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Texting whilst driving (or ‘txtn yl drvn’)

Texting whilst driving (or ‘txtn yl drvn’)

Today, the goverment launches it’s latest campaign against drivers texting whilst on the move.  The Think! campaign is especially targetted at young drivers, 30% of whom admit to texting at the wheel.

The Department for Transport noted that using a mobile phone at the wheel is considered the second most unacceptable driving behaviour among motorists with 93% agreeing that texting while driving is dangerous. However, 12% of all motorists admit to texting while driving.

Whilst online this morning, I came across this unbelivable video from CNN, showing a bus driver, driving disabled passengers in Texas, crashing into stationary traffic whilst texting:

The new radio campaign features a driver’s voice spelling out a text message followed by the harrowing sound of a car crash.  Click here to listen to it.

An online ‘driving challenge’ game is also available, which demonstrates how using a mobile at the wheel can completely distract the driver.  Try it out for yourself!

In addition, a THINK! TV advert will be returning to remind callers to ‘kill the conversation’ as soon as they realise that someone is driving.

Road Safety Minister Jim Fitzpatrick said: “It doesn’t matter how good a driver you are, if you text while driving then you cannot be giving the road your full attention.

“The message that mobile phones and driving should not mix is getting through to the majority of drivers but some people are still needlessly risking their own lives and putting others in danger for the sake of a text or a call.

“Our message to all drivers is simple: Don’t use your mobile phone when you’re driving.”

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