilecarI see this every day… people driving whilst talking on mobile phones, or even worse – texting.  But although the average driver may think that hands-free equipment is perfectly safe, this may make you think again.

In what is seen as a landmark case, a sales boss, Lynne-Marie Howden, who was using a legal hands-free phone when she crashed and killed another driver, was recently found guilty of causing death by careless driving.  The prosecutor said: ‘She lost control because she was distracted by the call.  The collision would not have happened if she had not been on the phone and had been paying attention.’

Her final call was to a work colleague at 8.23am which lasted five minutes before she lost control of her car.  She later told officers: ‘It is entirely legal to use a mobile phone with a hands-free kit. I regularly make and receive calls while driving.  My car is effectively my office.’

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