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BBC Watchdog investigates DVLA licence blunder

bbc_watchdogWhen was the last time you checked your licence properly?  Have you applied for a replacement due to a change of name or address?  Have you checked the back of your licence to check that the DVLA haven’t mistakenly added full motorcycle entitlement and removed your car entitlement?  Or if you’re a motorcyclist, has your entitlement been removed for no apparent reason?

BBC’s Watchdog (which aired on 27th April 2009) broadcast a feature in which several members of the public pointed out that these things had actually happened to them. “The DVLA know where we live, when we got our licence and most importantly they know what we’re entitled to drive – or do they?”

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Making Britain’s Roads Safer – Have Your Say!


Road Safety Consultation

Following the recent publication of the results of the DSA’s Learning to Drive Consultation comes the Government’s latest document seeking views on the vision, targets and measures for improving road safety in Great Britain beyond 2010.

“Making Britain’s Roads Safer” is the title of the consultation document, and we would urge you all to get involved and make your opinions known.  The full document and related research articles can be found hereThe closing date for this consultation is 14th July 2009.

The key challenges for the new strategy are as follows:

  • reducing the number of road deaths, which have fallen at a slower rate than serious injuries;
  • pedestrian and cyclist casualties in our towns and cities – particularly in deprived communities;
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Learning to Drive Consultation… The Results!

DSA Learning to Drive Consultation

Results of the DSA Learning to Drive Consultation

On 7th May 2008, the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) issued a Consultation Paper setting out wide-ranged proposals intended to make Britain’s roads safer by getting newly qualified drivers to cope with the challenges of driving unsupervised in today’s modern driving conditions. The Government’s preferred approach to achieving this is through education and incentives, encouraging young people to participate in more effective and efficient learning.

The four key elements of the proposed programme were:

  • An improved learning process
  • Improved driving tests
  • Better information about driving instructors and improved driving instructor training
  • Further options for qualifications and learning

Today (21st April 2009), the DSA published its report on this consultation. Having read the document this evening, I have listed the main changes that will happen, changes that may happen and proposals that have been rejected or indefinitely postponed.

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DSA increase test fees… again!

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has rather controversially confirmed its new test fee structure for 2009/10 following a public consultation in October last year, raising test fees yet again. This latest round of fee increases comes at a time when recession is hitting the UK hard, and has provoked outrage amongst driving instructors, motoring organisations and even MP’s.

The above-inflation fee increases will apply to theory and practical driving tests booked on or after 30 March 2009. Fees relating to the Approved Driving Instructor scheme will increase from 24 April 2009.

General fee increases include:

Current fee New fee
Car theory test £30.00 £31.00
Car practical test £56.50 £62.00
Motorcycle theory test £30.00 £31.00
Motorcycle practical test * £80.00 £90.50

* (in October 2009)

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